How To Do A Tree Braid? Step by Step Guide

Tree braids are a type of protective Hairstyle often recognized by the name invisible braids. The theory is that the braids in your hair are not visible, and only the ends of the extensions that have been fitted into the braid are visible. Some women choose, however, to get the tree braid effect with regular box braid styles. Tree braids, including box braids or twists, are preferred over other braided hairstyles because they require less time to mount. Furthermore, you also have the freedom to style the length of your hair as you like because the ends of the hair are left out.

Tree braids are invisible braids where you can see the braid only towards the end of your extensions. Just like other African hairstyles, the tree braids are a protective hairstyle but with lots of glam. They are very popular in the African American community, and though all people can wear it, doing the braids will prove to be a daunting task on straight hair since it may start getting all slippery. Unlike straight hair, curly or messy hair is best suited for such protective braid hairstyles.

Instead of using additional products, the tree braid style just adds extensions to your hair through cornrow braiding, making it a natural process. The braids are tiny, and this is why this style is also known as invisible braids. You can try tree braids irrespective of your hair’s length and thickness, and if you want to increase the length, you can just buy extensions and combine them with the braids on your real hair. Extensions help to give a fuller and much thicker look. A key feature of the tree braids is that they take much less time to do than a box braid or cornrow braid yet offers almost the same level of protection as these styles do.

You can style your hair in numerous ways such as the classic and basic tree braid style, front parted tree braid, wavy tree braids, straight tree braids, etc. Doing tree braids yourself is not an easy task, especially if you are doing it for the first time. They require superior skill and patience, so it might be good to have someone help you. You don’t necessarily need to go to the salon for this; just have someone in your family or friends lend a helping hand.

How To Do A Tree Braid?

Various Ways To Wear Tree Braids Styles

A few of our favorite styles done with the box braid technique are listed below.

Asymmetric Lob

With your tree braid theme, get a little trendy and go for a look that everyone is after, like the lob. Wear it wavy, curly, or straight. Dampen the hair and braid the ends into 4-6 chunky braids if you happen to buy extensions that have a tighter curl but want a wave, and allow it to dry. This helps to extend the curl and produce a more wavy look.

Tree Braid with Ombre

You may simply purchase a pack of colored hair if you want color on your tree braid type. The choices are limitless. You can also discover the hair with one color all over, streaks, ombré, or even balayage. You can go two ways for length: either get the hair cut to your ideal length by your stylist or buy the hair at the length you want.


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Straight Tree Braid

Go straight for the bone, or go for a slight body wave. Human hair seems to have a smoother and thinner appearance. It’s best to use two packs of hair instead of one to stop the stringy, thread-like effect and produce a fuller look.

You can get a perfect braided style done in a hair salon, or you can learn how to do it yourself.

How To Do A Tree Braid?

Supplies You’ll Need To Make Tree Braids

  • Hair extensions – each extension will be folded in half while doing tree braids, so buy extensions that are twice the length of the actual length you need.
  • Comb
  • Hair clips

How To Do A Tree Braid?

Steps To Do A Tree Braid

  1. The first and most basic step is washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner and then letting it partly dry. Complete drying is not recommended. This style is easier to do on slightly damp hair. Make sure to detangle your hair fully to get rid of frizz and knots.
  2. Part your hair into several sections that are no larger than one half of an inch. Take the section you will be braiding in your hand and secure the rest of the sections with hair clips. Now, take the section you will braid, install the extensions, and then divide the section into three parts. Now you should start braiding both your real hair and the hair extension. Complete one stitch in this manner and then stop.
  3. In the next stitch, pull out one part of the extension away from the braid to the outside. Repeat this process so that one part of the extensions get pulled out in one cycle, while the other part gets pulled out by default in the next cycle. When you are done, start again by doing one stitch in the normal braid style, and the next stitch by adding a new piece of extension and continuing the same process mentioned in this step.
  4. Continue braiding in this manner until you reach the desired length of your extension. Next, keep the middle section of the hair out of the braid and secure your braid into a knot with the other two sections. This is to avoid tying knots on your real hair. Doing so will cause significant hair damage. Make sure you knot your hair twice to secure it completely.
  5. Repeat the same process with the rest of your hair and unclip the remaining sections to let your hair hanging down. And with that, your tree braids are done.
Is it safe to swim with tree braids on your hair?

Yes, you can swim with tree braids. You just need to make sure to apply conditioner before getting into the water. The conditioner will protect your braids and make it less prone to breakage and damage.

How long does it take to do tree braids?

Tree braids are easier than box braids and usually take only around 2-4 hours. But if you’re doing it alone, it may be even higher; around 3-5 hours.

How long can I wear my tree braids?

You can wear them for as long as 4-8 weeks, and with proper maintenance, you can wear them for as long as 10-12 weeks.