Bio Ionic Graphene MX VS GHD Max Hair Straightener

We desire for frizz-free, sleek hair in our lives. Every time you spot your beloved model and celebrity flaunting that fashionable hairstyle in a fashion magazine and on Instagram, you want to test it out. Right? We completely relate to you. You can do those styles at home without visiting a salon, just with Bio Ionic and GHD Hair Straighteners.

Many companies are manufacturing various sort of straighteners with unique design and advanced technology. In this article, we are going to discuss the GHD Max and Bio Ionic Hair Straightener, so that you can choose the one which suits you the best.

Bio Ionic Graphene MX GHD Max Hair Straightener
Bio Ionic Graphene MX Hair Straightener GHD Max Hair Straightener
Rapid heat function to the desired temperature.

Evenly style your hair with zero hot spots.

Protects from breakage and damage.

Infused heating plates for healthy hair.
Designed with a protective plate guard for protecting the Max hair straightener from damaging and ready for traveling.

2 inch contoured floating and smooth plates for snag free styling.

Advance ceramic heat technology.

Greatest styling temperature of 185C.
It is a little complex for beginners. The protective guard of Graphene Max’s hair straightener is loose.


Bio Ionic Graphene MX Hair Straightener

Bio Ionic Graphene MX Hair Straightener

The Bio Ionic MX Hair Straightener uses healthy heat for smoothest, long-lasting, and shiniest styles. Graphene Max Straightener is a proprietary complex of natural minerals with graphene, one of the effective heat conductors that allow styling your hair even at low temperatures. The best fit for thin hair as this product comes with 58% less breakage and damage to the hair, even with the maximum temperature.

This technology creates the looks you love, repeatedly without harming the health of your hair. 85% stylists recommend this as they say, It makes their client’s hair feel and look healthy. Therefore, delivering unprecedented results. 1’’ plates make your hair poker-straight, and rounded barrel gives you insane curls.

What’s more? You don’t have to worry about forgetting to switch off your straightener, as it comes with an automatic sleep mode; when not used for more than 30 minutes, it will shut off. The digital temperature controls up to 385F/200C to protect your hair from damage caused by heat, and the 9 feet swivel cord helps you in working conveniently. It comes with a temperature dial, easy to adjust the heat settings.

The natural mineral in the Graphene Max Straightener penetrates your hair for smoothness, superior conditioning, and shine. It also helps to keep the color vibrance and provides consistent heat for styling from roots to ends, with a single stroke. It even has a 5-year warranty.

Bio Ionic Graphene MX VS Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener


GHD Max Hair Straightener

GHD Max Hair Straightener

The GHD Max Hair straightener is best for thick, long, or curly hair as its 1.5-inch-wide plates glide smoothly through hair for easy styling and beautiful hair. The hair straightener also has an additional feature of the speedy heat-up period of 30 seconds and automatic sleep mode, which is activated if your Max Hair Straightener isn’t used for 30 minutes. The automatic sleep mode surely offers an added peace of mind on those rushed mornings.

Its wider contoured plates with advanced ceramic heat technology ensure an optimum styling temperature of 185C from root to tip and deliver a salon-like sleek finish. GHD Max Hair Straightener is best for thick and frizzy hair. You can create natural-looking weaves, simple straight with ease or classic curls. However, its perfect fit for quick and carefree styling, while the contoured edges help to create beautiful waves and curls, all with shine.

You don’t have to worry about the damages as GHD Max Straightener gives a 2-year warranty. You can create a luxurious and unique style wherever you are in the world. You can pack up your styler straight after the use because of the handy protective plate guard.



Bio Ionic Graphene MX

The Bio Ionic Graphene Mx Hair Straightener with infused plates is used to create various incredible styles, with a smooth, sleek, and shiny finish. It is designed with a superior look and light-weighted features. The plates are well-designed with ceramic ultra-smooth material and easy to adjust when it comes to temperature control.



GHD Max Hair Straightener is available in a jet-black shade with eye-catching golden color on the plates, well-designed ceramic plates for snag free styling on large sections of hair with plate length of 90mm and 41mm width.

Specially designed temperature controls for thick, long, and curly hair with universal voltage for outrageous performance.



Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Bio Ionic Graphene Mx Hair Straightener, the world’s finest heat conductor, is immersed in the tool to distribute heat evenly, so you can style at the least temperature, transforming the way you style.

Boasting 68% less breakage (compared to control at 1400 strokes), and scientifically proven to leave hair moisturized, the Graphene Hair Straightener is delivering unprecedented results.



The GHD Max Hair Straightener is a thick hair hero, the perfect hair straightener for thick, long and curly locks, with 1 ½ inch wide plates for easy, quick styling. Leaves hair smooth & frizz-free with one pass, as it holds more hair at a time.



Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Bio Ionic Mx Hair Straightener, with ceramic mineral plates, support to hydrate and condition your hair, functions to penetrate each strand with moisture and seal the cuticle for healthier, softer, and more shiny tresses. It restores the strands instead of scorching them as well as shield your hair.



GHD Max Hair straightener lets you achieve sleek strands, voluminous curls, and funky flips. The heat controlling is precise and quicker to give you maximum control over your style.

Its golden plates smoothen the hair for an ultra-shine finish, adding a pinch of glamour too. This can create bouncy, smooth, big curls that perfectly fit for carefree and quick styling. It worth every penny.



Bio Ionic Hair straightener comes with an adjustable heat setting, which provides a moisturizing finish to the hair.

GHD Max Hair Straightener is great for thick curly hair; its safety features are amazing and worth spending on.



Bio Ionic and GHD Hair Straighteners, both come with specific qualities and unique features. The difference between them is Bio Ionic Hair Straightener works beautifully on thin hair with less heat damage, on the other hand, GHD Max Hair Straightener is best suited for thick and curly hair because of its maximum heat settings.

The Bio Ionic Hair Straightener protects your hair more from damage, while GHD straightener doesn’t protect much from damage and breakage due to heat. As per your need and the specifications of each one, you can buy the hair straightener.