25 Hair Colors for 2019 – Best Hair Color Trends for 2019

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Changing your hair hue can be as simple as a couple of highlights or as exceptional as a layer of brilliant purple. Everyone has seen all shades of the rainbow surge in demand in a previous couple of years, but for the year 2018, hair colors are looking significantly more laid-back. Saying this does not imply that there is not some trending Hair Colors for 2019 that will shock everyone around you. However, the hair coloring patterns for 2018 are less dramatic than you think. Rich hues like dark burgundy and midnight blue are perfect for young ladies with brunette or dark hair, and there are a lot of color options for blondes to experiment with, such as rose blonde, rich blonde, and even cream pop color. In case you are not hoping to color your whole head of hair, 2018’s hair color trends will be your new motivation. This year offers foil-free hair color strategies, easy face-framing low lights, highlights, and baby lights are in.

The current year’s hair color trends are either deep and sultry or warm and comfortable. There are also some general dose of striking unicorn and pastel hair thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. The options are endless which should definitely make all fashionistas as happy and looking for new hair color ideas. Regardless of whether you are always brave with hair colors or you need to play with colors out of the blue, these 2018 hair color ideas have alternatives for each salon-goer and home-dyer.

Peanut Butter Jelly

This is one of the hottest trends in hair color right now. It is for all those girls who want to keep it natural but also to make it look like something fun. This brilliant, two-tone look showcases a golden blonde resembling the color of peanut butter and the shades of purple show the color of jelly. The hair looks great both wavy and straightened.

Hair Colors for 2019

Rose Gold

The other name for this hair color is buttered up rose gold as it has yellow undertones. It is a combination of yellowish blonde and metallic pink. If you have pink hair originally, the hairstylist will blend the faded pink of your hair with melting pink at the base to create this color. The result that you get is a wearable and lived-in version of pink.

Hair Colors for 2019

Pink Hair

The color pink has overtaken everything this year, from food items to clothing. It was obvious that next in line would be hair color. You can keep the color of the roots intact and then put shocking pink in the rest of your hair. To keep it interesting, let the pink shade fade out at the ends of your hair and it will look fabulous.

Hair Colors for 2019


The popular saying that history repeats itself holds absolutely true for hair colors. The opal color, along with the vintage waves, is a favorite of vintage Hollywood. The hair is colored blonde but there is a bit of peach tint to it along with lavender hues near the roots. You can think of it as a subtle version of the unicorn hair color trend.

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Hair Colors for 2019


You might or might not be an avid fan of the Harry Potter series but you will love this hair color for sure. The series is where the term butterbeer originated, and now it has become a rage in the world of hair colors. The hair is a riot of colors in here with everything from orange, yellow, rose gold, blonde, and black put in all together.

Hair Colors for 2019

Honey Golden Blonde

Most girls are confused about which end of the blonde spectrum that they should lean towards, the dark or the light. If you are someone who does not want to lean on any one side of the blonde spectrum, this hair color is for you. You will love the subtle, soft contrast of the hair color. The golden highlights will be revealed when the light falls.

Hair Colors for 2019


Violet is the Pantone color of the year 2018 and so it is natural for it to be trending in hair colors. This vibrant shade has been a favorite of the hair color enthusiasts for quite long and now they have more of a reason to love the color in their hair. Color your hair in this vibrant shade and you will surely stand out from the crowd.

Hair Colors for 2019

Honey Rose

The rose gold trend of the previous year has made a transition into honey rose hair for this season. Blondes with warm pinkish coppers are going to be huge this year. The blonde and rosy hues look great on any skin tone. It is not so much in your face that you will not be able to carry it off. That is one more reason to love it.

Hair Colors for 2019

Caramel Ombre

Caramel is the most popular and sweetest shade for ombre and highlight patterns. It works well for redheads, browns, and blondes. The shade will give a refreshing boost to your complexion and make your eyes look brighter. The contrast of the deep color at the roots and light caramel at the ends looks amazing. The hair is wavy from where the ombre begins.

Hair Colors for 2019


It is the hair color for the women who do not like their hair to look too bold or standing out. The coloring is subtle but there is no compromise on the style quotient. This hair color shows that you can create a subtle impact even with colors that are as vibrant as green, blue, pink, red, and purple. You must try it to love it.

Hair Colors for 2019


The tangerine hair color is one of the hottest hair colors that you can try out this season. It showcases a bright color that resembles the color that you get when you peel off the citrus fruit. This color is definitely not for the faint of heart amongst you. You need confidence in your style and a bold attitude to carry out this style.

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Hair Colors for 2019


Purple hair color offers a number of variations including violet, plum, and lavender tones. The shade works well on both brunette and blonde bases. The dark purple shades like the ones that you see in here can really make the brunette hair stand out. It can be the hair color of choice when you want a drastic change to your regular look and go daring.

Hair Colors for 2019

Icy Blonde

Some of the A-list actresses of Hollywood have tried out this hair color, and now it is your time to join the bandwagon. The color is cooler than ever for this year. It is one of the popular choices due to the unique look of the hair and the highly fashionable look. Try this hair color if you dare to stand out from the crowd.

Hair Colors for 2019


Just a few years back, no one had any idea about what balayage is and now you can see the color everywhere. It is a modern technique for coloring hair in which the hair dye is put in such a way that the hair has a graduated and natural-looking effect. It is the technique that gives you the perfect hair for both office and party.

Hair Colors for 2019

Sun Kissed Blonde

This is the hair color that will make your hair look like you have been on a long vacation on a tropical island and not working hard behind the desk at your office. It has that eternal shine of flawless hair. Creating a look like this s rather easy too. You just need to have bright strands of baby blonde hair popping out from all over.

Hair Colors for 2019


The old Hollywood blonde has made a comeback for this year but with a twist. The blonde variation this time is all about looking more natural as compared to platinum but more polished than the sun-kissed version. When blonde color is pushed in a bit higher, the color brightens up your skin tone and draws attention to the beautiful eyes of yours.

Hair Colors for 2019

Ash Brown

Ash brown looks flattering on women who have cool complexion or skin tone. It means any woman with red or blue undertones can go for this shade. Might be a little bit hard to dye dark hair to the lighter ash brown shade but the effort is totally worth it given the results that you get. It is midway between dirty brown and silver gray.
Hair Colors for 2019

Bold Red

Not all girls are blessed with the bold red hair color naturally but thankfully the beauty industry can give you a chance to try any hair color that you want. It is a great way to transform the entire look that you have and refresh your current hair color. The best way to describe this color is to call it the fire engine red.

Hair Colors for 2019


If red feels too much to take for you, switch to auburn and look phenomenal every day. You can make the hair full auburn or just put in subtle highlights strategically. It looks great both ways. You must take into account your complexion and choose an auburn shade that best compliments it. Auburn is a great choice for a change in hair color for the year.

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Hair Colors for 2019

Dark Ombre

Dark ombre hair colors are based on the natural shade of your hair and its length. It is a good way to create a sharp look. The delicious looking hues of chocolate and caramel at the ends make you really adore this hair color. The dark ombres let you create a dramatic look. It adds a pop of brightness to your regular shade of hair.

Hair Colors for 2019


Women love the silvery grey shade of color on their hair when they like to garner attention and create a bold style statement. Grey is also a clever color that hides any naturally grey hair that might be cropping up in your thick strands of hair. Grey looks sexy and is super on trend. The world is obsessed with it and soon you will be too.

Hair Colors for 2019


When hair colors are discussed, most of the ideas center on solid shades or natural colors. People tend to miss out that pastel shades and the unnatural hair colors like unicorn are also really popular. Picking up such an unconventional hue is definitely a big commitment. Go for the rainbow hues in multiple colors in your hair only if you are up for it.

Hair Colors for 2019


The pastel hair colors are right here to make your become a reality. You can now change the look of your hair to match up to the leaves, flowers, or anything else that you want. There are tons of options when it comes to pastel shades and you do not necessarily need to go only pink as shown in here. You can customize the colors according to your wish.

Hair Colors for 2019


Copper hair color is as special and eye-catching as the browns and blondes. It offers a wide range of options. You need to find the right hue that matches your natural hair color and skin tone as it is very easy to go wrong with the copper shade. Instead of going for subtle copper, go for the bold versions of this color to keep up with the trend.

Hair Colors for 2019

Icy Silver

Going full icy silver on your hair is one of the most fashionable looks for the season. Be the stylish ice queen with your shimmery silver locks that will surely make every head in the room turn to you as you walk in. You can go for this striking hair color on any length of hair. However, it is mostly seen on mid-length or long hair.

Hair Colors for 2019

The twenty-five top trends in Hair Colors for 2019 have been enlisted in here. Your perfect hair color for this time is right here among these options. You just need to find it and then go for it without any inhibitions.

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