How To Do A Crown Braid? Complete Guide

A crown braid, also known as a halo braid, is as the name suggests, a braid that makes it look like you’re wearing a crown. A hairstyle that looks extremely dressed up and difficult to make, in truth, isn’t. As pretty and fancy as it looks, the braid is very easy to make in just a few steps and instantly adds class to your look. The braid goes all the way across your head and fits like a crown. Medium length or long hair is perfect to style in a crown braid and makes you look elegant and up to style. It may take a few extra attempts to perfect the braid, but we are sure you wouldn’t regret the effort. Check out here 4 types of crown braids.

How To Do A Crown Braid?

Supply – Things You Need To Make A Crown Braid

How To Do A Crown Braid?

Procedure To Make Crown Braids

  1. Part your hair into two sections from the center and brush them out properly. Use a little conditioner and dry shampoo to make your hair smooth.
  2. Start at the back of your head and start braiding your hair towards the front, perpendicular to your center part.
  3. Keep making a dutch braid as you go over your ear and then bring the braid towards your face, making a full circle and tilt your head forward so that it is also easier for you to keep your arms low while braiding.
  4. Carefully hold the sections of your hair between your fingers and keep a mirror in front to keep track of which section goes over the other. You will struggle a few times initially, but don’t lose hope.
  5. After you finish the first half, the second half is relatively much easier. Continue as the braid goes down on the second half, and keep incorporating hair from the other side to finish the braid neatly.
  6. After the crown portion is done, continue braiding the remaining hair till you reach the end, and tie using a hair tie.
    Now, take the remaining braid and pin it up to the head to make it look like a complete crown and eliminate any extra hair at the end.
  7. Fold the tail up inside the hair to hide the hair tie.
  8. Lastly, use the bobby pins to clip in any extra hair that may come outside and hold the crown braid firmly in place. Use a hairspray to hold it in place.

Since you’re all done, it’s time to have fun at the party with your beautiful and stylish hairdo!

Can the crown braid be made on short hair?

The braid can be made on short hair as well, the only difference being that the extra hair length at the end would be absent, and the end of the braid will be closed with bobby pins instead of a hair tie. The remaining procedure is the same, though to make the process easier, a medium length of hair is perfect.

Can the crown braid be made on yourself?

By following the above steps and a little practice, anyone can make a crown braid on themselves. The braid is a little tough to make, but once done, it gives you an elegant and royal look. It can be made on short, medium, or long hair on black or blonde hair, in the same manner.