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20 Stunning Dip Dye Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2023

The dip dye was the hair color trend of the moment not too long ago before an ocean of other hair coloring techniques like balayage swept up to replace it. However, if you thought that was the complete end of that trend, you were wrong! 

This exciting way of coloring your hair with less blending and a more dramatic shift in tones has made a swift come-back. There’s an endless list of reasons you should go for a dip dye hair color, the major one being how less demanding it is when it comes to root touch-ups. 


Best Dip Dye Hair Colors to Look Out For

Finding the color combination that suits you the best can be a hectic experience. To make things easier, we have got a list of the top colors.

Bright Blue Tousled Hair

wavy blonde hair with pastel blue dip dye

There’s no need to hide it anymore if you feel the blues!

However, getting all of your hair colored blue may be scary; that’s when the dip dye hair color comes to your rescue to create this beautiful effect. You can even get your eyebrows dyed in the same hue to make things more fun.


Purple Curly Ombre 

pink and purple dip dye

Looking for an unconventional color choice? This gorgeous ombre of a light magenta and vibrant violet has got you covered.

Against the dusty blonde, the shades of violet can create a good contrast. Lastly, it’s interesting to observe this color gives off a mysterious aura.


Dark Brown to Blonde 

dip dye balayage hair

We have seen a lot of dark-toned ends on lighter-colored hair, but what if we get this norm reversed? Turn up the glam quotient with this seamless transition from a sober dark brown to a soft champagne blonde


Subtle Dip-Dye on Black Hair

purple dip dye on dark brown hair

Dip dyeing dark hair can prove quite challenging, but it’s possible as long as you put extra effort into preparing the color and getting the right intensity.

These purple peekaboo highlights are a low-key way of getting some color into your natural mane.


Warm Toned Ombre 

dip dye copper red hair

This copper red ombre fading into an orange with red undertones is a popular choice for all the women who admire the warm colors.

This shade lends an exciting and fashionable touch to your otherwise classy mid-length hair. Keeping your hair open allows the dip dye hair color to show through.


Blonde Lob with Red Highlights

dip dye hair with bangs

If you are getting bored of your natural blonde color, you can spice things up with the hottest shade of red.

This symmetrical lob with bangs balances the splashes of color in a lovely way. Don’t forget to get some red on the tips of your bangs to ensure a cohesive look.


Striking Pink

brown hair with magenta pink dip dye

A pop of pink can take your hairstyling game to the next level without any doubt.

This striking hue truly represents the edgy aesthetic on the long locks with equal amounts of playfulness. Also, the medium brown roots blend into the pink effortlessly.


Long Curly Hair with Bangs

dip dye red for curly hair

If you are a working professional or student, your university or workplace disapproves of crazy hair colors.

You can opt for a dip dye hair color only on the tips. As we all know, red and black are a fantastic duo – and this curly style with bangs reconfirms our belief.


Cool Black Dip Dye

grey bob with black dip dye

Next on the list, it’s time for our favorite sleek bob of all time to receive a gothic makeover. The black ends offer the needed depth and dimension to the short and straight platinum grey strands.


Neon Blue Curly Hair

dip dye turquoise on long blonde hair

All your childhood dreams of turning into a mermaid are unlocked with this magical blue color melt. This neon blue can mesmerize anyone and make you the room’s attraction. 

However, you must commit to this color only if you can get touchups every 1.5 months and survive on a strict regimen of cold water washes to preserve the vividness of the shade.


Lemon Yellow Wavy Style

dip dye long hair

Most girls and women are usually drawn to the trendy colors like blue, red, and violet, which leaves out yellow as an odd or unlikely option.

This light lemon yellow color breaks that stereotype to emerge as the perfect transformation color for the spring season.


Coral Highlights on Black Bob

black wavy bob with orange dip dye

The shorter your hair, the more stunning your dip dye hair color will appear. This curly short black bob enhances the bright coral color by ten times to create a stylish look.


Neon Yellow 

brown hair with yellow dip dye

The ashy and cool-toned shades might be too dull for the taste of all the women with a pale complexion. This exciting neon yellow is precisely the color you might consider working with to give your face a nice glow.


Dark Pink Ends

dip dye pink on layered hair

If you have been thinking about getting a dip dye hair color done for a while now, face-framing highlights would be an amazing way to test the waters.

This violet shade, leaning more towards the dark side, looks flattering with this 90s-inspired layered haircut.


Turquoise & Green Blend-in 

middle part hairstyle with dip dye hair

Who said you have to restrict yourself to only one hair color when dip dyeing?

You can go as creative as your heart desires! This turquoise blue and lime green mix makes for a youthful and refreshing color palette on the bleached blonde style.


Sage Green

faded green dip dye wavy hair

Does green intimidate you? This is the opportunity to try out this color in small amounts on your hair. Dipping your luscious brunette locks in this earthy sage green shade will help you become almost one with nature. 


Grey to Purple Ombre

dip dye purple color on ash blonde hair

If you like cool colors, you will be obsessed with this grey ombre blonde with an intense purple shade. The super straight long hairdo makes this an eclectic style.


Red & Purple Mix

dip dye short hair

We got a color worth all the hair envy – an exquisite red and purple blend. Teaming this shade up with a cropped techno-cut is bound to turn heads. 


Face Framing Highlights 

dip dye white on long grey bob

If you want a chic style, this platinum white dip dye hair color that creates an incredible contrast with the darker roots is the one for you. This lob style is also great for everyday wear.


Royal Blue Wavy Tips

blue dip dye on brown hair

Blue is the universal color; there’s always one shade of blue that has your name written on it. This semi-dark blue is perfect if you want to go for a regal charm.


After dyeing your hair, try not to wash it for three days afterward since the dip dye hair color is vulnerable to getting washed off at this stage.

Also, stick to sulfate-free shampoos and lukewarm water in your hair care routine to prevent drying and preserve the initial vibrance of the color.