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Conair Hair Styling Tools Review

We all like giving ourselves a makeover every few months. However, the high expenses of visiting a salon can be heartbreaking for most of us. Moreover, during this time of the global pandemic, it is safer not to step out of the house even once. So what can we do instead?

What about buying Conair’s exciting range of hair care appliances? It is an in-budget solution to our problem and provides a salon-like finish at home. Read this article to discover Conair’s high-quality alluring array of hair styling tools.

About The Company

Conair is an American-based company that was founded in 1959. Initially, the company started selling hairdryers and hair rollers and later expanded into a privately owned company. Conair has become one of the largest and highly renowned manufacturers of hair styling tools in the contemporary world, including superior quality hairdryers, curling irons, flat irons, and much more innovative options. With Conair, you can finally experience a whole new experience with hair styling tools that also serve as a comprehensive treatment for all hair types. Its latest technology and creative products will make your hair softer, smoother, and healthier than before.

Conair strives hard to deliver high-end quality products for a luxurious experience each time. From painless detangling to salon-like blowouts and healthy-looking curls, it has got you covered in all aspects.

In addition to this, owing to the excellent quality and performance of hair care tools, Conair has become a prominent brand for all. However, due to its array of undefeatable tools, how will one decide which one to go for? To clear out this confusion and help our readers, we are going to review Conair’s hair styling products, including:

1. Conair Flat irons

  • Conair Almond & Aloe Vera Flat Iron
  • Conair Frizz-free Flat Iron
  • Conair Stainless Styler
  • Conair Titanium Flat Iron
  • Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron
  • Conair Ceramic Flat Iron
  • Conair Satin Touch Flat Iron
  • Conair Ionic Steam Flat Iron

2. Conair Hair curling irons

  • Conair Cool air styler
  • Conair Frizz-free curling iron
  • Conair Titanium curling iron
  • Conair Double Ceramic curling iron
  • Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron
  • Conair Instant heat curling iron
  • Conair Curls n’ Curls curling iron

3. Conair Hairdryers

 (A) Conair’s Full-size hairdryer

  • Frizz-free pro dryer
  • AC Pro styler
  • Texture styling system
  • Double Ceramic dryer
  • AC Motor dryer
  • Brushless motor dryer
  • Advanced Ceramic dryer
  • Tourmaline Ceramic dryer
  • Turbo dryer
  • Ceramic dryer

(B) Conair’s Mid-size hairdryer

  • Brushless Motor Dryer
  • Pro Dryer
  • 1875 – Watt Mid-size dryer

(C) Conair Compact hairdryer

  • AC Motor Dryer
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Dryer
  • 1875 Watt hairdryer

4. Conair Hair Curling Wands

  • Conair Tourmaline Ceramic hair curling wands
  • Conair Titanium Curling wands
  • Conair Double Ceramic curling wands
  • Conair Flocked conical curling wands

5. Conair Hot airbrushes

  • Conair Tourmaline Ceramic hot airbrushes
  • Conair Instant Heat Hot Brush
  • Conair Nano Tourmaline Ceramic hot airbrushes
  • Conair Diamond-infused hot airbrushes
  • Conair Gold-plated hot airbrushes

6. Conair Wavers

  • Conair Double Ceramic Triple Barrel Waver
  • Conair Deep Wave Mini Ceramic Styler
  • Conair 3-in-1 Straight Waves Specialty Styler

7. Conair Auto-curlers

  • Curl Secret (Plum)
  • Curl Secret® 2.0
  • Smooth and Wave
  • Fashion Curl (Raspberry)


1. Conair Flat Irons

Conair Flat Irons

To be honest, creaseless, silky smooth, straightened hair at home is still quite a big challenge for most of us. However, with Conair’s awestruck variety of flat irons, this task has become easier than ever. With their latest technologies, modern features, and sleek designs, Conair flat irons gently slide over your hair strands to cause less damage and provide awestruck results at home. If you think straightening at home is a big challenge, then read Conair flat iron’s features and think again.

Design Of Conair Flat Irons

Conair flat irons are gracefully designed with rounded edges around the ceramic plates to straighten your hair without pulling or snagging gently. One of the best things about their flat irons is the availability of different plate size options to accommodate hair of every length. Buyers can choose between 1-inch, 1 ¾, 1 ½, 2-inch ceramic, tourmaline ceramic, or double ceramic plates. These floating plates provide better contact with hair strands to avoid creases and leave them fuller, shinier, and smoother outside while strengthening them from the inside. On one hand, the ceramic coated ones ensure a uniform spread of heat throughout the plates to eliminate any possible gaps. Whereas on the other hand, tourmaline ceramic plates ensure less heat damage, more reduction in frizz, dryness, and a solid boost of shine to your hair. Conair has also provided extra-long plates to cover more hair in less time. The extra-smooth surface of flat irons allows them to slide without crimping your hair smoothly.

Most importantly, the Infiniti Pro 1-inch Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron in purple variant features .25 ounce of Argan Oil to revitalize your dull and lifeless hair strands along with providing the necessary conditioning to them. It also provides pretty long prevention from humidity and safeguards your rock n roll hairstyle for many hours. In addition to this, the one with the goodnesses of infused almond and aloe-vera helps the user to maximize the natural shine of your hair without penetrating them with too much heat damage. Sounds cool, right?

The Infiniti Pro by Conair 2-in-1 Tourmaline Ceramic Styler is unarguably one of a kind. It has a unique and innovative design equipped with 4 plates that allow the user to rotate the styler 360 degrees and experiment with different looks.

The unique venting system of Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Wet/Dry Flat Iron dries damp hair without any difficulty so that you can dry your hair while straightening them. You no longer have to dry and straighten them separately when you can for this amazing product. Interestingly, you can also find control buttons on the inside of the flat iron that prevents accidental shut-off and give you full advantage of using the appliance at high heat.

An LCD display screen is also present to monitor and gauge the temperature of flat irons. By using the 2 silicone removable cool tips that come along with the flat iron, you can get a more personalized look without fearing getting burns, etc. The powerful ceramic heater of Conair flat irons further helps the buyer maintain consistency in heat levels and ensures swift heat recovery. To use these corded flat irons, Conair provides a 5-8 foot long professional 360 degrees rotatable swivel cord attached to its flat iron’s bottom. Moreover, the auto-off feature of flat irons gives us peace of mind and increases safety.

Technologies Infused In Conair Flat Irons

Sometimes, it appears as if the Ionic technology is one of Conair hair styling tools’ main elements. For instance, not only their hairdryers but flat irons also feature this technology to provide the best of both worlds at home. It helps the appliance carefully lock moisture in your hair to prevent them from frizz and make them shinier than before.

On the other hand, advanced heat technology ensures consistency in heat settings to provide long-lasting straightened results and protect humid temperatures.

Heat Settings

Interestingly, Conair flat irons are equipped with multiple heat settings ranging from 5 to 25 (wet to dry only) to accommodate different hair types and lengths. With their easy, rapid heating technology, they can reach up to a high temperature of 400°- 455° Fahrenheit in merely 15-30 seconds of the plug-in. Despite their high-temperature settings, you can still get a close to scalp hair styling experience due to their extra-long plates.

2. Conair Curling Irons

Conair Curling Irons

With an impressive array of different barrel sizes, vibrant color combinations, and unique user-friendly features, Conair curling irons are truly winning our hearts. Curling extremely thin or thick hair was a challenge until Conair released its hair curling irons.

Design Of Conair Curling Irons

With a creative and innovative outer barrel cooling system, Conair curling irons emit cool air to style your hair along with protecting them from direct heat. Equipped with ceramic and titanium plates of different diameters, the company strives hard to help people with different hair types. Buyers can choose from 1-inch, 1 ¼-inch, 1 ½, ¾, and ⅝-inch high-quality ceramic-coated curling barrels to style their thick or thin hair. Big barrels are suitable to create loose, relaxed beachy waves whereas, on the other hand, barrels with smaller diameters create tight, coiled, springy curls. Manufacturers also prefer these barrels due to their extremely smooth slide over hair and silky, smooth results at home.

Moreover, the ergonomic power handle further provides a sturdy grip for maximum comfort and control over the product. In addition to this, the silicone clip is used to hold baby hair or flyaways in place for easy styling and preventing slipping out. The soft, flexible, round edges of the clip further ensure that hair does not break or damage while styling, and thus, these thoughtful curling irons maximize the beautiful curls and limit the damage caused.

Conair curling irons’ cool tip is the best for easy styling, even with the highest temperature setting. The LCD screen is used to monitor the adjustable heat settings on the appliance. Moreover, barrels’ smooth tourmaline and ceramic surface also help Conair hair curling irons to deliver superior performance.

The Technology Used In Conair Curling Irons

The unique Ionic technology releases negative ions to reduce the moisture content in your hair and eliminates frizz to give you healthy-looking hair in a matter of no time. It also gives your hair a boost of shine and smoothness and gently reduces the tension caused by frequent blow-drying. It is one of the best choices if you are looking for long-lasting bouncy curls and waves.

The advanced heat technology further spares the buyer from wasting too much time waiting for the tool to heat up to the desired temperature. It generates and ensures an even spread of heat throughout the appliance for creaseless and even results all over.

Talking about the double ceramic technology in Conair curling irons, you get double benefits with less damage. Can’t believe your eyes? Since it has a higher ceramic content to offer, it gradually makes your hair anti-static, less frizzy and reduces heat damage. Moreover, the double ceramic technology released ions to lock healthy moisture in your hair, makes them appear fuller and voluminous. In other words, you get better performance with damage protection, anti-frizz control, and long-lasting enticing curls.

Have you ever heard about Nanotechnology? If not, then you, my dear friend, have missed something incredible. Nanotechnology gradually releases small tourmaline and ceramic particles in your hair along with anti-frizz ions to safeguard your hair from possible destruction. Furthermore, it also makes sure that the heat has uniformly scattered all over the hair styling tool to reduce static and make your hair look healthier, shinier, and smoother.

Coming down to far-infrared technology, it is one of the most important elements of hair styling tools. It aids the curling iron to heat up in a few seconds, swiftly and gently penetrate the hair to hold the curls for longer durations. In other words, this technology generates hair-friendly heat to style them along with increasing their shine and texture.

The multi-layer technology of Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron is a true gem and a show stopper. It combines different beneficial elements, including steel, copper, chromium, and nickel, to combine their goodnesses and achieve healthy-looking curls and waves with a professional touch at home.

Heat Settings of Conair Curling Irons

Conair hair curling irons are equipped with multiple heat settings to suit different lengths and types of hair. Due to their fast heating technology, they require only 15-30 seconds to heat up to 375-400 degrees swiftly. Their different temperature levels can be used to tackle thick textured and coarse hair within a few minutes. Buyers can use Conair curling irons on 3 heat settings- low, medium, and high accordingly. An additional cool shot button or cool setting is also provided to set your hair in place and prevent them from ruining your whole look. Most importantly, their auto-off feature ingeniously turns off the appliance when not in use and saves energy. Moving further, their fast recovery technology allows Conair curling irons to recover the previously used temperature swiftly.

3. Conair Hairdryers

Conair Hairdryers

Owing to this fast-paced life with, of course, a hectic schedule, we barely have the time to dry our hair naturally. Luckily, Conair rescues us with its huge and innovative line of hairdryers that ranges from traditional collapsible bonnets to the latest wall-mount ones. Owing to their cutting-edge technology, Conair hair dryers dry and safeguard your hair front direct heat simultaneously. The unique combination of powerful motors, sleek designs, and impressive features really distinguishes Conair dryers from the rest.

Design of Conair Hair Dryers

Conair is a very old and highly respectable brand in the beauty world that never fails to pay great attention to even the tiniest details. Conair hair dryers have lightweight and ergonomic designs with a sleek finish of vibrant colors and a subtle touch of the comfortable velvet. Talking about its innovative Infiniti PRO Texture Styling System diffuser, it comes with a multi-chambered design. This helps the appliance constantly circulate a high-velocity airflow through its vents to speed-up the drying process and eliminate frizz and dryness in your hair.

The filter present at the back of Conair hair dryers can be easily removed to brush away any lint build-up, dirt, dust, etc. It is known to very few that regular cleaning and maintaining of hair dryers can extend the motor’s life as it puts less pressure on it. Heat settings, temperature controls, and the cool shot button is conveniently placed at the handle of hair dryers for easy accessibility. Buyers can also use the diffuser and concentrator attachments that come with the dryer to get a sleek and smooth finish within a few minutes. These attachments also help to achieve springy curls, waves, and precise styling. You can use the hanging ring present at the bottom of the hairdryer to store it conveniently without stressing over it. In addition to this, the DC motor in hairdryers aids them to create more air pressure than DC motor hairdryers and minimizes heat damage.

If you are not a great fan of whites and blacks, there are other eye-pleasing options for you at Conair. You can go for fun colors such as the one with a cool rainbow chrome finish or the champagne color with subtle rose gold accents all over. Conair hair dryers have an attached 7-8 feet heavy gauge high-quality power cord for maximum comfort while blow-drying. You no longer have to stress your muscles as it is 360 degrees rotatable without causing many difficulties.

The Technology Used In Conair Hair Dryers

The advanced ionic technology used in Conair hair dryers helps them release more ions while blow-drying your hair. In turn, these ions provide additional assistance to tame frizz and dryness to enhance the natural shine of your hair and make them more manageable.

Talking about Titanium Ceramic technology, it aids the dryer to produce high-velocity airflow that makes the drying process faster and provides a quick, professional touch to the finish. Moreover, it protects your fragile hair to retain its natural shine and moisture and acts as a barrier to direct heat. The company stands firm on its ground when it says that Conair hair dryers multiply the shine and gives 3X frizz control on every hair type.

Conair hair dryers are also equipped with the latest Double Ceramic technology and if you have never heard about it before, then let us explain to you. As the name itself suggests, this technology has a high content of ceramic and its multiple benefits. Consequently, Conair hair dryers deliver an even flow of heat for swift silky smooth results.

The electronic brushless motor technology of Infiniti PRO by Conair makes it the most suitable option for people with dense and thick hair. It is carefully engineered to enhance your hair’s natural shine while reducing frizz and drying your hair in less time. Another great perk of brushless motors is that it prevents the hairdryer from heating and damaging itself and generates less friction for better performance.

In addition to this, the noise reduction technology included in some hairdryers helps them create 40% less noise than some of the other big and influential brands.

Heat Settings In Conair Hair Dryers

Conair hair dryers feature an 1875 Watts durable motor to speed up the process without damaging your hair or producing unnecessary sounds. Hairdryers can be used at 2 speed settings- high, low, and on 3 different heat settings of a low, medium, and high. You can mix and customize the temperature and heat settings as per your liking. Moving further to the cold shot button that is placed above the other control buttons, it is a very useful feature. Once you are done with styling and happy with the outcome, gently use this button to lock your hairstyle in place for many hours.

The professional and powerful AC motor reduces the standard drying time to its half and multiples the appliance’s durability without causing hindrances in the performance. Talking about the Conair 1875 Watt Diamond-Infused Ceramic Dryer, it smartly combines the modern diamond-infused ceramic element with active conditioning ions that truly augments the appearance of your hair to make them look fuller, shinier, and healthier.

4. Conair Hair Curling Wands

Conair Hair Curling Wands

We all had our share of experiences where the curling wand barely works on thick, coarse hair and becomes inefficient in a few years. However, with Conair hair curling wands and their unique mix of different latest technologies, cool features, and other advantages, you no longer have to worry about anything. The company features different tourmaline ceramic, titanium, and tapered barrels paired with gorgeous colors to give outstanding curls and waves at home.

Design of Conair Hair Curling Wands

Conair hair curling wands help you create coiled curls to loose waves effortlessly with a large variety of clamp-free wands, conical barrels, and tapered barrels. The clamp-free design of curling wands paired with tapered barrels allows the buyer to gently wrap their hair around it to achieve various trendy hairstyles. The Tourmaline Ceramic and Titanium element of barrels aids these curling wands to provide a professional finish without creases. Moreover, they also help protect the hair from damage and breakage caused by the application of direct high heat temperature. Talking about the conical barrel, you can easily get free-flowing tousled waves by wrapping your hair around it for a few seconds. In addition to this, the cool tip of Conair hair curling wands prevents burns and damage of fragile flyaways and helps you to style your hair better.

Most importantly, Conair hair curling wands come in different barrel diameters that range from 1-inch, 1 ¼ inch, and 1 ¾ inch to easily curl thick or thin texture hair at home without any hassle. Another cool feature of their barrels is the adjustable lock that customizes the angle for more personalized hairstyling. In other words, you can adjust the barrel at a 45° angle, 90° angle, or use it as it is. This feature of adjustable wands also makes the curling wand more comfortable than ever and puts less stress on your wrists. The extremely smooth surface of titanium and ceramic allows the curling wand to smoothly slide over hair strands for expensive-looking tousled waves and curls. Moving further to the technologically advanced silicone barrels, they help deliver a boost of shine and smoothness in your hair for effortless styling and prevent maximum heat damage. The auto-off feature of Conair curling wands saves energy by turning the device off when not in use.

Technology In Conair Hair Curling Wands

Conair hair curling wands are packed with multiple advanced technologies to offer more benefits under a budget. Tourmaline Ceramic technology is marvelous when it comes to hairstyling appliances. Tourmaline produces negative ions to seal healthy moisture in your hair, eliminate frizz, and maintain your hair’s natural shine. Moreover, it also helps the curling wand slide over your hair without pulling or snagging them miraculously. On the other hand, we have the best of the best elements, ceramic. Hairstyling tools manufacturers generally prefer this due to a number of reasons. It takes less time to heat up and also maintains a uniform spread of heat throughout the barrels. Thus, you no longer have to go repeatedly on the same section of hair to curl them, which also results in less damage and hair breakage. When combined together, tourmaline ceramic makes your hair anti-static, less frizzy, super shiny, and above all, healthier than ever.

The fast heating technology helps curl wands to heat up in a matter of seconds and avoids hot spots for any possible damage to your hair. Now you can perfectly style your hair the way you have always wanted without stressing over the heat damage.

Conair hair curling wands’ double ceramic technology offers double the content of ceramic than other brands to deliver even heat and swift curling action. You can not only curl your hair in less time but also make them voluminous, frizz-free, healthy, bouncy, and also long-lasting.

Heat settings of Conair Hair Curling Wands

Conair curling wands come with multiple heat settings (20 to 25 in some) to accommodate different hair types and lengths. Owing to their fast heating technology, the appliance merely consumes 15-30 seconds to heat up to the desired temperature of 400°F. Moreover, the Turbo button provides an imminent boost of high heat temperatures for hard-to-reach spots. While the auto shut feature of Conair curling wands shuts them down when not in use, the instant recovery capability recovers the wands’ temperature in seconds to maintain optimum heat levels.

5. Conair Hot Airbrushes

Conair Hot Airbrushes

Conair hot brushes and hot air brushes provide a helping hand for your multitasking mornings. They help to detangle your hair, add a boost of volume, and make them extremely smooth in just one go.

Design Of Conair Hot Airbrushes

Conair hot airbrushes are a one-stop solution to your everyday drying, volumizing, curling, and straightening requirements. With different barrel sizes, coatings, and well-built exteriors, discover the wide range of their hot airbrushes and hot brushes. Talking about their sizes, you can get Conair hot brushes with 1, 1 ½, ¾, and 2-inch thermal barrels with top-quality ceramic coating, gold-plating, and goodnesses of the infused gold. Conair hot air brushes come along with an ergonomic professional power handle that feels sturdy in your hands. The top-notch grip of these handles allows you to use the hot air brush with greater control over it even with the highest temperature.

One of the best things about these brushes is the multidirectional rotating ability that helps you use them with or without the spin function. In other words, buyers can rotate the brush in both directions to add a solid kick of volume, shiny, and smoothness to their hair. Conair hot airbrushes also have various creative attachments such as removable clips, round brushes, and the paddle brush. You can use the 1 ½-inch spin brush for springy small-sized curls, whereas the 2-inch spin airbrush is more optimum for giant voluminous waves and curls.

Moreover, the paddle brush design allows you to have a close to scalp hair styling session every time. Buyers can use Conair hot brushes on both damp and dry hair to blow dry them along with detangling and styling them out. The consistent flow of hot air gradually adds volume at your roots and makes your hair appear shinier and fuller. Another beneficial feature of Conair hot brushes and hot airbrushes is the extra-long cool tip that protects baby hair from damage due to close contact with high-temperature and makes them safer for use.

Talking about Conair hot airbrushes’ bristles, they are made from nylon, silicone, and ceramic along with being ball-tipped for maximum comfort. Instead of harshly pulling your hair or scratching the hell out of your scalp, they gently detangle your hair with their anti-static and tangle-free properties.

The Technology Of Conair Hot Air And Hot Brushes

Just like other Conair hair styling tools, their hot airbrushes are also packed with innovative technologies to maximize benefits. The smart detangling technology gently removes knots from your hair to make them smoother without causing pain and discomfort.

On the other hand, we have the ionic technology used for neutralizing static in your hair to make them less frizzy and dry instantly. Once your hair has been completely styled with Conair hot airbrushes, you will observe a noticeable difference in their shininess and texture.

The tourmaline ceramic technology aids the hot air brush to heat up in a few seconds and make the styling process faster. It releases ions to combat frizziness and enhance the natural shine of your hair. Most importantly, this technology also serves as a barrier between direct heat and your hair to protect them from possible damage.

Moving further, the diamond-infused ceramic barrels and their advanced heat technology makes your hair smooth and shiny-looking in a few minutes.

The nanotechnology of Conair hot air brushes ingeniously infuses particles of tourmaline ceramic in your hair to produce ions. In turn, these ions help the hot air brush to combat frizz and dryness for less hair damage and more even spread of heat.

Heat Settings

Conair hot airbrushes become a styling essential of your makeup vanity with multiple heat settings suitable for all hair types. The instant heating technology helps these brushes to heat up within 15-20 seconds of the plug-in. Moreover, the volumizing attachment further revitalizes your hair’s whole look and vanish frizziness in the blink of an eye.

Once you are done with styling your hair, use the cool shot button to lock it in for many hours, and here you are… ready for any event with a professional touch and salon-like finish at home.

6. Conair Wavers

Conair Wavers

If you have always been a fan of funky and trendy hairstyles but do not want to overspend on buying different hair styling tools, then Conair hair wavers are going to be your best friend. With their 3-in-1 design, you can get sleek, textured, and crimping texture at home. The fast heating ability makes the whole process of hairstyling fast and easier.

Design Of Conair Wavers

With an ergonomic 3-in-1 design, the all-new Conair Straight Waves Specialty Styler has become the show-stopper of tonight. It features different types of plates to achieve trendy, stylish looks at home without putting much effort. In other words, you can use straight plates for a smooth and sleek texture, micro-crimp plates for that quirky crimping texture, and deep wave plates for a voluminous body. The best thing about these plates is their interchangeable ability to switch the plates and try different looks using one hair waver.

Moving further, you can also get your hands on the triple barrel design of Conair hair wavers that come in gorgeous colors like rose gold and turquoise. These barrels ingeniously create even, textured waves, and curls for long-lasting head-turning looks. You no longer have to hoard multiple appliances when Conair’s hair wavers are your one-stop-solution. Most importantly, these top-notch quality ceramic barrel hair wavers come in standard as well as a compact, travel-friendly mini size to fit your duffle bags easily.

Technologies Infused In Conair Wavers

The fast heating technology helps Conair hair waver to reach the desired temperature without wasting any time instantly.

They are also equipped with the latest double ceramic technology to offer a high dose of ceramic-derived goodnesses to your hair. You get fast styling and long-lasting effects, and an even spread of heat throughout the appliance.

If you are worried about the possible damage from heat, then stop stressing over it as Conair has a solution for this too. Conair hair wavers protect your hair from direct and constant heat to eliminate frizziness and maintain the natural shine of your alluring hair with advanced ceramic technology.

Heat Settings

With the fast heat-up technology, Conair hair wavers require 30 seconds to quickly reach up to a high heat temperature of 375°F. Owing to their multiple heat settings to house different types and lengths of hair, you can try different looks without any hassle. Go for the ever-popular relaxed beachy waves, coiled curls, or mix, and match different hairstyles to create your personalized look at home.

7. Conair Auto-Curlers

Conair Auto-Curlers

With four different royal-looking colors such as plum and raspberry, Conair auto-curlers are equipped with different styling functions. They also have an attached 6-7 feet professional swivel cord for maximum comfort and convenience. Conair auto-curlers have impressive and rare features to offer, such as a safety sensor, bonus heat mat, brushless motor, and tangle-free technology, etc.

Design Of Conair Auto-Curlers

Conair auto-curlers are equipped with professional brushless motors that adapt to the hair type, generate less friction, and extend the automatic curler’s life. They have 1¼” and 1″ interchangeable titanium ceramic chambers to get customized soft and shiny curls. The auto-curl technology gently draws your hair strands into the chamber for heat styling to effortlessly obtain those flawless curls. Most importantly, Conair provides a safety sensor in its auto-curlers that is optimum for precision styling and tangle-free curls. It can be said that Conair automatic curlers are a revolutionary method of getting salon-like curls at home. Moving on to another interesting feature, you can easily switch between the curl and straight settings to change the mode as per your preference. In addition to this, the sleep mode switches off the appliance when not used to save electricity. Thus, you no longer have to stress if you forgot to remove the plug from the socket.

Technologies In Conair Automatic Curlers

Automatic curlers from Conair feature the Tourmaline Ceramic technology that is again hats-off unbeatable. We cannot emphasize this technology’s features enough as it makes the appliance 10X better than others. It aids the automatic curler to eliminate frizz, make your hair anti-static, and above all, maintain their natural shine along with boosting their health.

The ionic technology aids Conair auto-curlers to make your hair anti-static and gives a smooth texture for a voluminous appearance. They also have an in-built heater to maintain even heat temperatures throughout the whole styling session.

Heat Settings

Equipped with 2 heat levels, 6 different timer settings, and above all, 3 curl directions- loose, medium, and tight, Conair automatic curlers will make you lose your senses in the first look. These auto-curlers start giving beeping signals to the user after 12 seconds to let them know that it’s time to release their awestruck heart-warming curls. In other words, Conair auto-curlers offer professional fool-proof styling on all hair types. Most importantly, the curler can be heated up to a high heat temperature of 450°F to use in both curl and straightening mode with fast recovery ability.

Final Verdict

Do you know what makes Conair prestigious and famous in the market? Many factors. Starting with a huge variety of fabulous designs, impressive features, durability, affordability, and high-end product quality, the company never fails to satisfy its customers.

We all like to experiment and give ourselves a mini makeover at home but often fail to do so without proper hair styling tools. However, with the magnificent array of unbeatable products, Conair gives its customers salon-like results at home. Their tools are available in different peculiar yet eye-pleasing colors to go with your little makeup vanity at home. Most importantly, customer satisfaction is their number 1 priority, and they have something for every taste and preference.

Wondering how? To begin with, they offer hair dryers in different sizes as per your storage convenience. Next, their innovation and creativity have led us to specialty tools such as auto-curlers and mini stylers. The list is followed by combo stylers that are unarguably a professional hair stylist’s true friend. Built with extremely sturdy material to last long, Conair has truly revolutionized the modern method of hairstyling.

How can I return a product?

If you remain unsatisfied with any purchase, you can call at 1-800-326-6247 before mailing your product for the same purpose. You must have the bill or receipt, and the product must be within its return policy for the successful completion of the process.

Can you adjust the heat and speed simultaneously in hairdryers?

YES, it is possible with Conair’s hairstyling dryers. Buyers can choose between different heat settings, including cold, warm, and hot, to go with the desired speed. They can keep the fan speed at low, medium, or high accordingly.

What are the different styling functions of Conair auto-curlers?

The Infiniti Pro by Conair Smooth and Wave offers 2 different styling functions to buyers:

  1. Auto-curl function- The curler pulls the hair into the 1 ½-inch high-quality ceramic chamber. In turn, this chamber holds the hair in place, heats for a few seconds, and gives flawless-looking bouncy curls and waves in less than 15 seconds.
  2. Straightening function- It is the same as the auto-curl function where the straightener holds the hair in the ¾ ceramic chamber, preheats, and gives smooth, shiny-looking straight hair results.

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