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Irrespective of the fact that you need to define curls, restore the damaged or dull hair, protect color, hydrate dry hair or smooth out the frizz following hair care tips are highly essential.

What is the Importance of Hair Care?

Beautiful and shiny hair always create an impression and make you look more attractive; thus a proper hair care regime is mandatory to follow. Good and effective hair care regime also assures that you have healthy hair and a voluminous mane.

Shampooing and conditioning your hair is not just all, instead it is a whole lot of habits, diet, shampooing habits as well as the use of products that lead to healthy, shiny, and strong hair.

Depending on your hair type, hair care routine should be followed diligently and consistently. Under this hair care category we will be discussing in detail about the hair care tips you can follow to maintain healthy, shiny hair.

Living Proof Vs Drybar Dry Shampoo : Which is Better for Your Hair?

Dry Shampoo is basically something you can use for a quick fix if your not able to do a proper shampoo is basically like a powder spray it contains a very fine highly absorbent powder which is supposed to spray directly on your roots a scalp is basically skin and just like the rest of the skin on our body it also has oily glands so in between washes it gets greasy it gets dirty and as a result our roots start looking greasy and dirty so in case you’re not able to wash your hair if you’re running late on a certain day and you just don’t have the time to do a proper shampoo dry shampoo gives you the option of decreasing the roots taking away that oily limp feeling just freshening up the hair till the time that you can do a proper wash. There are so many companies that sell the Dry Shampoo and some of them are very popular. So, In this article, we are going to compare the two best Dry Shampoo brands to understand which one is best in terms of use, quality, and price. Click To Read More

20 Best Dry Shampoo for Wavy Hair You Must Try

Dry shampoo is an amazing product that removes the dirt, oil, and grease present in your scalp or hair without needing a shower or using wet shampoos and conditioners. Having bad hair can make you lose your self-confidence, especially on an occasion that you really want to enjoy. And many of the times, these situations come as a surprise to you. At that point in time, you may not get much time to wash your hair and blow-dry it to style, and it becomes really tough to handle if you have wavy or curly hair. Because your waves don’t come perfectly after you just wash your hair.

Dry shampoo comes as a boon at that moment, which can make your hair look clean, dry, and also fresh without the need for hair wash. Dry shampoo is, of course, not a replacement of your conditioner or regular wet shampoos as overuse can make your scalp itchy and dry, but you can certainly use it for a quick clean up or hairstyling to get volume and bounce.

Why is Dry Shampoo Needed?

It is a misconception that only straight hair requires dry shampoo because wavy and curly hair also gets oily and needs a refresher that absorbs the oil of their hair in-between hair washes. Dry shampoo acts as a time-saving cleansing product that is essential for every girl to get the freshened look even when they do not get time to wash your hair.

You must add dry shampoo to your hair care regime as it would let go one or two days longer before your next hair wash day. With the super cool product can give you just washed look at times when you do not have enough time to hop in the shower. The unwanted grease in your hair or the oil that your hair produces if you miss a day of hair wash can be easily controlled with some of the best dry shampoos.

A lightweight spray-on kind of dry shampoos work best for curly and wavy hair and provide maximum coverage. It is a quite appealing product to eliminate the dirt and absorb sebum. It is the natural oil that is captured on the scalp, which starch component in dry shampoo remove and provide a ravishing and stunning appeal to your hairstyle.

Benefits of Dry Shampoo

A magical product that is time-saving and works beautifully. Usage may depend on the hair type, texture, length, and the amount of oil your scalp produces. It is always better to use the dry shampoo once or twice a week, which would result in fantastic benefits as listed below:

  1. Dry shampoo removes oil and shines from the areas where it is quite visible.
  2. You can use it for touching up your hair after heavy workout and sweat.
  3. The odor neutralizer can help give you a pleasant fragrance that keeps you delightful throughout the day.
  4. It saves time and is a quick application than hair wash.
  5. Dry shampoo can also be used for extending the time your salon blowout stays.
  6. It acts as a quick fix for excessive greasy hair and needs frequent hair wash.
  7. Your waves would become bouncy and fresh without a blow-dry that is otherwise mandatory after hair wash.
  8. You can choose the color of dry shampoo that suits you and blends perfectly with your natural hair.
  9. By washing your hair lesser can reduce the use of heat styling products such as curler, straightener, or hairdryer.

Depending on your hair texture, dry shampoo will make your hair look clean and fresh. Some dry shampoos work pretty well with wavy hair and make the appeal classier and dazzling. We have got the list of some of the best dry shampoo for wavy hair that would make your choice easy.

1. Living Proof Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo


A fantastic product by Living Proof that is as perfect as it sounds. You will get the cleaned and refreshed hair with a simple and quick application, and the best part is it doesn’t make your hair look dusty or matte. Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo gives you a desirable scent that lasts long for the whole day. The color is safe and use, and the shampoo is silicone-free. Advantage of PhD Dry shampoo is that it can absorb sweat, oil, and odor very nicely, giving you a refreshing day without washing your hair.

PhD dry shampoo uses Triple Action cleaning technology that results in your hair look clean, odor-free, and smooth. The shampoo is made using Healthy hair molecules, which are patented by Living proof. These molecules decrease the friction on the hair surface and remove the oil and sweat, which our hair usually soak up. It also contains odor neutralizers that eliminate any bad odor coming from hair and provide a light and pleasant smell throughout the day.

Just apply the PhD shampoo on your scalp by sectioning your hair and applying it in a sweeping motion on the areas where oil and dirt exists. Keep the canister about 6 to 10 inches away from your hair, and after application, wait for about half a minute to let the shampoo clean your hair. You can remove the residue by shaking or doing a message or gently use a brush. Use hairdryer for removing any extra powder remaining in your hair and get the refreshing and cleaned hair without a hair wash.

2. Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk For All Hair Types


Klorane is a firm that is empowered with the explorers of plant kingdom who are helping to produce the products by making every possible extract to reach up to the maximum utilization of the plant since 1965. So, Klorane products are made with sustainably grown plants with 100% traceability and are specific to the desired need for skin and hair care specializing in hair care products made from botanical elements.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat milk is an award-winning product that is produced with the organically grown Oat milk. It helps to remove extra oil, dirt, or any odor in your hair. The Oat milk shampoo is ultra-gentle to use for all the hair types. The oat milk in the product protects and keeps the scalp cool; the natural microspheres help to eliminate odor, dirt, and excessive oil because of their absorbent nature—the starch and corn in the shampoo results in a wonderful cleaning of hair leaving no chalky residue.

The Oat milk shampoo blends really well with all the hair types and gives an invisible finish to your hair. It is perfect for the gym lovers, workers, busy moms, party lovers as it is quick and easy to use and also gives an extension to your blow out. It is organic and safe for chemically treated hair or sensitive scalp and is very gentle for regular usage. Klorane doesn’t use any kind of preservatives, silicone, Triclosan, parabens, or MIT while making the product.

3. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo


Drybar is a brand that was awarded the New Year Magazine’s Boom brand in 2013 and “100 Brilliant Ideas of 2010” by Entrepreneur magazine. It is based on a simple concept that is focused on one thing and make the best out of it. Their products are majorly focused on delivering the best blowouts. The idea behind the brand was to achieve a perfect blowout instead of spending a vast amount of money at traditional salons and overpaying for the natural blowouts.

Detox Dry Shampoo by Drybar is a beautiful product that can help to attain clean and refreshed hair that would revive the charm of your hairstyle. The detox shampoo uses a super-absorbent method with micro-fine rice powder to remove any kind of impurity and excessive oil in the scalp. The product blends with all hair color very nicely and becomes translucent after usage. It also expands the lift in the roots of your hair.

The Detox dry shampoo contains golden root extracts that help to prevent breakage and any damage to your hair. It helps increase the moisture that doesn’t let your hair dry out. The dry shampoo contains sandalwood, jasmine, and Madagascar vanilla essence that would give a subtle and desirable fragrance to your unwashed hair. After shaking, spray the dry shampoo a little away from your roots. Let it dry, then gently rub or brush through your hair to remove any extra powder. The product is optimum for girls having fine and greasy hair.

4. Batiste Original Dry Shampoo – Clean & Classic


Original Dry Shampoo is an astonishing product from Batiste. When the competitors were high in the market, Batiste wanted to secure their name by becoming a leader, and they had achieved it by becoming one of the leading brands in Dry shampoos. Their products have received immense love of people, and it is helping a lot of people to become gorgeous on their bad hair day with their waterless formula.

Clean and Classic dry shampoo is a quick and simple formula that just need a spray, massage, and you are ready to style your hair and go. The product adds volume and texture to your hair and revitalizes your hair in between your hair washes. Clean and classic dry shampoo removes the extra oil, dirt, and grease and gives a new charm to your dull hair. This dry shampoo also makes the roots look lighter, giving an excellent volume and texture to wavy hair.

Clean and Classic dry shampoo also absorbs the bad odor and provides you a delightful and classic fragrance of powder, musk, and lavender. It helps save your time and the best time to apply the shampoo is in the night as you will get extra beauty sleep with a refreshed morning. Although it can be used with girls having any hair type, it is recommended for people to have dry hair as the lush avocado extracts make your dry strands smoother and more moisturized.

5. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo Coconut Colada

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Best Tips to Take Care for Braid Extensions

Some people may consider braids to be an overrated style, but trust us when we tell you that nothing beats the beauty of the finely woven braids. And for those people who do not have long hair to flaunt it in braids, braid extensions are always a great option. In this article, we would like to give you tips on how you can properly take care of your braid extensions so that they last for a really long time and has their money’s worth. But before that, let us know more about braid extensions.

What Are Braid Extensions?

As the name suggests, braids are extensions that can be added to your hair, either artificial or real and are clipped in with the rest of the hair so that you will have enough hair in terms of length and thickness that can be used to try out a wide variety of braids hairstyles.

Braid extensions are very popular, especially among women of African descent as they tend to have long and thick hair, and braid extensions, in fact, help to keep their hair protected in style. The most common braid extensions come in the form of box braids. Box braids are typically braids that consist of 3 or more strands that are divided into sections in the shape of squares. The recent trend among box braids is the knotless box braids, which blend it together with your hair so effortlessly that it almost looks like your real hair. The reason why such braid extensions are so popular is that they provide solid protection to your hair without damaging it. The only time they’ll be bad news for your hair is when you don’t install them properly into your hair.

Types Of Braid Extensions

There are many wonderful braids hairstyles out there that we simply adore, and here is a list of the most popular types of braid extensions.

1. Box Braids

Box braids refer to the braids that have been tied up using the three-strand technique. They are usually large and chunky but can come in other sizes too.

2. Faux Locs

In this style, first, your natural hair is braided and twisted and then your synthetic hair or extensions are styled similarly.

3. Cornrows

Cornrows, like box braids, are another very popular style that looks simply amazing too. The hair is braided directly into the scalp using the three-strand style

4. Micro-Braids

Just as is obvious from the name, micro braids are very tiny braids which may take a long time for it to be installed into your hair, but once it’s done, we guarantee you that you will look like a goddess, especially when the extensions are quite long enough.

5. Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are another fondly loved styled by women since it is a classic style that can be beautifully worn on most hair types and textures and irrespective of the length and thickness of your hair.

6. Yarn Braids

This hairstyle or extension is made typically by using synthetic acrylic yarn and weaving it up to create a gorgeous braids hairstyle.

7. Marley Twists

This type of braids is usually seen worn by people who have less texture and thickness to their hair, as it will really help to add some volume and definition. The twists in this hairstyle are made up of just two strands.

8. Havana Twists

The name might be different, but Havana twists are simply Marley twists itself, but probably double or even triple the size of a single Marley twist. Thus it makes for a perfect chunky hairstyle.

Tips To Take Care of Braid Extensions

If you have decided to get braid extensions for your hair, then here are some tips and tricks you should surely follow.

Extensions are not very cheap, but they are not that expensive either. You can

get great extensions between the price range of $100-$400 Click To Read More

10 Homemade Hair Oils For Beautiful Hair

Tired of trying things to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous? Always struggling to keep them nice and shiny? We can understand this problem. The increased pollution takes a toll on not only your health but also your skin and hair. Increased hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, frizzy and rough hair, and many more problems happen mainly due to pollution or due to lack of proper care and hygiene of hair. Using different shampoos, conditioners and serums can deal with the problems but in the long run, using so many chemicals can damage your hair further. Also, you cant always rely on saloons for your hair care. You gotta do this your self too. So, here we have got you a solution and an alternative for all these.

The solution is to go back in time, and to recall the hair advice given my our grandmother. ‘oiling your hair’, it’s probably the best and least heard hair advice. But now these must be considered as golden words for you all looking for a miracle to save your hair. Regular oil massages can benefit your hair in great ways. But many oils in the market may also contain many chemicals. Therefore, homemade oils are best to use.

Using oils to boost hair health is one of the greatest and easiest ideas to nourish your hair completely. Not only do they enhance your hair quality make them shiner and gorgeous, but they also solve many other hair problems. At times, it seems difficult to find a suitable oil for your hair. And yes, you going for cold-pressed organic oils could be the best you can do. But there is something much better you can do, and that is by making your own oil blends at home. Following, we have bought you a list of 10 homemade hair oils for different hair problems.

1. Aloe Vera Hair Oil

Aloe Vera has amazing benefits for the hair. It gives you silky hair and lustrous locks. It prevents frizz and rough hair. Its a great hair oil to prevent hair fall. This homemade aloe vera hair oil also treats dandruff by soothing a dry, itchy scalp. It is also good hair growth as it strengthens weak hair and nourishes them. It helps in balancing the hair pH level.


  • Cut the aloe vera leaf into two halves and scoop out all the aloe vera gel from inside into a small bowl.
  • Now Mix ½ cup of this aloe vera gel with ½ cup of coconut oil. Mix both the ingredients in the ratio of 1:1.
  • After mixing, Heat this mixture on low heat for around 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Wait for the solution to cool down completely. And then, to the cooled solution, add 5 drops of rosemary essential oil.
  • Pour the mixture into a dark bottle. It is best to store the solution in a dark bottle and a cool place. Keep the solution for around 2 weeks before use for the best results.

2. Tulsi Hair Oil For An Itchy Scalp Click To Read More

Best Tips for Making Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the perfect option for women who fancy getting the fabulously styled tresses that give the true look and feel of their hair. Younger ladies always like to transform their appearances by testing with different stylish hairdos that they have desired and have seen it being styled by their famous celebrities. Other women get used to hair extensions to cover their broken and damaged hair and instead look elegant and charming while going out. Stars and such celebrities change their hairstyles frequently to be recognized as a star that set the trend. Whether for short or long term, the extensions work in a great way to give you the immediate new looks that change your normal hair into the beautiful tresses.

Maximum women that make hair extensions go to parlors and salons to do them. Seldom have some individuals wanted to work out on their hair extensions on their own at home? If you do plan to work to put these extensions in your hair, then some tips will surely help you with the hair extensions. As these extensions are formed of real hair from humans, they can also be inclined to breakage and damage just like real hair. But the distinction is that our real hair can develop while these extensions do not. Also, due to the natural oil secretion from the scalp, these extensions can be greasy at times. Hence it will be in your greatest attention to take charge of your extensions and take help of these care tips to be certain that your hair extensions can last for a long time.

Tips on Making Halo Hair Extensions

1. The Foremost Thing To Do Is To Get The Right Materials

To do halo hair extensions, what will be required is a pack of synthetic or human natural hair that is known as weft, Some monofilament fishing line, a glue tube for bonding so that the wefts stick to the scalp or hair. Buy the right length of hair- Make sure that you are buying the right length that you require. Human hair expansions are indeed very popular and if you are getting the extension that is higher than you require, then you have to cut some portions and that is indeed a waste of money. So buying the right length of hair is very important.

2. Trim Your Hair After Taking The Right Measurement

When you want only your back to be covered, the best way is to take the weft and measure accordingly and cut maintaining the width. Using scissors, you can cut and adjust the length and width.

3. How To Put The Weft Of Hair

Hairstylist suggests that you buy a weft of hair while you are agreeing to be installing these extensions on your own at home. The weft of hair is a division of hair strategically stitched collectively along the higher end. You will additionally require buying some extension clips. Attach these clips to the weft by a monofilament. Also, at this stage, a glue tube can be used for sticking the wefts to the scalp or hair for bonding so that it doesn’t come off. You require connecting two or more clips so the weft exists securely in position.

4. To That Hair Wefts Now Join The Monofilament

Using a pair of simple but strong knots, tie one end of the hair weft to the edge of the monofilament. Repeat the same process on the other side as well. Now apply bonding glue to fix the hair and make it even sturdier. Do not hurry. The bonding glue needs to be completely dry.

5. Now Comes The Last Part, Which Includes The Application Of The Halo Extensions

Place the stretch of monofilament on the top of your natural hair such that the natural hair comes beneath the artificial layer. Now with a wide-tooth comb, start to comb hair thoroughly so that both the hair can mix. With some bobby pins, place the extended hair in place.

Short-Cut Layers Can Be Concealed Under Your Extensions Click To Read More

How To Take Care Of Synthetic Hair

With technological advancements, the popularity of synthetic hair has increased dramatically, given its ease of maintenance. Also, human hair is costly in comparison to synthetic hair. The texture and look of synthetic hair in most of the cases is of good quality, mimicking human hair. It also doesn’t require styling before use and can be worn out of the box directly. Given its resistance to hot, cold and humid weather, we need to know about its care and maintenance to make it last long in its good quality.

Here is an elaborate step by step instructions to remember and follow regarding the care and maintenance of synthetic hair.

A. Washing The Synthetic Hair

1. Invest In A Mild Shampoo

For your synthetic hair, washing them is a very important step in their maintenance. Invest in a shampoo for synthetic hair, or mild shampoo for synthetic hair. Look for a sulfate-free shampoo while buying, since sulfate is a harsh chemical for synthetic hair, and would make the hair dry and rough. Wash your synthetic hair, regularly, or when it becomes smelly or dirty. Remember never to wash your synthetic hair while attached to your own hair or scalp. Always take it out and then wash.

2. Detangle Your Hair Before Washing

Before washing your hair with a shampoo, always make sure that the synthetic hair extensions are tangle-free. Use a wide-toothed comb to smoothen out any tangles. For a hassle-free detangling process, spray some water on the hair and then start detangling from the ends towards the base. This will also reduce hair breakage.

3. Use Cold Water To Wash The Synthetic Hair Strands

Fill a sink or tub with cold water, not too hot, which may damage the hair. Mix 2-3 caps of mild shampoo and allow it to lather. Then gently dip and rinse the synthetic hair extensions properly with care. Then finally, rinse it with cool, tap water. Double rinse it with cool water again. Make sure you don’t rub the strands harshly while washing to avoid breakage.

4. Use A Good Conditioner After Shampooing

Invest in a good, nourishing conditioner after you have washed your hair. Add 2-3 caps of conditioner in the water tub or sink and soak the hair extensions in it by gently swishing them. Then put a good amount of conditioner in the hair strands and leave it for a couple of minutes before rinsing it in cool water. You may also choose a mild leave-in conditioner to apply after washing.

5. Oiling Synthetic Wig

You may also get good hair oil to bring shine to the synthetic hair strands after shampooing and conditioning. Take a few drops of oil on your palm and gently swap it in the synthetic hair. Try not to twist and rub the hair strands against each other.

B. Drying Of Synthetic Hair Click To Read More

10 Tips To Get Rid Of Dandruff Using Homemade Products

Those dry flakes you find on your shoulders are a nightmare to many of us. You quickly brush them off and think of fixing your problem for later. But soon, we tend to forget it again, until the next time arrived when we are once again forced to brush off that white powdery substance and avoid going into embarrassment.

This nightmare is none other than deadly dandruff, a problem almost all of us face. So what exactly is dandruff? What causes it? How can it be avoided? Well, these are the three main questions that we seek to address in this article.

What is Dandruff?

Some may think that dandruff us just a powdery substance that you can simply brush off or wipe away, and thus many people deem it to be harmless. But that is not the case. To understand more, let us examine what exactly dandruff is. Dandruff is a sign of the health of the skin that is present on the scalp. As a result, it is more about your scalp and less about your hair.

What Causes Dandruff?

Dandruff is widely believed to be caused by a fungus known as Malassezia, which lives on the scalp. Dandruff is not just brought about by this fungus. It may also be triggered by factors such as stress, sickness, harsh or cold weather, etc. It tends to be quite itchy and thus will cause you significant irritability, which may sometimes affect your personal life as well.

A dandruff problem causes the skin cells on your scalp to renew and shed very frequently, which causes the flaky like substance that keeps falling out and turns the skin on the scalp very dry and scaly.

The true cause of what causes dandruff is still unknown, and as a result, poor hygiene cannot be associated with the same. Even still, it is a serious problem for many, primarily a huge source of embarrassment in front of your family, friends or colleagues. Dry skin is also another factor that may lead to dandruff occurring in some people.

How to Treat Dandruff? Click To Read More

10 Best Homemade Shampoo For Perfect Hair

Shampoos are an integral part of our lives. It is one of those products without which we cannot live. Such is the fad around shampoos these days that, the beauty industry has seen the introduction of a wide variety of shampoos that are of different types, ingredients, and other factors so that it appeals to the needs of a wider population, rather than focusing on just one segment or one issue. Some shampoos claim to cure dandruff while other shampoos promote hair growth and reduce hair fall. With the versatile choices that have been presented before us, it might feel a little too overwhelming to choose the right shampoo that will suit your needs.

And this becomes increasingly difficult when presented with the choice of brand new chemical shampoos versus traditional homemade shampoos. Yes, your shampoo may cure your dandruff or reduce your hair fall, but did you know that most shampoos contain harsh chemicals that cause severe damage to your hair. Even shampoos that claim to be natural will contain chemical ingredients to a certain extent. This is where the importance of using homemade shampoos comes in. To understand this further, let us look at how homemade shampoos score over chemical ones.

Benefits of Homemade Shampoo

  • All ingredients are natural and safe
  • You can customize it any way you want, even choosing the flavor, scent, etc.
  • Will nourish your hair unlike chemical shampoos that cause your hair to become dry and thin
  • Natural shampoos are gentle not just on your hair, but on the environment also since they contain environment-friendly ingredients that can also be disposed of without causing any damage
  • Can be tailored to suit different needs like shampoos normal hair, oily hair, dry scalp, etc
  • They provide a natural cooling effect, especially ingredients like aloe Vera gel
  • Makes your hair stronger and healthier
  • While making your hair strong and healthy from the inside, they also work on the outside by improving the feel and texture of your hair and makes it smooth and silky
  • Unlike chemical shampoos, homemade ones will not strip off the natural oils present in your hair and scalp
  • A huge benefit comes in terms of cost savings since many shampoos out there in the market come with a less quantity but with a high price and you’ll just end up buying a new bottle of shampoo quite often

Various Homemade Shampoos

Here’s a careful and thoughtful compilation of the best and most effective homemade shampoos that you can easily prepare at your home.

1. Aloe Vera Gel Shampoo Click To Read More

Tips for Coloring Artificial Hair

Artificial or synthetic hairs are those hairs that look like natural hair but made by technology or chemicals by various companies. Synthetic hair is easy to use for various hairstyles without damaging the natural hair. There are various varieties available in various colors, lengths, etc. With various methods and techniques, you can easily change their color according to your choice or dress by yourself. These synthetic hair are glossy and shinier than natural hair. It is helpful for those who have very short hair or damaged hair; they can use these wigs for adding a spark in their outfits or looks.

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Tips to Care for Hair Extensions – Learn How To Maintain Them

Beautiful hair with shine and smooth texture and well-groomed is a center of attraction for everyone. Every human being, especially women, has a lust for fine-looking healthy hair. They love to flaunt their crowning glory like a celebrity. Long and well-maintained hair, enhance the beauty and personality of the woman. But today everyone is in hectic schedule meeting deadlines, assignments to complete and taking care of home one thing that is neglected is taking care of hair. Thus it results in hair fall, lack of shine and unhealthy thin mane

Despite enormous care, your natural hair cannot come out to be perfect. However, it does not mean that you will have to go without long lustrous hair. Thus the solution for this problem is hair extensions. Most of the celebrities use these extensions to increase their glam quotient. These extensions do require lots of maintenance and care, just like your natural hair. For good-looking extensions, you need to learn to maintain them.

Types of Hair Extensions:

There are different types of hair extensions applications.

1. Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in wefts, also called

clip-in hair extensions Click To Read More