Frizz Defense Hair Styling Tools Review

The Frizz Defense is a premium brand that aims to make women styling easier. The engineers of Frizz Defense have tried to successfully implementing advanced technologies into each product. These help the brand keep pace with the trend to make each product rich in quality and ease to use with convenience.

The brand’s product series consists of hair styling tools that mainly focus on reducing the extremely annoying frizz, which is the hair’s major cause to look dull and unhealthy. Frizz Defense line Series include Hair Dryers, Hot Air Brush and Hair irons. In this article, we are going to review the four hair styling tools, which are listed as follows:

  • 1875 Watt Hair Dryer (model 300)
  • 1 ½ inch Hot Air Brush (model BC850)
  • 1 ¼ inch Curling Iron (model CD851)
  • 1 inch Flat Iron (model CS850)

Let’s Review the Frizz Defense Hair Styling Tools One By One

1. 1875 Watt Hair Dryer Model 300

To rescue the hairs from frizz, the frizz defense team started with the ionic hairdryer. The hairdryer is made for drying the hair quickly. The most advanced and on-demand technology, i.e., tourmaline, keeps the dryer up to give another level of experience while styling the hair.

Motor & Speed

The motor is the ‘head’ that runs the hairdryer. When you purchase any hairdryer, you’ll get two options for a motor DC and AC, where the latter one is more powerful. The Frizz Defense Hair Dryer houses a robust AC motor designed to give high performance to the dryer. Motor gets powered by electricity, which causes an increase in air velocity. Since it’s an AC motor, the air velocity will provide faster drying (50% more) with this dryer. The life expectancy of such AC motors is also great for professional usages. 1875 Watt is best and powerful to deal with coarser hair.


The ergonomically designed body offers better control to hold the handle. The sleek sky bluish body is very appealing. The design is simple, with few buttons and a black cord that follows the handle’s bottom. There is a small loop at the junction of handle and cord, which will help hang the dryer.

Material & Technology

The Frizz Defense Hair Dryer features a more advanced technology that combines tourmaline and ceramic and ionic. The technology helps to keep your hair healthier and minimizes heat damage. Tourmaline is an important mineral that is crushed to form a fine powder and is covered over the ceramic grills. By this, the hairdryer will experience the production of more negative ions. The ionic technology accelerates these ion productions. The released ions help seal the cuticle (outermost layer of hair), reduce frizz, and create a smooth hair surface. The technology helps to give more productive results for hairstyling, in addition to drying the hair. Plus, the coating, when gets heated, will emit out even hot air. Uniform heat shields the hair from damage.

Heat Settings

For customizing the amount of heat flow, the dryer is installed with three heat setting buttons. The heat settings show up hot, warm, and cool modes, making it versatile for thicker hair to finer strands. These help to find the right choice appropriate for your hair type for controlled hair drying. Furthermore, the dryer features 2 speed (high and low) settings, which you can use accordingly, especially when you’re in a rush; the ‘high’ mode will help you get the job done quicker.

Cord Length

The 8 feet cord length will give you complete freedom while using the blow dryer. You don’t need to stay close to the outlet, or you’ll not have to face restricted movements.

Other Features

To lock and fix your hair finally, the cold shot button present in the handle will help you. Using this feature, you can maintain the frizz-free hair look for longer hours. The function releases cold air, which keeps the locks look voluminous. The settled style will look extra shinier.


The hairdryer comes with two concentrators and a diffuser. Concentrator (also known as Nozzle), just as the name says, will concentrate the air coming out from the dryer into a particular area. The narrow tube of the concentrator targets a specific portion of your hair to ensure styling certain areas are controllable in your hand.

Diffuser attachments are dedicated to curly hair. The tines that protrude out from the bowl-shaped diffuser spread out the air coming out from the dryer. Hence, making the process quicker while keeping the natural curls intact.

2. Hot Air Brush Model BC850

Hot Air Brush Model BC850

It may be your dream to organize your hair into trendy waves, flips, or simply filling of volume into the hair. The all in one solution to soothe your hair with these styles are the Frizz Defense Hot Airbrush.


The design offers excellent build quality. The sturdiness adds to the durability of the hot airbrush. The handle is long enough and bent thinner from the middle, enabling hot air brush easier. The shape will easily tame your wild frizzy hair. The larger surface area of the hot air brush will quickly blow out your hair into perfection. The rounded brush is coated with a dark blue shade and consists of a button at the handle to control the temperature.

Bristles and Barrel

Bristles and Barrels are the main part, which will help you get voluminous, frizz-free, smooth, curly, or straight hair. The nylon pin and bristles are flexible to work on any type of hair and will prevent snagging or breakage while you’re dealing with the hot airbrush. The bristles are long, so; it will reach into more depths of hair. The tug resistant and ball-tipped bristles are made to give both comfort and control. These bristles help to spread a deep volume into the hair.

The 1.5-inch narrow barrels along with the bristles refresh your hair. The barrels are coated with titanium and ceramic minerals. These materials will hold and distribute the heat well. The barrel’s size is suitable for short hair, and those with long hair will get an excellent curl, especially in the hard and tricky root areas.

Ion technology in the hot air brush generates ions to flatten the hair cuticle and makes the hair strand surface even by reducing frizz. Finally, you don’t have to worry about any heat damage, and adds brilliant shine.


The 500 W motor is pretty powerful to run the hot air brush fast, powerful, and smooth. These high-performance power and high-quality engineering of hot air brush add value and reliability. The motor will drive the hot airbrush to give perfect speed and control.

Heat Settings

You will get a button in the handle that needs to be slide up or down to adjust the heat settings. The heat modes include cool, high, and low—this helps to customize the settings as per the individual hair type or choice. There is a cool shot button to lock your style.

Cord Length

The 8 feet cord length is designed for longer reach. The professional 360-degree swivel cord will leave the cord without forming any tangled mess. You’ll not come across unnecessary coiling of cords around each other.

3. 1 ¼ inch Curling Iron (model CD851)

Frizz Defense Hair Styling Tools

Take the challenge to gain smooth curls with these frizz defense curling irons. The curling iron is designed to cooperate with your hair texture and hands simultaneously and curls the hair in the desired directions and forms.


The professional curling iron with a sleek design is set to personify the curls. The clamp lever has streaked lines on them. This will provide grip and friction to rest the fingers on without the fear of fingers getting slipped away. The cylindrical barrel shape that delivers a large surface area to distribute your hair well will make the curling job quicker. There is a stand for resting the curling iron on the surface.

Barrel & Material

Be it a thinner, coarser, longer, or shorter hair; the curling iron is designed to curl them up perfectly—the titanium-coated barrel preferred by professionals’ heats up fast. The resulting heat will get evenly distributed and promise your hair to protect it from heat damages—no worry about the hair sticking in the barrel. You can enjoy the freedom of using a safe product. Unlike gold plated or ceramic curl irons, titanium irons are lightweight and hold heat for longer durations.

The tool is made of 1 ¼ inch barrel that helps to create long, voluminous curls. The barrel would allow the hair to glide up without any snag. The heating plate takes up only 15 seconds to heat up. The ceramic heater is designed for fast and instant heat up and recovery.

Heat Settings

The heat setting switch in this styling iron adjusts up to 400 F. If your hair is thicker, you can reap more benefits from the temperature range between 370 to 400 F. The finer hair strands can go for temperature on or below 370 F. The design and features in the heat settings can personalize the curling iron for its use. You can expect 11 heat settings, which is the best option provided by the brand, allowing the user to decide the heat required for producing defined ringlet curls.


Safety is everything that builds up trust in the consumer. The brand has never forgotten to incorporate these trusts into the curling irons. The Auto Shut off system will prevent accidental fire or electrical damage to the curling iron and protects the hair from damage.  It frees the user from the stress of having to remember to power it off.

An Easy Built-in LCD screen indicates the desired temperature and helps you with temperature control.

The tangle-free, 360 degree, 8 feet swivel cord allows plenty of length for a comfortable styling and free range of movements.

The ionic technology generates many ions (about 50% more) and works smartly to make you enjoy healthy hair with reduced frizz. The curling iron supports a single voltage.

4. 1 inch Flat Iron (model CS850)

Frizz Defense Hair Styling Tools

Imagine a flat iron that’s gentle on your hair. Very few on the list, right? Such a rare gem to style your hair is this flat iron by the Frizz Defense. The 1-inch flat iron is a hair-friendly magic tool that will tame the wild frizzy beast.


The beautiful violet shade adds class to the flat iron. The titanium heat plates resist corrosion and are built to last long. Ergonomically engineered body and easy to operate flat iron is a must straighter to have in your styling tool kit.

Heat Settings

The 11 heat settings provide the chance to choose the ideal styling temperature. Fine hair that is prone to breakage will appreciate these flat irons as it has low heat settings and can be adjusted. For thick hair, the highest heat settings up to 455 F will help make the hair flat with ease. The extra hold at these high temperatures will help to style the hair to perfection. Multiple heat settings enable different ways of styling. The LCD screen will show up the temperature clearly.

The flat iron heats up very fast and takes only 15 seconds. All you need is switch on the power and just wait for a few seconds to allow the iron to heat up instantly, and then you’re on the go to achieve the straightened locks.

Heating Plate

The large flat iron with a 1-inch heating plate works better even for long hair. The titanium heat plate is excellent for providing consistent heat to the hair. You’ll get more heat in the plate when compared to those flat irons made of ceramic plates.

If you’re afraid that you’ll forget to shut off the flat iron before leaving home or salon, no need to worry, the iron comes with an auto shut off system.


The most recent and professional titanium made heating plates are best for even heating and prevent the chances of forming unexpected hot spots that can damage the hair. The coating also prevents the hair from sticking or snagging. The gliding effect of the hair through smooth plates will give you polished and perfect straightened hair within few hours.

Combining a powerful ion generator in the plates reduces frizz formation to leave your hair extra glossy after styling.

The 8 feet long cord gives ample room for styling with ease, and 360-degree free rotation prevents the cord from getting tangled.

The flat iron supports single voltage and contains a cool tip at the end for protection.


The brand’s Frizz Defense series is indeed the safest and top technology-driven styling tool, which needs to be tried. The main thing that needs to be appreciated for this brand is the installation of the latest technologies. The safety that these products promises to the customers, especially when these products deal with the heat to style the hair, is the noticeable fact that will draw any consumer or professional to buy these styling tools. We like beyond these features: selecting durable materials and the unique, stylish design that balances every aspect of how a styling product should be. The price of these styling tools ranges from $45 to $70. And we like the fact that with this price range one will get a top featured product from this brand. Rather than choosing a cheap product that raises many questions about features, it’s a wise choice to go for safety and technology with these brand’s styling tools.

What are the new products that this brand is going to introduce?

The Frizz Defense products mainly focus on styling tools for hair without discriminating any hair type. The series includes four heat styling tools that have already available on sale. Other than these tools, the company will introduce four different hair brushes in different shapes and colors. These hair brushes can be paired while using a blower to manage your curls. Stay updated with the website for knowing its availability.

What’s the Frizz Defense Brand’s origin?

Frizz Defense is an American brand which aims to deal with hair care. Their main motto is to reduce the common hair problem, i.e., frizz, with the help of styling tools, faced by most women irrespective of hair type and length.

Can I purchase the Frizz Defense Brand products from Amazon?

The Frizz Defense series products, which include four styling tools, can only be purchased via the ultra beauty website. These products are not available at any other online shopping site until now.

Is it worth to purchase the styling tools from this brand?

The brand has been transparent to include all the product details on the website. It’s clear that all the styling tools are made with care and includes safety and advanced technologies. This justifies every aspect to try this product without any fear. Moreover, the reviews are written by the customers on the ultra beauty website about the brand’s product, which will help you further to make a decision.

Does the brand provide more than one type of product in each category?

You’ll only get one variant in each product category of styling tools. They had not tried to increase the confusion among consumers with a lot of products in one category. Instead, a single product in each category is loaded with all features that satisfy the quality, with the main theme of getting rid of frizz.

What are the advanced technologies used by Frizz Defense Brand?

The recent technologies that arrived at the styling market have been included in the Frizz Defense brand’s products. These include Tourmaline Ceramic Technology that deals with using one of the precious gem and rare stones to increase the hair’s transformation to a healthier one. Keeping the hair healthy is what most brands forget to do so while making their heat styling tools. This makes this brand to be wise and ahead of others in terms of hair care. The next technology you can observe is the use of titanium ceramic technology. These add sturdiness while keeping the tool lightweight to use.

Does styling tools by Frizz Defense can be used by Men?

The Frizz Defense products are made for making the styling of hair in women easier. The brand hasn’t mentioned about its usage by men. However, there is no harm in using these styling tools on men’s hair.