Dyson Hair Styling Tools Review

Hairstyling products can include hair irons (flat and curling irons), hairdryers, flat and round hair brushes, hair rollers, diffusers, and different types of scissors. The use of the product to add texture, shine, curl, volume, or hold to a specific style may also involve hairdressing.

Types of Hair Styling Tools

Hairstyling equipment that helps build hairstyles consist of:

Hair Irons

A hair iron is a tool used with the aid of heat to alter the hair structure. There are three general types: curling tongs used to make the hair curly, also known as curling iron; straighteners used to straighten the hair, also known as flat iron; and crimpers used to produce tiny crimps in the hair.

Hair Dryers

An electromechanical system designed to blow cool or hot air over wet or damp hair to enhance the evaporation of water particles and dry the hair is a hand dryer, hairdryer, or blow dryer. By accelerating and regulating the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds within each strand, blow dryers allow you to manage the shape and style of hair in a better way. These hydrogen bonds are very strong (enabling hair shaping to be stronger than even the sulfur bonds produced by permanent waving products); however, they are temporary and highly susceptible to moisture. With a single wash of hair, they vanish.

Hair Brushes

Brushes are mainly used to manage and detangle long hair, but it can also be used on shorter hair. A flat brush is usually used after sleep to unwind clean and tidy hair; a round brush is usually used for styling and curling hair, especially by a professional stylist and a blowdryer. A paddle brush is used to simple straighten hair, but not all of them work; they are generally used on untidy, messy hair. A hairbrush is also helpful for removing loose hair and increasing circulation to the hair.


Scissors or shears are cutting hand-operated tools. They consist of a pair of linked metal blades in such a manner that the blades touch and cut. Scissors are used for cutting various thin materials like metal foil, paper, cardboard, thin plastic, fabric, cord, and wire. For cutting hair and fruit, scissors may also be used.


A comb is a tool made of solid plastic, normally smooth, always dented, and used to straighten and clean hair or other hair care fibers. Combs are among the oldest instruments found by archaeologists, discovered from settlements dating back to 5000 years ago in Persia in very polished shapes.

Hair Rollers

A small roller with velcro is used for styling and curling hair, and a blowdryer is usually a hair roller. However, the harm caused to hair by extensive heat application is well known, and a range of substitutes, heat-free hair rollers have been developed for the market.


A ribbon or riband is a thin band of flexible material. Usually cloth but also plastic or sometimes metal, used for ribbon cutting silk, sometimes used in dress, but often used for countless useful, ornamental, and symbolic purposes; in their hair, around the body, or even as ornamentation on animals, houses, and other places, cultures around the globe use this device. Ribbon, on par with twine, is also often used as a box sealer.

Let’s Review Dyson Hair Styling Tools One By One

Today, in over 65 countries worldwide, there are Dyson machines. With over 1,000 engineers worldwide, Dyson has evolved from one man and one concept to a technology business. So it’s not standing still. An ever-growing team of engineers and scientists is at its heart. More concepts. More creativity.

Dyson Ltd is a British technology company founded in 1991 by Sir James Dyson in the United Kingdom. Household appliances such as heaters, vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, air purifiers, bladeless fans, hairdryers, and lights are designed and manufactured. Dyson had more than 12k employees worldwide as of February 2018. It was announced in January 2019 that Dyson would move its headquarters to Singapore to scale up production for its electric vehicle ( EV), reporting that Asian trade would be its primary target and commenting that the company was unhappy with the bureaucratic constraints of the EU / UK. However, on 10 October, the termination of the EV program was announced.

About The Company

Dyson is well known for its brand of the best vacuum cleaners in the industry and also produces award-winning hand dryers, bladeless fans, heaters, and hair dryers. The company was founded in 1991 by British inventor James Dyson and has continually sought inspiration from unlikely sources, a quality perhaps best demonstrated in the Dyson vacuum cleaners that use centrifugal force to isolate dust from heavier dirt to remove the need for a filtered vacuum bag.

In this article, I will be reviewing all the hairstyling equipment produced by Dyson.

Following are the hair styling tools that will be reviewed by me in this article:-

1. Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler

  • Dyson Airwrap styler volume+ shape (Nickel/Fuchsia)
  • Dyson Airwrap styler complete (Nickel/Red)
  • Dyson Airwrap styler smooth+control (Nickel/Fuchsia)
  • Dyson Airwrap styler complete (Nickel/Fuchsia)

2. Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

  • Dyson Corrale hair straightener (Black Nickel/ Fuchsia)
  • Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener (Purple/Black)

3. Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

  • Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer 23.75 karat gold
  • Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer (Iron/Fuchsia)

1. Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler

Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler

Earlier Dyson is best known for its vacuum cleaners, it was cemented as a true player in groundbreaking personal care products by its first foray into the world of beauty with the Supersonic hairdryer. Styler, its new hairstyling unit. The Hairstyler is built to produce curls, waves, and bouncy blow dries without using excessive heat that can make your strands feeling frizzy and dry, tapping into the new vogue for safe hair styling.

Depending on which accessories come with it, the Dyson AirWrap comes in three different variants: Volume+Shape, Shape+Smooth, and the quite expensive AirWrap complete, including all the styling attachments available.


Dyson has always tried to discover innovative ways to do things and has traditionally engaged in research into emerging technologies. To make life a little simpler and save time, he uses science as a guide to creating better items. So it is no wonder that, at the same time, his business has invented a better way to dry and style hair.

These variables set the Dyson Airwrap Styler apart from any other brands on the market with its ionic technology.

Similar to jet engines, the Airwrap uses a special technology that creates a vortex to pull the hair towards the barrels or attachments, keeping strands firmly against their surfaces while also monitoring and adjusting the heat so that your hair never burns. Coanda Effect is employed in this tool. We won’t be pushing ourselves into the details of this effect but will be discussing it in short. The Coanda effect gives airplane wings the lift to fly and was also used in Formula One race cars. The Coanda effect “curves air to attract hair to the barrel and wrap it.”


The AirWrap Styler is beautifully presented, as you’d expect from Dyson, and from a hair styling product that comes with such a huge price tag. It comes with dedicated compartments for housing each accessory in a tan faux leather-feel storage case. With a magnetic clasp, the case fastens and looks clean and well-sectioned when you open it. It’s stylish enough for your bedroom to be on display.  The control buttons lie toward the top of the Styler’s body. There is an on / off switch, plus cycling controls through the four heat and three velocity settings. The cool shot (cool air) function is indicated by a blue dot, which you will need to help each curl or wave last longer and not drop so fast.

The Styler itself consists of about 10 inches long silver cylinder with a cerise band across the top where the various attachments slot in. You have a power cable at the bottom to connect it to the mains. A variety of different attachments are included in the Dyson AirWrap Complete kit, including a pre-styling dryer similar to Dyson’s SuperSonic hairdryer, a firm smoothing brush to produce straight hairstyles, a soft smoothing brush for a blow-dry effect, and a round volumizing brush. You get four altogether to build loose waves, two 30 mm barrels for tight curls, and two 40 mm barrels. You will see an arrow on each barrel showing the direction in which the hair will wrap around it while the Styler is on; you will usually want to twist the hair away from your face to make face-framing curls.


The Dyson AirWrap dries and styles hair simultaneously, making the whole process faster and without the use of excessive heat. It uses high-pressure, high-velocity air instead, protects the natural shine of your hair, and decreases frizz in the bargain. The Styler is operated by the Dyson V9 digital motor, which spins at up to 110,000rpm with a 13-blade impeller and produces 3.2kPa of pressure, enough to produce one of the coolest talking points of the AirWrap, an ‘aerodynamic phenomenon’ called the Coanda effect.

Intelligent heat management, as found on the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, is another major feature of the Dyson AirWrap Styler. The Dyson heat control technology tests the Styler’s airflow temperature over 40 times a second and monitors the heat to ensure that it remains below a comfortable 150 ° C. Some curling tongs can reach temperatures over 200-300 ° C, by contrast.

2. Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Hairstyling tools can surely transform one’s mane, when carried on a trip and if overused, dry and brittle strands, in the long run, are often at the cost of tangled charging cords, a bulky bag. They are are the best ones in producing hair styling tools.


Something interesting about this tool is that the business did not go down the same path as the Airwrap Styler for airflow. Instead, it opted for a magnesium copper alloy coated with heat and flexible plates. Each of the 15-section plates is machined down so that they are flexible, thus providing enough pressure for the entire length of the hair to be clamped and styled evenly. Every plate is also precision-machined to 65 microns-the width of a human hair, and the edges are coated to create static-reducing ionizing properties.


The Corrale hair straightener looks like a very superior pair of irons with the signature industrial look we’ve come to expect from Dyson hair care devices, with similar design characteristics to the Dyson Airwrap styler and the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer.

The Corrale hair straightener is delightfully built, from the elegant velvet carrying case / heat-mat and heavy-based charging stand to the chunky round bar and clear OLED show.

You can find a small OLED monitor on the front of the Corrale (or one side while not on the stand), showing the three temperature settings-165C (330F), 185C (365F), and 210C (410F)-and the battery indicator until the temperature setting you to want has been selected. There are plus and minus buttons below the monitor to boost or minimize the temperature and a control button. The mechanism of the sliding safety lock then sits under the power button.

There is an airplane icon on the back (or the other side) of the Corrale that shows the clever toggle that you can pull up to disengage the battery for safe flight mode. It’s very handy for those who travel, although it’s a bit more flimsy than we expected. To unclip it, you also need to put your hand between the plates so that you need to make sure they are cold.


The Corrale straightener also has intelligent heat control, like the Dyson Airwrap. Still, while the Airwrap tests the temperature 50 times per second, the Corrale doubles this, testing it 100 times per second to ensure that the temperature you set does not surpass it. The Corrale has a 10-minute automatic shut-off feature, last but not least, on the technology front-very helpful for those of us who leave the house in a hurry and wander halfway down the road if those straighteners are going to burn the house down.

It is possible to use the Dyson Corrale hair straightener cord-free or corded. Cord-free is the major tale here, taking out of the equation the frustration of plugs and cable tangle (although the 360-degree magnetic cord of the Corrale is more convenient than others we’ve tried, especially when it comes to curling). Dyson estimates that the four-cell lithium-ion battery of the Corrale straightener would last about 30 minutes, which we considered to be pretty much on the spot, although we’d hope you’d get a few more minutes. When you use the very reassuring magnetic device to plug in the Corrale, either to the stand or the straighteners themselves-they charge entirely in 70 minutes, or if you’re more desperate, you’ll get a 90 percent charge in 40 minutes.

3. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


Less damaged hair is better and reflects light to make it shine. Intelligent heat control is used by the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer to maintain Dyson’s optimum temperature, helping to avoid excessive heat damage. In a single direction, less damaged hair reflects light, making the hair appear shiny.

Used in both the Supersonic dryer and its line of bladeless fans, Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology produces a high-velocity air stream by sucking air upward to the rim where it is associated with air carried in from the back and then channeled horizontally outward. A steady, even flow of air is the consequence.


Like many of his creations, Dyson’s first foray into the beauty industry blends his trademark cutting-edge sensibilities with a pleasing, minimalist design. His dryer consists of a smooth handle that simply stretches toward a circular ring sitting on top instead of vents and other clunky segmented sections. The dryer resembles another signature Dyson device, the bladeless fan, when facing the blower end directly.

A smaller version of the secret motor used within the company’s line of uber-quiet cooling machines is powering Dyson’s modernist take on hair drying. Named the V9, this engine is the smallest and lightest motor to date for the company. It can operate at a rate of more than 110,000 rotations per minute, rapid enough to create ultrasonic sound waves that register to the human ear as inaudible.

Miniaturizing the technology to the point that a quarter’s diameter is approximately helping the product designers fit it within the handle to ensure a proper balance of weight. That way, the consumer does not feel the pressure of a top-heavy object carrying and maneuvering.


The company spent $71 million to create the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. The Dyson brand is known for its robust research and highly engineered products. Here are some of the characteristics that help the hairdryer Dyson Supersonic stand out.

  • Dyson claims that the small but powerful V9 engine is particularly strong and particularly small, about half the other hair dryer motors’ size.
  • Three easy-to-remove magnetic attachments are part of the hairdryer.
  • Engineers worked to minimize the emission of Supersonic noise. It is acoustically tuned for the conversation to generate one inaudible frequency and enveloped by a vibration reduction method, further reducing the noise transfer between the motor and the case.
  • The hair dryer has three heat settings (82 degrees, 140 degrees, 176 degrees, 212 degrees Fahrenheit), and three-speed settings (low, medium, and high).


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The AirWrap is perfect for dry-styling, smoothing, curling, and waving hair, but all hairstyles and lengths do not work to the same enviable levels. We think you’ll profit the most from the AirWrap Styler if you have thicker, thick, and wavy-straight hair. Dyson Corrale offers a new take on hair straighteners. Many but underwhelmed others have wowed these luxurious, cordless flat irons, which means how powerful the flexible plates are and will rely heavily on your form of hair. But there’s no question that the versatility of the cordless is extremely useful.

A stunning looking instrument is the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. There is a decent choice of speeds and temperatures for achieving a straight finish, curls, and waves, plus a generous selection of magnetic click-on styling attachments. It might be OTT if you have short hair. The great draw is how it dries without the use of extreme heat, so your hair is instantly kinder. And if you’re the kind of person without a fresh blow-dry finish who won’t leave home, this is a big win. If you’re willing to invest in your hairstyling routine, those who enjoy smooth, sleek hair will find it amazingly simple and relaxed to use this luxury piece with stunning results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Does The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Damage Hair?

Dyson says that “engineered to protect hair from excessive heat damage, the Supersonic hairdryer is better for your hair.” The thermal sensor on the Supersonic monitors the air’s exit flow temperature about 40 times a second, so it continuously controls the air temperature to keep your hair cooler from heat damage than it would otherwise be with any other hairdryer. Heat exposure is just one of the factors that cause hair damage. The Dyson’s maximum heat output is around 10° F lower than the average temperature of the other hairdryers. Hence it is concluded that the Supersonic has the potential to be less harmful to hair than an average dry hairdryer.

2- What Is So Special About The Dyson Hairdryer?

  1. The engine is lighter, smaller, and lives in the handle: the small motor is situated at the dryer’s handle rather than at the end of the dryer’s heat, unlike most hair dryers. At the bottom of the dryer’s handle, the air is taken in through a filter and expelled through thin vents covering the hair dryer’s circular head.
  2. It’s easier to hold: A more relaxed drying experience is made possible by the motor positioning.
  3. Your hair won’t get stuck in the dryer: You won’t have to be afraid of having their hair caught on a back vent as Dyson shifted the vent to the bottom of the handle. That means no more scent of burnt hair or cutting tangled strands out of the motor of the dryer.
  4. It comes with revolutionary accessories: Two concentrators and a diffuser are included in the package, both of which mount magnetically yet firmly to the head of the hairdryer, so you will never have to struggle to clip attachments into place. A non-slip mat and storage hanger both come with the dryer,

3-  Is Dyson Hair Straightener Worth It?

In so many ways, the Dyson Corrale hair straightener is fantastic. Its styling quality is excellent, offering a smooth and elegant finish, both straight and curled. Its wireless layout is really helpful, even though it’s not something you’re going to use all the time. It’s also nice to have three temperature settings, and we love the OLED monitor, charging stand, and the fact that we only had to go over hair parts once, saving our hair-and our time.

As a consequence of its battery and technology, the Dyson design, though premium, is also very big and heavy, becoming laborious for longer styling sessions. Your hair will love you for purchasing the Corrale if your budget allows. It’s a great straightener that delivers on its promises, and in less time than normal, our hair looks cleaner and silkier.

4- Is The Hair Damaged After Using Dyson Airwrap Hairstyler?

The Airwrap has two heat settings and one cooling setting, but I’d say none of them go beyond what it feels like to be the lowest setting on a hairdryer. For someone with color-treated hair, I’m always aware that sustained extreme heat can not only fry ends and whittle away strand power but also change dye finish (think: 400 + degrees, as is a choice in many hot tools). To primarily make the hair curl or straighten, the tool does not rely on heat but rather the power of high-speed airflow. This implies that without having to worry too much about harm, you might style your hair.