How To Do A Lemon Braids

How To Do A Lemon Braid?

A lemon or lemonade braid rose to fame when famous pop singer Beyonce wore it and pulled it off in her 2016 visual album Lemonade. Since then, fancy hairstyle has become extremely popular among black women. The hair is taken to one side and is braided close to the scalp, all the way through. It looks good on colored or blonde or black hair and is an extremely trendy hairstyle for a party or a usual day out. The braid can be styled with beads and clips and gives you a very classic look. It is best suited on a medium or long length of hair.

Supply You’ll Need To Make A Lemon Braid

How To Do A Lemon Braid?

Step-By-Step Procedure To Make A Lemon Braid

  1. Blow-dry your hair after a shampoo wash followed by a good quality hair conditioner.
  2. Now, divide your hair into 4 sections- divide into 2 sections vertically, taking a 1:3 ratio and then divide it into half horizontally: leaving the front half divided vertically and then further dividing the back half in two horizontally.
  3. Tie all the 4 sections with a hair tie separately, leaving the last section at the backmost part of your head-loose.
  4. Now, divide your hair extensions into thin subparts and set them out on a flat surface separately, before you start braiding.
  5. Divide the loose section into sub-sections further, starting with a single one at the bottom of your head, right above your neck.
  6. Take a thin part of the extension and start braiding it into your hair with this section that you have just divided, keeping it close to the scalp and move towards the left. Keep adding sections with every knot till you get the required thickness of the braid.
  7. Continue the procedure by raising the level of your arms and keep braiding with the extensions until this section is completely braided, and the braids completely fall to the left side of your head.
  8. Now, after accommodating about 5-6 braids on this section, move on to the leftmost section of the hair from the front. Make about 2-3 braids in the section and let them also fall to the left of your head.
  9. After the section. Move on to the rightmost section of your hair, and divide it into a thin sub-section. Now slowly move on by braiding and adding extensions while also moving the braid to the left side of your head, sticking close to the scalp. Make it go over the front of your head.
  10. Cover the fourth section similarly, braiding to the left.
  11. After all the braiding is done, dip the ends of your hair in boiling water to seal the ends well. Dry it with a towel now.
  12. Now, take the hair spray or dry conditioner and spray it on the braids to stick the hair that is coming out of the braid, and put it in one place.

Your lemonade braids are all done! Here are some of the best lemonade braids you can checkout.

Can a lemon braid be done on my hair?

Yes, they can be done on your hair. Be it short or long hair; the braids look very nice on either. Knowing how to do a basic braid is important, and a little arm strength is also needed since it takes a lot of effort and patience.

How long can you keep lemon braids for?

Lemon braids can be kept for about 6-8 weeks, depending on your maintenance. The braids must be washed and dried well, and your scalp must be moist. Since the scalp becomes tighter with the braids, it is imperative to keep it moisturized and maintain the braids well. Good quality of hair extensions also plays a major role in how long the braids stay intact.

How long does it take to make lemon braids?

Lemon braids take about 3-4 hours to make. They can be challenging to make if you’re a beginner and may take longer than that. Therefore, patience is key in doing the braids. Getting them one at a salon will take about 3-4 hours.

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