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Dyson Corrale VS Cloud 9 Hair Straightener

In today’s modern world, styling hair daily is very common. Amongst the various styles, straightening hair is the most trending one. It is considered to be the easiest way to look fabulous.

But, to do so, people often tend to get confused while choosing the right product for themselves and end up buying a product that not only is very expensive but also does not give out desired results.

Hence, the two top critically acclaimed brands have been listed below so you can choose what’s best for you and save your hard-earned money.


Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Dyson Corrale is a private company founded years ago in 1991 by an ambitious person, James Dyson. This company was established in the United Kingdom by a British technology company.

The Dyson company has intended to bring a revolution in the beauty industry. They try to innovate products in a way that has never been experienced before, and they have been successful and loved by the people for doing so.

The Dyson hair straightener gives out silky hair instantly. It has spent seven years giving out the product of the future. As some may say, it is the greatest hair straightening machine of all time.

It has its specialty of minimizing the damage caused to the hair because of the heat. The Dyson Corrale is a product different from others due to its plates.

This hair straightener does not use old ceramic or tourmaline plates. The Dyson Corrale has magnesium copper plates that measure its heat around 100 times per second.

The magnesium copper plates distribute the heat evenly, making it less prone to causing damage. The blades can bend around a strand of hair which prevents tugging or pulling of hair. The hair straightener usually weighs more than other straighteners, which might result in fatigue of hands while using it.

There are three temperature settings to choose from according to your will and the texture of your hair. You can choose between 330F, 365F, and 410F, being the highest.

Another great feature includes that you need not go over the same strand, again and again, to straighten it as with Dyson Corrale, this is possible in just one go.

What stands as its differentiating quality is the cordless body. This is a major reason for the heavyweight as it includes a four-cell lithium-ion battery. It takes about 40 minutes for the battery to charge fully and can last about 30 minutes.

This Dyson Coralle hair straightener definitely stands out amongst other straighteners because of its unmatched features and enticing innovations. For better understanding, the pros and cons of the product have been listed below.


Cloud 9 Hair Straighteners

Cloud 9 Hair Straighteners

Cloud 9 is a company that sells products that are used by women worldwide. The company is located in San Francisco, Bay Area. The company focuses on making products that are not only innovative but also are made with the right materials backed with great workmanship and also creative designs. The company also supports local producers and the women empowerment movements by giving a percentage of every purchase for their well-being.

Cloud 9, the original iron, is the most long-serving product of the company and has been around for years. This straightener aims at giving solutions to all hair types with a simple stroke. The Original Iron has floating ceramic plates with minerals infused, which ensure that the hair is straightened without any tugging and looks flawless.

The temperature control on the cloud 9 straightener is very flexible. The temperature can go up to 200, and there are five different controls in between. Each control allows the temperature to go up by 25 degrees. There is an LED light indicator that helps in easily recognizing the temperature the straightener is set at.

The cloud 9 straightener weighs around 247g, which is lighter when compared to the Dyson straightener. Hence, there is lesser stress experienced by the arm while styling your hair.

The mineral-infused ceramic plates are about 2cm wide and 9cm long, which is perfect for a firm grip over strands of hair. The material of the plates also ensures that the hair looks healthy and shiny with minimum damage experienced.

The straightener also comes with a 3-meter cable that can rotate completely, giving you the freedom to style your hair easily without any restrictions.

It takes just 24 seconds for the straightener to reach its highest temperature, saving you a lot of time. The heat is evenly distributed amongst the plates, which prevents further damage and enables better quality results.

Cloud 9 is a perfect solution to daily hair styling needs. The pros and cons of the straightener have also been listed below.


Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener Cloud 9 Hair Straighteners
Dyson Corrale Cloud 9
Stylish, modern-looking body.

Is cordless so it can be used anywhere anytime.

Has an LED digital display.

Spreads heat evenly across the plates, minimizing damage.

Measures heat across the plates 100 times per second.

Makes the hair healthy and shiny.

Comes with an auto shut feature, ensuring safety.

Heats to the highest temperature within seconds.

Can fully charge within an hour.

Flexing plates avoid pulling.

Also works great for curling hair.

Straightened strands in just one go.
Has a slim design and an easy to use body.

Temperature is flexible; hence it can be easily adjusted.

Perfect for curls, waves, and other styles too.

Mineral infused ceramic plates add a healthy and shiny look to the hair.

Heat distributes evenly across the plates.

Has floating plates.

The body is lighter when compared.

Fatigue to the arms is not caused due to the light body.

Has a long 3m cord for flexibility.

Pulling or discomfort of the hair does not take place.

Has LED lights for easier indication.
Fully charged battery can only last 30 minutes.

Expensive than most other straighteners.

Heavy body causes fatigue to hands.
The temperature can only go up to 200 degrees.

The body tends to get hot, resulting in burns.

May overheat at times, causing damage to hair.


Dyson Corrale VS Cloud 9 Hair Straightener


Dyson Corrale VS Cloud 9 Hair Straightener
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The Dyson Corrale has a modern design infused with the latest innovation. It has a cordless body that runs with a battery and easily changeable docks. The looks of this Dyson straightener stand out, making it look more enticing than Cloud 9 straightener. The weight is about 560g, which makes it twice as heavier as the Cloud 9 straightener. The design of the straightener is difficult for the user to grip.

Cloud 9 has a very sleek body, which makes the grip over it a lot easier and causes no fatigue to the hands when compared to the Dyson Corrale. Cloud 9 weighs half as much when compared; hence it is easy to handle and travel with. It does not have a cordless body, which may hamper the flexibility, but the long swivel cord makes up for it.

Dyson Airwrap VS Corrale Straightener



The Dyson Corrale does not step back from giving out a spectacular performance due to its magnesium copper plates, which acts as its differentiating feature. These plates help to style the hair in just one go and give out lustrous-looking hair.

The Cloud 9 straightener, too, does not stop itself from helping the users achieve their goal of healthy hair looking shiny, glossy, and styled. Very smooth performance is achieved due to its slim body, which does not stress the arm. The mineral-infused ceramic plates make sure that the heat is distributed evenly, and the quality outcome is achieved.


Effect on Hair

A beautiful-looking hairstyle is an outcome of using Dyson Corrale. It causes minimum damage to the hair as going over the same strand, again and again, is not required, hence exposing the hair to lesser heat and saving more time. The straightener checks its heat over 100 times in a second to ensure even heat distribution and avoid overheating.

The Cloud 9 straightener has mineral-infused plates, which is the biggest selling point as the damage over the hair is reduced to a great extent. The ceramic helps ensure that the hair looks completely frizz-free and gorgeous.


Additional Features

Dyson Corrale is widely known for its cordless feature with a battery lasting up to 30 minutes. This makes the user enable to travel with the straightener and style anytime, anywhere, easily. The straighteners are much more expensive when compared.

Cloud 9 does not have any specific additional features to offer



For styling hair, choosing the right product according to your needs and hair type is a must. Styling and straightening the hair is the new trend, and people love to live by that. But, it is also necessary to ensure that no damage is caused to your hair.

This is why we have listed all the details with the specifications of two well-known brands. The pros and cons have also been listed to help choose straighteners that give frizz-free, healthy, and jaw-dropping hair at a great price.