How to do a Waterfall Braid? Step by Step Guide

We all have seen various hairstyles that celebrities wear so effortlessly. But, most of the time, when we try to recreate it, well, it does not turn out to look as stunning as you imagined it in your head. This can be mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, you saw the hairstyle and just gave up without trying. Maybe because it looked ‘Too Difficult.’ The second reason could be that you ended over some page or video, which showed you very complex steps. Luckily, some very easy steps for a professionally made hairstyle is here to help.

You might have, at some point, been obsessed with the Waterfall braid that was often worn by your loved famous faces. The waterfall braid is a gorgeous hairstyle that seems tough to make, but it is not! It somewhere belongs to the French Braid family as the method to make this one is also very similar. People with all textures of hair can easily rock this hair look. The most trending one is to straighten your hair completely at first and then make it, or some also highly prefer adding some loose curls at the bottom when the braid is complete.

Before trying out this easy yet stunning hair look, you will require a few things to make it perfectly

Supply – Things Needed To Make A Waterfall Braid

  • Clear elastic bands/hair ties
  • Some bobby pins (depending on the thickness of your hair)
  • Brush or a Comb
  • Hair mousse
  • Hairspray

Procedure To Make A Waterfall Braid

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly, taking out any knots.
  2. You can add clip-ons if your hair is very short or thin. Other than that, add some hair mousse close to the roots and eventually down to add volume to the hair.
  3. Make a deep side partition to the hair.
  4. Grab a big section of the hair besides the partition, close to the roots.
  5. Divide the section into three equal strands.
  6. Take the third strand/ back strand and cross it over the middle strand.
  7. Do the same with the first/front strand by crossing over the middle again.
  8. This time, retake the back strand and add some more hair to it.
  9. Cross this new thicker back hair strand over the middle again.
  10. Now, leave the original front strand as it is and pick up a new one behind that.
  11. Cross the new front strand over the middle one.
  12. Now repeat the same procedure again with the volume added back strand.
  13. Remember to leave the original front strand each time, replacing it with some hair behind it.
  14. Keep repeating the same procedure until you reach the other side of your hair, or up to a point you want your braid to go.
  15. In the end, secure it with your hair tie or tuck it with bobby pins.

Lastly, spray on some hair spray so that you can rock this look for hours without messing it!

Define the looks of the waterfall braid?

Well, the waterfall braids are very much similar to french braids. The only difference is that the front strand is left to fall down by replacing with another strand, creating a waterfall look, hence the name.

Who found out the waterfall braid for the first time?

The waterfall braid was a unique creation of a famous YouTuber, Mindy McKnight.

Is it necessary for the waterfall braid to have a side part?

No, you can be as creative as you want with your braid. You can make it with a center part, leave the braid open, tie your hair up or do whatever looks and feels best.