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18 Hair Tattoo Ideas for Women to Set Your Style Apart

Are you bold, confident, and uncaring about what people think of you? Then maybe a hair tattoo is for you. People won’t be able to stop themselves from staring as you pass because they’re so enamored by your appearance. Bright colors and various designs will adorn your head and make you stand out from the crowd.

If that’s what you want, you should check out our hair tattoo ideas for women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go out and get it. We think you’ll find something you’ll fall in love with in the styles below.


Bold Hair Tattoos for Women

You don’t need to look beyond this list to find an idea for a haircut that will suit you perfectly. Some are simple and others are way out there, so there’s something for everybody.

Undercut Portrait

undercut hair tattoo for long hair

It takes a lot of guts to get a hair tattoo of a person, and that’s what you can see the idea of in this undercut design. It’s vague, but you can see the shape of the face, the outline of the hair, and the outline of a collar and shirt.


Undercut Line

hair tattoo with line for long hair

Do you prefer to keep things simple? Getting a line shaved into your undercut will do. Most people don’t have this design in their haircuts so you’ll still stand out from the crowd.

Wear the rest of your hair long and drape it over one shoulder so your undercut remains visible.


Funky Afro with Double Lines

hair tattoo for afro hair

Do you know what’s better than one line? Two lines. Get them shaved into the side of your hair if you have an undercut.

Wear the rest of your hair in its natural afro texture and add streaks of pink to help break up the monotony of your natural hair color.


Mohawk with Spirals

mohawk hairstyle with hair tattoo

Dye your hair black and add some purple highlights, then cut it into a long, fluffy mohawk.

The side of your hair should feature a spiral pattern that extends all the way to your neck. Color in the spirals yellow to create even more of a tattoo-like effect.


Loose Undercut Ponytail

undercut ponytail with hair tattoo

A lot of women who get an undercut have the idea to pair it with a hair tattoo. Thai middle section of your hair in a loose ponytail and the crown of your head so people can see your design.

Get a design with lines and a zigzag pattern if you want to achieve a sharp look.


Colorful Blonde Hair

hair tattoo for fine hair

Women with fine hair can still wear a style that helps them bring out their personalities. Shave most of one side of your head but leave a couple of different shapes behind. Dye these shapes in different colors for an emo girl look.

Get stripes of purple on the other side of your hair to create a pattern that nobody else will have.


Ponytail Undercut

hair tattoo with ponytail

Lots of women get undercut on the sides of their head, but it’s a good idea to pair your hair tattoo with an undercut on the lower half of your head instead.

Wear a ponytail so people can see the looping chain shape shaved into your undercut.


Purple Mohawk 

short mohawk hairstyle with hair tattoo

Many people think the mohawks look like plumage on a bird. You can take things a step further by getting the shape of a bird shaved into your head. Surround it with stripes so it blends in and get a punk look.


Casual Topknot

messy updo with hair tattoo

Getting the tattoo on the back of your head near the nape of your neck is always a good idea. You can put your hair up into a topknot so people can see the design.

Get a simple design like a couple of V shapes then tinge it pink if you want it to be low maintenance.


Colorful Buzzcut

buzz cut with hair tattoo

It’s really easy to show off a design in your hair if you have a buzz cut. Have lots of swirling lines shaved into your head and dye different sections of the peach fuzz on your scalp.

Choose unique colors like blue and red if you really want to be different.


Curly Pigtails

curly pigtails with hair tattoo

You can see there’s a lot going on in this hairdo. It starts with box braids that turn into curly pigtails in platinum blonde. The lower half of the hair has a cheetah pattern that’s really subtle due to the dark color in it.


Eye Design

hair tattoo for short hair

It’s always fun to get a photograph or drawing on your head. This one features an Egyptian-inspired hieroglyphic eye design.

The hair on top is blue and cut into shapes ensuring it shows off the tattoo on the nape of the neck.


Pink Spirals


Spirals are definitely a popular pattern to get when looking for something fun. Dying them pink will set you apart from other people who have this design.

Grow the hair on the center of your head out and brush it to one side. Wear it in a color that matches the pink, such as purple or blue.


Space Buns

space buns with hair tattoo

Space buns are always a cute hairdo to get. Here they’re worn to show off the design on the nape of the neck.

This hair tattoo design is somewhat spiritual in nature and looks like it’s inspired by a mandala. It can also resemble half a flower.


Pineapple Pattern

short spiky hair with hair tattoo

Keep the lower layers of your hair short and spike the hair on top up tall. Then get a pattern shaved into your head that resembles the different sections of a pineapple.

The hair on top will look like the green sections of the pineapple. However, wear your hair in a single light color to look more natural.


Colorful Braids

braided updo with hair tattoo

Getting lots of thin braids is always a good way to protect long hair. Tie the braids up in a bun so people can see their zigzag design low on your head.


Colorful Floral Effect

hairstyle with hair tattoo

Not many people have the guts to get an entire flower shaved into their heads. Make sure you get tons of different colors to help bring out the shape.

Keep two strands to frame your face and wear a couple of long braids hanging from the nape of your neck.


Red and Black

hair tattoo with two tone hair

Red and black designs always go well together. Get a checker hair tattoo pattern at the nape of your neck and add red highlights to the rest of your haircut.


How many of these fun hair tattoo ideas for women do you want to try? Ladies who wear out-of-the-box hairstyles like these often like changing up their hair, so you can cycle through them and where every single one over the years if you like.

Make sure to take care of your hair accordingly as many of the looks involve bleaching the hair which could cause damage.

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