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30 Beautiful & Classy Box Braid Short Hairstyles for Women

Braids always look gorgeous on ladies, but if you are interested in getting some unique and stunning look, then you need to follow some trendy ways. The box braid short hairstyles prove that the short-length hair can also be adorned in a smart style.

There are different manners for adorning your hair, and you can follow these to get an awesome appearance. You need to part your hair and make the braids according to your hair texture and face shapes.

The style should be suitable for your personality and purpose at the same time. So, you need to be very careful while styling your hair to get the perfect look. The braids can be tied in different manners, and you can follow any of these to get a neat and manageable look on short hair as well.

The hairdressers can help you to select the best style from the lot. You can also go through this list to get an idea about the popular styles these days.


Box Braided Bob 

Box braid is one of the most stylish hairdos that you can follow to get a classy appearance. If you have a dark complexion, then this is the best style that you can follow.

In this style, you need to comb your hair well and create multiple box braids with the hair strands to get a unique and smart look. These box braids with covered edges can give you the ultimate makeover.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Box Braid with Two Top Knot Bun

This box braids with two top buns can give you an ultimate bold and stunning look. In this style, you need to color your hair white on the length and black at the roots.

Then create the neat box braids with the full length of your short hair which is cut up to your shoulder. Then tie two top buns on the top of the front head with the braids of the front side to create the style. And the rest of the braids should be set free.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Jumbo Hair Box Braids

Ladies with cute and young faces can opt for this gorgeous hairstyle to attend a party. In this style, you need to side part the hair firstly. Then you need to create the box braids over the head to make this hairstyle.

This style looks best when the hair strands are highlighted in silver in length and black on the roots. This hairstyle is perfect for girls with round faces as well.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Box Braided Inverted Bob 

Inverted bob braid hairstyle is perfect for girls who want to get a bold and smart look. In this style, you can create some box braids on your shoulder length straight bob hair.

You need to side part the hair and then create these box braids on your head. These braids can be arranged in a messy manner as well to get a bold appearance as per your desire.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Center Parted Box Braid 

Parting the straight short hair from the middle and creating the box braids on both sides can give you a sweet and young look.

These box braids can help you to get a neat and sober look. Black hair is the ideal choice for creating this style.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Side Part Bob 

The bob-style hair can be adorned in a gorgeous manner by creating some box braids. The hair should be parted from the side, and as a result, you can get long hair on one side and shorter length on the other side.

In this style, you need to comb your hair well after parting it and then create the box braids on both sides to get a unique and classy appearance.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Musings Box Braid 

The bob-style hair can look best if you can manage the box braids on it. The front side of the box braids is needed to be secured with a pin at the backside of the head.

Then the side-parted black straight hair can be managed in this manner. It suits well on the dark complexion and round shape face.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Shaved Sides Box Braid 

Ladies with the shortest and trimmed hair can opt for this style. In this style, you need to create few box braids in a backward manner, and the sides of the head should be trimmed well.

The shaves on both sides can make braids more prominent and classy. This trendy style can help you to make your face more noticeable in the crowd.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Box Braids with Red Streak

The box braids on the shoulder length hair can give you a polite and classy look at the same time. The red streaks of the hair make this style more highlighted and attractive.

You need to part the hair from a side to create this style. The box braids on both sides with the curl at the end make your look complete.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Kinky Twist Braids

The multicolored box braids on your hair can help you to get the brightest look. In this style, you need to create these box brads with different-colored hair strands and the edges should be remained sharp and stiff.

The red-colored two braids in the front of the head and light and deep brown colored braids all over the head can give you a remarkably funky yet trendy look.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Tiny Box Braids

If you want to highlight your face in a unique way, then the tiny box braid can help you to get the best result. The tiny box braids on the front side of your head can make your face neat and clean.

This style is very smart and trendy as the messy bun is created on the top of the head to complete this style. This style looks best on the black complexion.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Very Short Box Braids

Ladies with very short hair may become confused by thinking about how to style in a trendy way.

The box braids in very short hair length can give you an ideal get-up. You need to create the box braids all over your hair with the hair strands to create this unique style.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Side Shaved Box Braids

The short length hair can be cut in various manners. The one side shaved hair may highlight the other side’s long hair.

You can create the box braids on this side to get a more attractive and bold appearance. The style with highlighted hair strands can give you the best look.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Side Swept Box Braids

The box braids can be created on your side-swept to get attractive. Box Braid Hairstyle looks great on straight and black swept style black hair.

You can opt for this style to get a sober and smart look. This box braid style can help you to get a trendy yet classy look.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Blonde Box Braids

The box braid hairstyle looks great when combined with the blonde color. The blonde-colored hair strands are tied in the box braid style to give you a smart and prominent appearance.

This funky yet bold appearance can make you more attractive. The black roots of the braids can make this style more unique and prominent.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Chunky Layered Box Braids

The chunky layered hair can be styled in box braids to get the charming look in the crowd. In this style, you can add hair kits to get the best appearance.

The short thick black hair looks great in this style when parted from the side. You need to comb the hair well before creating these box braids.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Bowl Cut 

The bowl-cut hair can also be adorned in the style of box braids. The braids all over your head with the bright and colored hair kits can give you a remarkable look.

In this style, your hair looks thicker in volume. It makes you look classy and bold at the same time.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Chic Box Braided Bob

The chic bob box braid hairstyle can keep your appearance classy and smart. You can arrange the braids on your hair by parting it in a zigzag way.

These stylish braids on your black hair up to your shoulder can help you to get the best appearance. It can give you a prominent round shape face.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Skinny Two-Toned Box Braids

The skinny colored two-toned box braids can make your appearance smart, bold and remarkable. The skinny braids in two-toned colors can help you to get the best look.

This style can increase the volume of your hair. The side-parted hair is needed to be braided in the thinnest manner to create this style.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Asymmetrical Box Braids

The asymmetric layers can be managed by creating the box braids on your head. These asymmetric braids can make you look smart and bold.

The black hair in this style looks great on one side of your forehead. The hair up to your shoulder can make the shape of your face round.

Box Braid Short Hairstyles


Side Swept Box Braid Bob

Box braid short hairstyles for women with a side swept always manage to look sleek and beautiful, just like this look.

The hair is parted at the side and some box braids resembling bangs add volume to the hair. The rest of the braids fall in elegant curtains around the face, accentuating the bone structure.

bob cut with short box braids


Bleached Braided Bob

This is another bob look, except the hair is parted in the middle and it’s bleached a delightful platinum color. However, it’s not bleached in a uniform way.

There’s still lots of black hair laced throughout so the dye job forms a pattern for an interesting and dynamic appearance.

black girl with short box braids


Loose Box Braid Hairstyle

If you like looser box braid short hairstyles for women, here’s one you might admire. Many of the earlier styles have tight, thin box braids, but this one has larger braids that attack more loosely to the scalp. The braids hang to the chin in a classic bob shape.

short box braid hairstyles


Thick and Sleek 

There’s no way to escape admiring eyes with this style. The tomato-red box braids draw the eye instantly and they work beautifully with bright clothing. The haircut is simple as a side-parted bob, so it’s the color that truly brings this style to life.

short and red box braids


Blue Thick Braids

This style is wonderful for women with, particularly thick hair. The braids are thick and numerous, and most of them are dyed a vibrant blue.

There’s still some black hair visible underneath that adds some extra dimension. However, the blonde hair curled around the front two blue braids truly draws the eye with this look.

short box braids with blue highlights


Large Part and Some Loose Curls

Here’s a look that’s unique and dynamic. The parting in the hair is large, so there’s a great definition between the two parts of the side-parted style.

The more voluminous side has some loose curls hanging on top of the box braids, adding an unexpected and stunning twist.

short box braids with side part


Voluminous Braids with Gold Accents

These box braids have a hard part and one side features more braids than the other. Both sides of the hair are swept back from the face, and some of the braids are decorated with gold. 

short box braids with beads


Purple Vibes

If you liked the gold accents from the style above, perhaps you’ll like this style, too. The accents are present again, only this style features thicker box braids that hang by the face. The ends are touched with purple.

short box braid hairstyles for women


One Side Pulled Back

In this style, one side of the braided look falls neatly over the face, but the other side is braided back a little so the hair doesn’t come near the face. It’s an asymmetrical look that you’ll love.

short bob with thick box braids


Simple Bob with Decoration

The hair is simple here. It’s a bob style with thin box braids, but the extras draw the eye. There are cold accents on some of the braids and one golden curl on the left side of the head.

black woman with short box braids


The box braid short hairstyles in different manners can give you the desired makeover. The stylish appearance with gorgeous box braids can make your style prominent.

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