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Dyson Corrale VS Conair Unbound Hair Straightener

Women pay huge bugs to get their hair styled. Hair straitening is trendy amongst modern women. To make hair straightening task possible at home and anywhere on the go, a tool called Hair Straightener is developed. Hair straightener applies heat on the hair and makes hair straight. This tool is a one-time investment for any woman and saves their time and money wasted in Salon.

There are many brands in the market that design and manufacture Hair Straightener and other hair care products and tools. Dyson Corrale and Conair Unbound Straightener are two popular names in the Hair Straightener industry. This article is a comparative analysis of straightener by these two Brands.

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener Conair Unbound Straightener
Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener Conair Unbound Straightener
Coanda effect of wrapping the hair using air.

Intelligent heat control.

Three air speeds available.

Three heat settings.

Cold shot for setting the styled hair.

Styles and dry simultaneously.
Titanium plate for a smooth finish.

Two lithium batteries for cordless styling.

25 minutes runtime.

Auto shut-off after 15 minutes of no-use.

Four temperature settings with LED indication.
It is used on damp hair only.

It is less effective on very fine hair.

It has a swivel cord and cable.

It is expensive.
Less runtime with high temperature.

May not be suitable for thin hair.


Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Dyson is a popular brand which designs a variety of daily use of electronic products. The company has launched highly featured Air Purifiers, Cord-free Vacuums, Haircare products, and Lightening. All the electronics devices are incorporated with new technologies. This makes Dyson products stand out from the market products.

Hair Straightener by Dyson is specially designed by engineers to give the best experience to the user. Coanda Effect is used to style the hair by attracting hair to the brush using only air. Dyson Digital Motor V9 spins at 110,000 rpm. This generates enough pressure to create a Coanda effect, which is used to curl the hair.

The straightener comes in a brush design, which makes it easy to use. It is very comfortable to carry it in a purse and use it anywhere, anytime. When the brush is run through hair strands, the heat generated by Coanda effect makes the hair straight. Simultaneously, the stylist’s blow-dry technique cools the heated hair.

Intelligent heat control accompanied by the brush measures the temperature 40 times in a second. This prevents excess heat. Controlled heat and powerful airflow are combined to get smooth, sleek hair without excess heat.

Three airspeed settings are available on the brush. They are defined as High speed for fast drying and styling, Medium speed for regular styling, and low for long styling sessions. The Dyson Hair Straightener Brush also comes with three temperature options- high, medium, and cool to suit your styling. Dyson provides a Cool Shot, which sets the hair after styling.

The brush is Magnetic, removable, and washable, which gives an easy cleaning experience. Swivel cord is used for easy movement at any angle.

Dyson’s Airwrap Complete Styler is the hair product with the latest technique specially designed to style all types of hair in multiple ways. It can be used to curl as well as to straighten hair. It comes with barrels engineered for different styling effects, giving satisfying results but at a higher cost.

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Conair Unbound Straightener

Conair Unbound Straightener

Conair designs almost all the daily essential electronics and non- electronic products for men and women. The company manufactures men grooming kits, hair care kit for women, travel essentials, personnel health products, beauty, and skincare products and home solutions.

Hair straighteners by Conair are designed professionally to give excellent finished, smooth hair. The straightener has 1̋ Titanium flat plates that glide through the hair, making them smooth and sleek. The plates heats as hot as 400o to style the hair perfectly.

Four temperature levels are available that allows the user to go with their temperature. The set temperature is indicated by glowing the LED on the corresponding temperature level printed on the straightener.

Conair hair straighteners are cordless with two lithium-ion batteries. The straightener gives 25 minutes of cordless runtime for styling hair. 3 ft. USB cable is accompanied with the straightener to charge the lithium batteries. This feature by Conair allows the user to enjoy cordless styling experience.

The auto shut off feature saves the battery when the straightener is not used for 15 minutes. Charging the battery overnight the day before use will give interrupt freestyling. The runtime of the battery depends on the heat setting and hair type.

Conair presents Curlers, Straighteners, and a combination of both. 2-in-1 Styler and Flat Iron Straightener are the Hair Straightener available in the market at a bit higher prices than other local brands.

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Dyson Corrale

Corrale Hair Straightener by Dyson comes with an elegant and handy design. It is nothing but a hair brush with special features, which makes it a hair straightener. Coranda effect is induced using 110,000 rpm Dyson motor to generate pressure to create Coranda effect.

Conair Unbound

Conair Unbound Hair Straightener is padded with Titanium plates to give the hair a sleek look. It has two lithium batteries, which run the straightener up to 25 minutes. This cordless feature of Conair hair straightener makes it easy to use.

Both the brands are portable and can be used anytime, anywhere. This makes these a good choice.



Dyson Corrale

The simultaneous styling and drying capability of Dyson Hair Straightener make it a fast styling tool. It gives a pin-straight and smooth look styling effect to the hair. Its intelligent heat control avoids excess heating and provides safe styling. Dyson Corrale Straightener comes with three temperature setting.


Conair Unbound

The Unbound straightener by Conair with four heat levels gives straight finished hair. The plates can heat up to 400o. The cordless feature makes it easy to use and handle. The battery lasts up to 25 minutes of use. The runtime of the battery depends on the heat level and the hair type.

A good hair straightener gives a pin-straight, sleek look in less time.



Dyson Corrale

Dyson Hair Straightener styles all types of hair from thin to thick. The heat control options measure the heat 40 times in a second, avoiding excess heat. Thus, save your hair from frying.


Conair Unbound

Conair Unbound Straightener, on the other hand, maybe harmful for thin hair as its temperature setting are quite high. But, it is effective on thick curly or wavy hair.



Dyson Corrale

Engineered with amazing features, Dyson Hair straightener is making styling hair convenient and safe. Intelligent heat control makes the tool safe for use by zero chances of excess heat. The Cold Shot feature sets the style lasting for a long time.


Conair Unbound

Cordless Conair Unbound Straightener introduces cordless straightening for easy styling. The charging battery is indicated on the tool through an LED panel. The lock switch locks the plates at certain angles. It is a well-designed straightener having a cold touch for safe handling.



Every individual has different expectations from their styling tools. One might prefer cordless over performance. Or one might go with brush straightener, compromising on a cordless feature. The cost of the product can be the first factor for some of the women. While the latest features can be a priority for others.

While choosing a hair styling tool, one must consider their “must-have” features and their budget. It is a smart way to decide whether to go with features or the price as a deciding factor.

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