How To Do A Celtic Knot Braid?

How To Do A Celtic Knot Braid? Step By Step Guide

The Celtic knot gets its name from the Celtic culture and is the kind of knot we used to make on scooby strings as kids. The beautiful knot is intricate and looks great when done on your hair. It can be made in a variety of styles ranging from a simple Celtic knot to a whole hairband of the knots. With a little patience and practice, they can be made perfectly on your hair, and it suits all lengths and colors of hair and instantly makes your hair look more elegant and interesting.

What You Need To Make Celtic Knot Braid

  • Comb
  • Hair tie
  • Hair clip
  • Flat iron
  • Hair spray

Step-By-Step Procedure To Make Celtic Knot Braid

  1. Secure your hair in a low ponytail with a hair tie, leaving a little hair on both sides of the hair.
  2. Now, take two thin sized sections of your hair from both sides of the head, above your ears. These will be used to make the knot.
  3. Pull these strands to the back of your head.
  4. Take the left section of hair and make a loop by bending it from the top. Hold this between the thumb and index finger of your left hand and keep it placed at the upper back of your head.
  5. Now take the right strand and pass it over the loop, holding it between the pinky and ring finger of the left hand.
  6. After you have secured it, pull the right strand of hair over the left strand from behind it. Secure this strand between the middle and ring finger of your left hand now.
  7. After this, take a clip and clip up the loop of the left strand.
  8. Now, take the right strand falling out of the clip and bring it over the loop and pass it through the loop and pull it towards your head.
  9. Gently tighten this knot, and remove the clip.
  10. After the knot is firmly in place, secure it with a flat iron and end with some hair spray. Let lose the rest of your hair.

Your knot is officially done. Flaunt it at a party or wear it to college, it looks great either way!

What should the thickness of the strands for the knot be?

The strands of hair should not be too thick as that makes it difficult to make this tricky knot, and they should not be too thin either. The width of a pen or pencil is appropriate to make this knot as it will look neater and cleaner.

What does the Celtic knot stand for?

As the knot gets its name from the Celtic culture, it represents something as beautiful as it looks. The knot looks as though it has no beginning or end and signifies how some relationships and traits are ones that last forever. Loyalty, friendship, and many other values that were foundations of the Celtic culture are signified with the beautiful symbol of this knot.

How to make a cleaner Celtic knot braid?

You can make your Celtic knot braid cleaner and more prominent by choosing the right thickness of hair strands used to make the knot. After you make the knot, the best way to secure loose strands of hair is to secure the knot with a flat iron so that the frizz settles down, after which you can add some hair spray to keep it firmly in place. Use a lot of conditioner to smoothen your hair out to make it easier to make the braid.

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