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Bio Ionic Graphene MX VS Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Hair straightening is a styling concept that has been in existence for almost two centuries. This technique is widely popular amongst girls as a lot of people find straightened, and sleeky hair is prettier than coarse and wavy hair. This straightening can be achieved by a variety of products like shampoos and conditioners and tools like straighteners.

Straighteners are effective for the instant and temporary straightened look that they give your hair. This article essentially compares two brands that give the best hair straighteners in the market- Bio Ionic and Dyson.

Bio Ionic Graphene MX Straightener Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener
Bio Ionic Graphene MX Straightener Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener
Universal Voltage.

High temperature range of 385 F.

Presence of swivel cord.

Automatic 30 min shut off.

Reduction of hair breakage by 58%.

Convenient Usage.

Three precise heat settings 330 F, 365 F, and 410 F to suit hair types.

Flexibility, strength, and thermal conduction.

Universal Voltage.

Battery full-time charge is 70 min.

Auto shut-off.
Expensive Price range.

Absence of silicone speed strips.

Absence of sonic vibration.

Battery might die soon.

Non-flexible temperature settings.


Bio Ionic Graphene MX Straightener

Bio Ionic Graphene MX Straightener

Bio Ionic is one of the promising brands in the styling tool industry. Bio Ionic offers a vast variety of hairdryers, flat irons, styling irons, curling irons, curling wands, hairbrushes, and accessories. With premium technologies embedded in the making of every hair tool, this brand has paved its own way in establishing a prominent place in the market.

Bio Ionic hair tools have made major innovations in hair tools by applying technologies like Graphene MX, Volcanic MX, Nano Ionic Mx, and Gold Mx. Of these technologies, Graphene MX is the newest. This technology incorporates Graphene, which is the most efficient ion mobilizer in the world that can impact the styling of your hair.

Best selling flat irons from Bio Ionic include OnePass Styling Iron, Graphene MX styler, 10X Styling iron, and Gold Pro Flat iron. The most innovative flat iron incorporated with a premium technology is Graphene MX Styler.

Graphene MX straightener is proven to give your hair the moisturized look and reduce your hair breakage by at least 58%. The even heat distribution is enabled by the infused Graphene particles, which help you to style and moisturize your hair at minimal temperatures.

Graphene Mx straighteners reduce the damage induced on your hair due to styling by 90% and make your hair feel healthier. The 1’’ plates and rounded barrels enable you to create amazing curls, waves, and many different styles on your hair. The maximum temperature is 385 F, and there is also an auto shut off facility if inactivity is detected for thirty minutes.

The straightener has features like Ceramic Mineral Complex, BioCeramic MCH heater, universal voltage adjustable heat, 9ft. swivel cord. Its watt rating is 38. This product is a great buy as it is padded with high-end features and also supported with a five-year warranty.

Bio Ionic VS T3 Hair Straighteners


Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Dyson is a British company that has been in existence for almost two decades now. Dyson is known for its products, which include home appliances like vacuum cleaners, purifiers, hand dryers, fans, heaters, and hair tools.

Dyson Complete AirWrap for hair types and Dyson Corrale hair straightener are a few hair straightener series that are launched by Dyson. The latest hair straightener of Dyson Corrale which comes with flexing plates that helps in achieving styling with less heat and reduced frizz.

This straightener has flexing plates that help you style your hair in fewer strokes. The cord-free straightener gives a good thermal output, which resembles that of a corded straightener. The straightener reduces your hair breakage due to styling by 50%.

Dyson Corrale hair straightener is best suited for all hair types and hair lengths with three precise temperatures- 330F, 365F, and 410F for styling your hair. The flexible plates are made of Manganese copper alloy, and this increases strength and thermal conduction. A full charge can be achieved in 70 minutes.

The weight distribution is even enough to prevent your hand from fatigue. The OLED screen shows battery level, temperature control, and charging status during use.

The hair straightener auto shuts off after 10 minutes of inactivity, which ensures the safety and saves energy. A safety lock is provided for immediate storage after use. The hair straightener is provided with a universal voltage and a battery disabler, which is TSA-approved.

Dyson Corrale VS Bio Ionic 10X Straightener



Products for personal use should attract a bigger crowd if they are portable.

Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Graphene MX straightener is designed with a cord of 9 ft. These straighteners are padded with premium technology like Graphene particles for creating long-lasting and damaged freestyles.

The 1’’ Graphene infused plates ensure fast and consistent heat up that gives uniform heating for hair from root to tip.


Dyson Corrale

The latest Dyson straightener, which is Dyson Corrale, is cordless and can be charged to 100% within seventy minutes.

With flexible places for great styling, OLED screen for allowing you to visualize battery and temperature, and a low machine weight of 1.23 lbs, this product is easy for use and travel-friendly. The weight of the product is evenly distributed in a way that reduces the fatigue of your hand.



Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Graphene Mx facilitates the styling of your hair at lower temperatures and a lesser number of strokes by making use of the heat-conducting property of Graphene. Graphene MX has a digital temperature control up to 385F and supports universal voltage.


Dyson Corrale

Dyson Corrale discharges completely at an on-time of 30 minutes. The machine can charge completely within 70 minutes. The temperature regulation of the plates is 100 times a second. The maximum temperature control of this straightener is 410F. This helps you to make sure your temperature never exceeds the chosen value.



Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Graphene MX straightener, which is infused with Graphene particles, helps in creating iconic styles for your hair without compromising in moisturization of your hair. Hair breakage is reduced to 58%, and hair damage is reduced to 90%.


Dyson Corrale

Dyson Hair straightener is designed with flexing plates, which produces amazingly shiny and sleek looks without increasing the frizz of your hair. The flexing plates also ensure heat control and enable you to reduce your hair breakage by at least 50%.



Bio Ionic Graphene MX

Graphene MX straightener from Bio Ionic is provided with a ceramic mineral complex for creating healthy styles and BioCeramic MCH heater for even heat distribution. The watt rating is 38, and the maximum temperature is 385—the product weighs around 9 oz without taking into account the weight of the cord.

Dyson Corrale

Dyson Corrale straightener weighs 1.23 lbs and has a length of 11.5 in. The wattage of the product is 200 W. The flexing plates that help in creating a sleeker look are made of manganese copper alloys.



The cost of the straightener obviously is associated with the features they offer. The price of Dyson Corrale is higher compared to Graphene MX straightener because of its cordless feature. Always be wise in choosing hair products and hair tools based on your hair requirements.

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