How To Do A French Braid? Step by step guide

The French braid, also known as a French plait, is a classic hairstyle that we have all come to love and adore. It looks very simple yet has a hint of intricateness to it, which is what makes this style so special. If you, too, have come across this beautiful style and would like to try it by yourself, you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we have mentioned everything you need to know about how to do a French braid on your hair.

There are many types of French braids, and the most common ones are the simple single braid style, multiple French braids, and some other popular variations include styles like Dutch braid and fishtail braid, which is actually an inverted French braid itself. The French braid style is very versatile, and it also suits all types of hair, be it curly, straight, or wavy.

Supplies You’ll Need To Make A French Braid

The only supplies you’ll need is a comb and a hair tie. Of course, you can add a bit of glam to the look with decorative hairpins and accessories, but that’s totally up to you. Moving on, let us now look at the detailed steps of how to do the classic single French braid style.

How To Do A French Braid?

Steps To Do A French Braid

1. Brush Your Hair

Brushing is really important if you want a flawless look. It helps to get rid of tiny knots that may have formed on your hair and keeps your hair smooth and free of tangles. On another note, ensuring that your hair is dry is a good step too. French braids and wet hair don’t really go together, as we all know. In fact, natural wet hair doesn’t really go well with most styles.

2. Separate Your Hair Into Three Equal Sections

This step is where we get started with the braid. Neatly comb your strands and divide your hair into three sections right at the crown. Then, you should take a right and left sections in your right and left hands, respectively, and the middle section should be between the thumb and forefinger of any hand, whichever is comfortable for you.

3. Crisscross The Three Sections

And now, we begin the process. Take the hair on your right section and cross it over the middle section, then take the left section and cross it over the right section, which has now merged into the middle section itself. With that, you have the first stitch of your braid ready. As you go further below, do the same type of stitches by adding a little more hair and continue the stitches till you reach the ends. Make sure the hair isn’t too tight and is loose enough to get that soft and flowing look.

4. Wrap It Up With A Hair Tie Or Scrunchie

As you reach the ends of your hair, make sure you leave a little hair- about two or three inches depending on your hair length- unbraided and tie up your hair. You can gently pull out some loose strands on the front and the sides to frame your face perfectly.

How to take care of French Braids?

  • Protection of hair at night is very important, whether you have braids or not. The smooth texture is responsible for preventing the frizzing of the braid and keeping it fresh the next morning too.
  • You should always practice keeping your scalp moist and clean to avoid facing through hair damage or drying issues at a young age. The best way to do this is by washing your hair daily or at least five days a week while using a suitable shampoo and conditioner occasionally
  • Now, your roots start growing back again, and it is time to freshen up with a new look. Start reinstalling the braids along your hairline rather than rebraiding your entire head. Take extra care to detangle and moisturize properly before setting up the hair again.
Is it tough to do a French braid by yourself?

Initially, it may seem a little difficult, especially if you are trying it out for the first time. But with time and more practice, you start to get the hang of it and will be able to do a French braid as easily and quickly as you would do a normal hairstyle. It is a beautiful hairstyle you can create yourself at no extra cost, so don’t give up, in the beginning, itself because it seemed difficult. Everything gets better with time and practice, so trust yourself.

Can you do a French braid with extensions?

Definitely, extensions are a great way of adding more volume and length to your hair, and you can do French braids on your extensions just as easily as you would do it on your hair. Just make sure that the extensions are well fitted and won’t come off rapidly.

How to do two French braids on yourself?

Double French braids surely sound a little extra, but you can easily do them just as you would do a single French braid. You just need to part your entire hair into two sections on both the sides and then do the normal French separately on each of these sections. You can also do the multiple French braids style by parting your hair into more than two sections.

How long can you keep a French Braid?

It is advisable to never keep any braids intact for longer than 8 weeks. Your new growth will stretch while breaking the delicate hair strands if kept for a more prolonged period. It can also lead to hair loss problems for some women. The sweat and products embedded within your body can damage the hair. Hence, it is important to wash your braids at least once every two weeks for healthy hair. You don’t need to jump in the shower and soak your braids into the water if you lack time but can use a dry shampoo or dry-wash your hair to clean it. Section your hair and wipe your scalp down by using a soft towel.

Can braiding ruin the curls?

No, braiding the hair cannot ruin the natural curls as it alters the hydrogen bonds in the hair that can be broken only by making them wet or using a straightener and producing much heat to straighten them up. Hence, there is no need to worry about blowing dry curly hair straight or convert that straight hair into curls with a curling iron. These hydrogen bonds break and are responsible for attaining those curls and shampooing the leaves your hair back in its original state. It is found that braiding can temporarily alter your curl pattern after removing the french braids, but once you wash them, everything sets up back again perfectly. Also, do not braid your hair too tight as it may cause hair breaking.