FoxyBae Hair Styling Tools Review

Be it your long, short, wavy, curly, thick, or coarse hair; the hair styling tools are the perfect solution to achieve that straight hair look if you have curly hair or even a wavy look if you have straight hair.

Surprisingly, you can achieve any styled look at your place. Mostly, we spend our time and money getting our hairstyles in the salon from the best professionals.

But, by investing in a good straightener or curling wand, you can get your hair straightened or curled as per your needs. These hair styling tools protect you from damages, split ends, and breakages.

We have selected FoxyBae’s Hair Styling tools such as blomance and travel mini hair dryer, rose gold straightening brush and blowout dryer brush, or the flat irons and curling wands for you to style your hair your way.

In this article, we will be reviewing the following hair styling tools.

1. Hair Dryers

  • FoxyBae Blomance Hair Dryer
  • FoxyBae Travel Mini Hair Dryer


2. Hair Brush

  • Rose Gold Blowout Dryer Brush
  • Rose Gold Straightening Brush


3. Straightening Flat Iron

  • FoxyBae Rose Gold Tres Sleek Flat Iron
  • FoxyBae Electric Dreams Neon Flat Iron
  • FoxyBae Tropic Flat Iron


4. Curling Wand

  • FoxyBae Rose Gold Pearl Curling Wand
  • 25 mm Electric Dream Neon Curling Wand

Let’s review the styling tools one by one.

1. Hair Dryers

FoxyBae Blomance Hair Dryer Review

FoxyBae Blomance Hair Dryer


This traditional hairdryer is loved by most people due to its design and its black & rose gold style. Its filter, the cold shot button, and the vent are finished with rose gold paint, that looks high-end and makes its black body less boring.

Unlike those regular buttons, this hair dryer’s cool shot button is large and curvy, then getting a blast of cold air during the blow drying is more convenient and easy.


Airflow Performance

When it comes to this FoxyBae Blomance Hair Dryer’s power, this is still acceptable as its equipped with a standard 1875-watt AC motor in it.

This blomance hairdryer is still impressing everybody without a stunning motor with a decent temperature/speed system. The buttons designed for it has individually controlling heat and speed, plus the greatest part is that this dryer comes with three-speed settings.

We have seen that the dryer works efficiently and gently while drying your hair. It did not shorten the drying time significantly, but it gives a comfortable drying experience.



As you can check through the user manual, this FoxyBae Blomance Hair Dryer has premium features. It has almost every available haircare technology, which is built-in in the hairdryer.

Like many luxury hair dryers, infrared heat, ceramic materials, negative ions, and tourmaline are used to maintain the tresses’ top condition. Titanium, in its material sources, is an advanced material that other competitors have used widely.



Blomance Hair Dryer comes with many advanced features and technologies at a reasonable price.


FoxyBae Travel Mini Hair Dryer

FoxyBae Travel Mini Hair Dryer


As compared with the other old dryers from FoxyBae, this dryer is cute and simple as it comes with a short body and a marble pattern finish.

It is providing you a feel of ultra-light as a feather as it only weighs 11.7 ounces. This dryer has a foldable handle for traveling purposes,  and its folding handle gives this dryer a more compact size for luggage.


Drying Experience

Foxy Bae mini travel dryer is a plain version of the blomance hairdryer, and it does not have a powerful motor with more simple settings. The mini dryer uses a one-button design in which you can only control the speed and heat at the same time.

Moreover, it does not have a cool shot button, which allows you to get cold air immediately. Being a temporary travel hairdryer, it gets your job done nicely and easily. But if you are searching for a salon-grade hair dryer, then this FoxyBae mini model might not be the best fit.



The built-in technologies of this mini travel hairdryer exceed your expectations. It’s an iconic model and uses tourmaline to strengthen your hair’s smoothness and shininess by keeping all the frizz and static away.

The ceramic materials emit infrared heat, which protects your cuticles of hair from high heat damage. Moreover, this hair dryer’s downside is that it does not have a dual voltage setting, and it’s a basic feature as voltages matter in different countries.



This hair dryer’s price is slightly higher as travel dryers usually fall between $15 to $30. But, considering that this blow dryer has many great technologies that regular travel dryers do not have. This dryer is a good choice for you who needs a caring and convenient blowout while traveling. 


Additional Features

FoxyBae is a highly reliable brand that provides a great drying experience for those who need an upper middle-grade hairdryer. This FoxyBae blomance hairdryer and its travel dryer are excellent options to select from, as they offer a fine drying blowout without an extremely high-cost price.


2. Hair Brush

Rose Gold FoxyBae Blowout Dryer Brush

Rose Gold FoxyBae Blowout Dryer Brush

Be ready to be mind-freaking-blown with this Rose Gold Blowout Dryer Brush. This all-in-1 hairdryer and brush combo provide you with the perfect blowout without even needing to step your foot inside a salon. It helps in detangling, drying, and styling your hair while adding a gorgeous body and shining in just half the time.

The ionic technology and ceramic coated barrel lock in the moisture for an extra soft and frizz-free finish while minimizing the heat damage, and that split ends. Just ditch the salon, but keep that ‘I just stepped out of the salon attitude’ always with you.

Professional Results

The salon-grade AC Motor helps you provide effortless salon-grade blowouts without all the fuss.


Lock in Moisture

The Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Technology combined with the infrared properties heats your hair evenly from the inside out by locking in the moisture and reducing all the frizz for silkier and straighter locks.


Sleek & Voluminous

With a unique responsive technology distributing the heat evenly and quickly to minimize the heat exposure while locking in voluminous, this brush has a long-lasting style with major body and luster.


Faster Styling

It has three rotating speeds and the heat settings for a faster and healthier blowout that expertly sets to achieve your hairs for optimal results.


Dual Bristle

The Boar Bristles contains some of the restorative properties that carry your hair’s natural oils from root to the strand by leaving it moisturized and noticeably less frizzy. These all work together with the Nylon Bristles, which gently detangles and help your hair dry a little faster.


FoxyBae Rose Gold Straightening Brush

FoxyBae Rose Gold Straightening Brush

The materials chosen for creating this brush are good for styling as they help keep your hair healthy and moisturized, even as you’re using the heat feature. It’s important since everyone knows that improper or very frequent use of styling tools can cause a lot of damage to your hair.

The bristles are positioned, and the types of bristles they are using are both well-thought-out for the same. They should help in maximizing how effective this product is. But, the real downside besides the higher price point is just its nature in general. They aren’t as effective as the flat irons at getting that perfectly pinned straight look.

So, do not expect your hair to be flat and sleek just as you get from the flat iron enough for an editorial or anything. Moreover, if you wish to do a touch-up or sort out your natural waves, then this equipment is useful for that purpose.


This product has two main types of bristles, which are heated and non-heated. The non-heated sits along the outside of the bottom of the brush head, just at the edge of its heated portion.

People like the products which used bristles like these as they can make styling easier. They can easily help in separating your hair and untangling it before it gets to the heated portion, and that saves you a lot of trouble.

You would like the heated bristle they are using as it has non-heated tips that help in protecting your scalp from getting burned and also maximizes the heated surface area.

Every bristle on that part of the product is there to straighten your hair instead of the products having non-heated bristles mixed in already. It can be useful for thick and coarse hair types as you are getting a lot of surface area where your hair can be exposed to a good amount of heat.


Tourmaline and Ionic Generator

This product utilizes both tourmaline and an ion generator to help you achieve more shiner hair with less amount of frizz. If you don’t know that both of these features help produce the negative ions that can change your hair on a molecular level.

They seal the hair cuticle of each strand by helping it retain more moisture. This, in turn, leaves your hair healthier and shinier. These are not some miracle features by any means.

However, you should notice that at least a small difference in your hair looks and feels compared to the products that use heat without negative ions.


Double Ceramic Glaze

Ceramic material’s main benefit is its ability to heat evenly. It means that every bristle should have at least close to the same temperature. When you are straightening, it’s better as you won’t have to worry about going over the portions again.

They did not receive enough heat or accidentally damaging portions because they received more amount of heat than expected. Moreover, it should be said that a ceramic glaze will not have the same level of benefit that a fully ceramic heated element would have.


Styling Tips

Before you head out to style your hair, ensure that you use a heat protectant. You also want to be sure to brush out fully or comb your hair. Although this device is a type of brush, it won’t be effective if it can’t glide through your hair properly, and you definitely don’t want to expose your hair to too much heat and try to get past a knot or a snag.

If your hair is coarse or thick, we recommend dividing it into manageable areas before you begin. During your hair styling, follow that technique they have suggested in the manual. With some other devices like flat irons and curling wands, the best way to use them is quite straightforward.

It seems like a hairbrush; using one is not quite as simple, you think. You need to ensure that you are using the right amount of hair and will be going at the right speed to maximize this product’s potential.


3. Flat Iron

Rose Gold Tres Sleek Iron

Rose Gold Tres Sleek Iron

Life is too short of having that messy and unruly hair. Combat those hair emergencies with this FoxyBae’s Rose Gold Tres Sleek Flat Iron. This Titanium plated flat iron evenly and quickly heats up, providing you the straight and shiny tresses with every glide.

This is the perfect tool for all the looks and occasions with the Très Sleek’s top-of-the-line rounded and spring-loaded plates capacity to create such styles from sleek to big & bouncy curls in a few minutes. So, what are you waiting for? Experience those foxy locks with this FoxyBae’s Rose Gold Tres Sleek Flat Iron.

Rose Gold Titanium

The Rose Gold Titanium’s unique signature properties are the most sought after in the world for their professional salon-quality results. Get that breathtakingly beautiful straighter tresses, which last as long as you do.


Smooth & Shiny

Its rose gold titanium plates effectively style your hair by making it look more shiny, radiant, and silky than before.


Sleek & Voluminous

The unique responsive titanium plates distribute the heat evenly and very quickly to minimize heat exposure while locking in the voluminous, long-lasting hairstyles with major body and luster.



Its spring-loaded and rounded plates create a huge variety of hairstyles such as silky straight locks, bouncy curls, and loose waves.


Faster Styling

The digital temperature control means quicker styling, with less damage and longer-lasting results.



The Titanium’s intrinsic Negative Ionic properties heat your hair evenly from the inside out by locking in the moisture and reducing all the frizz for healthier-looking tresses.  


Safe & Easy

The 360° swivel cord allows for a tangle-free, fast and comfortable hair styling while the auto shut off feature ensures maximum safety.


FoxyBae’s Electric Dreams Neon Flat Iron

FoxyBae's Electric Dreams Neon Flat Iron

By electrifying your style, this Electric Dreams Neon Flat Straightening Iron is brighter than other old products you have used earlier as it delivers a silky smooth look for all of you. Designed with unique Tourmaline-Infused Moonstone Ceramic to reduce the frizz and increases all the shine by creating super-sleek tresses.

The nature of this gemstone is gentle as it helps in preventing the damage and promoting your hair’s overall health. No matter what your style is, you stay stunning by using this FoxyBae’s Electric Dreams Neon Straightener.


The rose gold Ceramic Tourmaline produces negative ions, which combine the infrared properties and delivers smoother and silkier locks.



Your hair is heated evenly from inside out by the rose gold Ceramic Tourmaline which locks in the moisture and reduces the frizz.


Healthier Hair

It’s Nano Technology works to prevent bacterial growth for much cleaner hair stresses.


Faster Styling

Flat and sleek iron gets heated up quickly to the perfect temperature for healthy hair styling.


Smoother Finishing

Its negative ionic properties seal the hair cuticle and smoothen the hair surface for a major shine and bounce.


Ease of use

The swivel cord of 360 degrees is of professional length for much flexibility in movement and worry-free hair styling.


FoxyBae’s Hot Tropic Flat Iron

FoxyBae's Hot Tropic Flat Iron

Designed with the special tourmaline-infused ceramic, which increases negative ions, adds shine helps you seal in the moisture to provide you with glossy and sleek locks. It helps reduce all the frizz as it has a gentle nature by preventing the damage and promoting your overall hair’s health.

It can be used to create sleek and straight looks or those effortless curls with these spring-loaded and rounded plates provided by the Hot Tropic Flat Iron.


The Ceramic tourmaline technology helps produce the negative ions, which combines with the infrared properties, delivering silkier and smoother locks.



Its Ceramic tourmaline heats your hair evenly from the inside out by locking in the moisture and reducing all the frizz.


Faster Styling

The flat and sleek iron heats up quickly to the perfect temperature for a healthier hair styling experience.


Healthier Hair

It’s Nano Technology works to prevent bacterial growth for better, cleaner tresses.


Smoother finishing

Negative Ion properties of this flat iron by FoxyBae’s seals the hair cuticle smoothens the hair’s surface for some major bounce and shine.


Ease of Use

The 360 degrees Swivel Cord is professional-length for greater flexibility in movement and worry-free hair styling.


4. Curling Wand

Rose Gold Pearl

FoxyBae Rose Gold Pearl

Achieve the perfect hairstyle that you want with this Rose Gold Titanium Pearl Wand, which creates the most natural and bouncy curls. With its one-of-a-kind pearl shape and varying diameters, this quick and easy curling wand will provide you gorgeous texture and dimensions that you have never seen.

This signature Rose Gold titanium barrel is perfect for your hard to curl hair with its long-lasting and shine-boosting properties for a hairstyle that never quits and stays longer. It has a digital curling wand, which creates the perfect curls while retaining moisture, adding more shine, and keeping your hair healthy.

A curling wand is a salon-grade tool that makes hairstyling fun, quick, and safer. It distributes the heat quickly and effectively to create shiny alternating curls with every wrap of it. The customizable digital temperature control of this curling wand helps change the heat setting to create the perfect curls for any type or style of hair.  


Pearl Curling Wand

Get your gorgeous bouncy curls, which actually last for a long time, with the titanium curling wand, which gets heated up quickly and eases the hairstyling. This hairstyling pearl curling wand will keep your hair smoother and beautiful, providing you a variety of looks that will last for days.


Negative Ionic Technology

This electric curling wand’s negative ionic properties reduce all the frizz and create sleek and healthy hair by heating your hair evenly from the inside out. The unique titanium barrels smoothen the hair’s surface eliminates all the frizz and add shine to your hair locks.


Big and Bouncy Curls

The signature properties of this pearl curling wand create professional salon-quality curls at the comfort of your place. 360 degrees swivel cord in this curling wand provides worry-free and comfortable hair styling while its auto shut-off feature ensures maximum safety.


Temperature Control

The portable curling wand provides less damage by changing the temperature based on your preferences as it is featured with a temperature control setting. Titanium barrels lock in the volume and shine while distributing all the heat evenly to minimize heat.


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25 mm Electric Dreams Neon Curling Wand

25 mm Electric Dreams Neon Curling Wand

Get those perfect curls that you have always wanted by simply using this electric hair curler wand, which does not damage your hair. The 25 mm hair curling wand will electrify your hairstyle and will deliver silky smooth looks for all of you.

This ceramic curling iron wand increases the shine and creates perfect glam waves with the defined curls, which won’t quit till you do. The gentle nature of this Moonstone Ceramic helps you in preventing the overall damage and promotes your hair’s overall health.

The travel curling wand heats your hair evenly from the inside out by locking in the moisture and reducing all the frizz. The curling wand heats up quickly to the perfect temperature for much healthier hair styling. Nanotechnology in this wand works to prevent bacterial growth for the cleaner tresses.

The negative ion properties seal the hair cuticle by smoothening the hair’s surface for a major shine and bounce. Brush all over your hair to make sure that there are no tangles before using the curling wand. Section your hair and spray the Cool Heat Protectant to protect your hair from any heat damage.

For a sleek look, just run the curling iron from top to bottom on your sectioned hair, maintaining even the pressure as you glide through your hair. Just twist the iron away from your face for easy curls as you glide it over your hair. 


25mm Hair Curler

Creates the tight ringlets and long-lasting curls with this hair curling iron that conditions and softens your hair overall with every pass. This hairstyling curling wand will keep your hair smoother and beautiful, providing you a variety of looks that will last for days.


Latest Technology

Being manufactured from the tourmaline-infused moonstone ceramic, this curling wand gets heated up quickly to change your hairstyles much easily. This hair curling iron’s tourmaline technology produces negative ions, which combine with infrared properties to deliver much smoother locks.


Easy Grip Swivel Cord

This electric curling wand is featured with professional-length 360 degrees of Swivel Cord for flexibility in movement and worry-free hair styling. It works in a much more effective way when going through all your hair to offer beautiful and shiny curly hair.


Professional Grade Curler

Achieve those perfectly round curls at the comfort of your place just by using this portable curling wand, which eliminates the need to go to your hairstylist. This hair styling tool allows you to change the hairstyles quickly and easily, producing healthy and many shiny results.


FAQs on FoxyBae Hair Styling Tools 

Can you use the Foxybae’s Hair Straightening Brush on your wet or damp hair?

While you can use the straightening brush on your damp or towel-dried hair, we strongly discourage its use this way. Not only it’s potentially damaging and bad for your hair health, but also it provides you with inferior results when compared to using the brush on your dry hair.


How do you clean the Foxybae’s Hairbrush?

Before you do anything to the hairbrush, ensure that it’s unplugged and completely cooled down first. So, to clean the brush, use a small fiber brush or a cloth to wipe its bristles and the hairbrush base gently, do this regularly to avoid the product and the hair build-up, which can damage your tools and hair.


Final Verdict

So, to sum up, these tourmaline, nano titanium, and ceramic hair stylers by FoxyBae are excellent products to choose from. Its striking features like fast heat up, time saver, ceramic coating, cool tip, and the warranties with it is amazing.

Just keep in mind to opt for your product based on what you require. Go and get ready to flaunt your new look with your hair straightener or curler.

Personally, I loved the FoxyBae Hot Tropic Straightening Iron as it helped me straighten my hair so fast with the least effort. You just need to switch it on, and the rest it will do for you. It not only straightens your hair but also makes your hair looks lustrous and silky. Do not think twice while buying it as this is the product every girl would love to have.