How To Do A Side Braid?

How To Do A Side Braid? Step by Step Guide

A side braid is one of the simplest and classiest methods of wearing your hair in any weather. It is simple, elegant, and extremely simple to make. The three-section braid looks so much better when you wear it on the side, and it also genuinely adds to the overall look of your face. A side braid can be done in many forms– a simple three-section side braid, a french side braid, or a side fishtail, all having the same, simple procedure to make. Any casual look goes with the side braid, and you can style it up and down very simply. As long as you have an ample length of hair that can all gather to the front on one side of your face, it can be easily styled in a side braid.

What Do You Need To Make A Side Braid?

Step-By-Step Procedure To Make A Side Braid

  1. Brush your hair out properly and apply some dry shampoo to moisturize the scalp and add texture to the hair.
  2. Now, part your hair from the side that you are used to wearing it. You will now have two sections.
  3. Start from the top of your head and take a subsection of the larger section from the side part.
  4. Divide this subsection into three parts and make the first knot of a normal three-section braid.
  5. Take a small section of hair from either side (like you do in a French braid) and continue to braid as you keep going lower towards your ear lobe.
  6. As you reach lower, thicken the amount of hair you add from the sides until all the hair on your head is added to the braid.
  7. Now, finish the braid by braiding the remaining hair on the side in a simple three-section braid.
  8. Secure your hair with a hair tie and smoother out the ends with a flat iron if you want a neater look. You may also apply hair spray on the braid to settle down any frizz that may be present.
How do you make a side braid look good?

To make a simple side braid look good, you can apply some hair spray on the braid to settle down any extra hair that may be coming out of the braid. To make it fancier, you could make a fishtail braid as you reach the hair at the end after having covered your face. You may also let loose a few strands of hair in the front to make it look like a messy side braid.

Do I braid my hair wet or dry?

It is always advised to braid your hair when it’s dry. If you braid wet hair, the braid will be too heavy and will end up leaving waves and curls in your hair. The hair will not get enough to dry as well. When your hair is wet, it also tends to break a lot, and braiding it would lead to excessive hair-fall; thus, it is best to braid your hair when it’s dry.

Is it better to sleep with your hair up or down?

Since most people use cotton linen, it is best to sleep with your hair up. Tie it in a bun or a braid or a simple ponytail before you sleep. This prevents hair-fall as the cotton-linen or any material other than satin or silk tends to make your hair lose its moisture and ends up in excessive hair fall.

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