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Bed Head Hair Styling Tools Review

Everyone likes experimenting with their hair. For some, the soberness of straight hair pleases their heart, while on the contrary, others like to go wild with their soft curls and beachy waves. However, for such constant fearless hair transitions, one needs high-end hair styling tools to assist them.

Talking about which, how can we forget Bed Head Hair Styling Tools. It is a popular UK based company that offers an innovative array of precisely crafted hair styling tools by professionals to unlock thousands of styling possibilities. In other words, it is a one-stop solution to your different needs. The company is highly renowned for its quality construction and excellent performance.

However, owing to this huge variety of unbeatable tools, it becomes a little difficult for buyers to go for anyone of them. The styling tools are mentioned below

1. Bed Head Hair Curling Wands

  • Curlipops reverse tapered styling iron
  • Curlipops tourmaline ceramic styling iron
  • Curlipops tourmaline ceramic skinny pop styling iron
  • Jumbo Pop Wand
  • Curlipops ¾” Wand
  • Curlipops 1 ¼” Tourmaline Ceramic Tapered Styling Iron
  • Curlipops 1″ Tapered Tourmaline Ceramic Styling Iron
  • Curlipops 1-¼” Tourmaline Ceramic Styling Iron
  • Curlipops Tourmaline Ceramic Spiral Styling Iron

2. Bed Head Hair Wavers

  • Bed Head, A Wave We, Go Tourmaline Ceramic Adjustable Waver
  • Swerve and Curve waver & wand in 1
  • Bed Head Makin’ Waves Tourmaline Ceramic “S” Waver
  • Bed Head Wave Holic
  • Bed Head Little Tease 1″ Tourmaline Ceramic Crimper
  • Bed Head Rock N Roller Tourmaline Ceramic 2-in-1 Styling Iron
  • Curve Check Tourmaline Ceramic 2-in-1 Styling Iron
  • Bed Head Textrovert Tourmaline Ceramic Texturizing Iron

3. Bed Head Hair Dryers

  • Bed Head 1875 Watt Diffuser Dryer
  • Bed Head Pump The Volume 1875 Watt Ion Dial Dryer
  • Blow Out Freak

4. Bed Head Hair Straighteners

  • Bed Head Attention Grabber Tourmaline Ceramic straightener
  • Bed Head Second Day hair straightener
  • MORNING AFTER 1″ straightener

5. Bed Head Hair Crimper

  • Bed Head purple haze mini Ceramic crimper

Let’s Review The Bed Head Hair Styling Tools One By One:

1. Bed Head Hair Curling Curlipops

Bed Head Hair Styling Tools Review

The old boring straight hair does not go well with every outfit. Sometimes, the playfulness of your freshly curled hair adds a subtle touch of perfection to your OOTD. Thus, Bed Head released its line of curlipops with different barrel sizes to accommodate every hair type. Moreover, these curlipops are specifically engineered to provide long-lasting bouncy curls and waves.

Technology infused in Bed Head curlipops

Being one of the safest materials to work as a heating element, Tourmaline releases more negative ions to smooth out your hair and protect it from direct heat. When combined with high-end materials like ceramic, Bed Head curlipops ensure even distribution of heat to provide salon-like results at home. Moreover, this Tourmaline Ceramic technology minimizes frizz and dryness to penetrate the hair without removing all the moisture. Be ready to experience soft, smooth, and shiny-looking hair without causing much damage to your hair.

Design of Bed Head curlipops

Considering the price of Bed Head curlipops, their attractive designs are worth spending each penny. They come with a reverse tapered barrel that is essential for providing delicate, enchanting, and above all, tighter-looking curls. This reverse barrel also helps the buyer resemble apple bottom curls with a lean middle and fuller bottom. The modern clamp-free design makes the appliance lightweight and allows you to wrap your hair around the barrel for ringlets gently. Most importantly, buyers can choose from different silver matte finished barrel sizes, including 1, ½, ¾, 1 ½ (jumbo wand), and 1 ¾ for creaseless curls. Furthermore, the unique spiral barrel adds volume and texture to your defined curls.

Vibrant Colors

The matte silver finish of Tourmaline Ceramic technology fused barrels is paired with different vibrant colors. Bed Head presents curlipops in Metallic Orange, Metallic Purple, Metallic Red, Apple Green, Metallic Pink, and Metallic Blue. These pleasing colors will definitely add joy and fun to your dull hairstyling sessions. 

Heat Settings

The temperature of any hair styling tool is the key to a more personalized look. The Bed Head curlipops heat up to a high temperature of 400 degrees F in a matter of no time. Since the on/off switch is present at such a convenient spot, it is easy to operate the appliance between your styling sessions. Moreover, you no longer have to deal with the fuss of setting the temperature as Bed Head curlipops work only in one heat setting.

Cord Length

Bed Head curlipops are corded hair curlers that are dual voltage for increased convenience overseas as well. Moreover, their professional, flexible cord is around 5-6 feet to prevent tangling of the cord while curling your hair. 

Versatile Barrels of Bed Head Curlipops

There are high chances that Bed Head might be the first hair styling tools manufacturing company to introduce the impressive array of curlipops with versatile barrel options. Let’s take a look at its different curlipops barrels:

  • Tapered barrels- This type of barrel design is popular due to its wide bottom and narrower top. Moreover, it offers 2 in 1 facility as you can use both ends to get loose or tight curls accordingly.
  • Spiral barrels- Bed Head’s innovative range of curlipops offer spiral barrels that are specialized for small, springy spiral curls.

2. Bed Head Hair Wavers

Bed Head Hair Styling Tools Review

With an attempt to provide buyers only high-quality hair wavers, Bed Head has come up with its vast array of creative ones. They are extremely affordable, easy to use, and give long-lasting, gorgeous waves effortlessly. The best thing about these powerful Bed Head hair wavers is that they are equally efficient on any type of curly hair.

The Technology Used In Bed Head Hair Wavers

Much like other products, Bed Head hair wavers are also equipped with the latest Tourmaline Ceramic technology. Do you know what it means? It simply refers to more advantages over less damage. It will be absolutely correct to say that this technology is one of the many core ingredients of Bed Head hair styling tools. Ceramic provides fast heat up, excellent performance, and even distribution of heat for better results.

On the other hand, we have Tourmaline, which is probably the best option to reduce frizz, prevent dryness, and increase the natural shine of your hair simultaneously. It also helps to lock healthy moisture in your hair and add volume to make them healthier. When combined together, these two elements do wonders in your hair.

Design Of Bed Head Hair Wavers

If you are a true fan of loose beachy waves, then you cannot deny Bed Head’s heartwarming collection of hair wavers. Their attractive designs, paired with vibrant colors, prove that the company has not overlooked its appearance. With their ergonomic S-shaped waver barrel, buyers will face no problem with achieving loose eye-pleasing waves at home. Moreover, the unique adjustable waver is super efficient in creating different types of waves using one appliance. They also come in a 2″ Waver Plate design that gives voluminous waves with a better texture. In addition to this, buyers can also purchase the clamp-free design of Bed Head hair wavers that allows you to get giant statement curls just by wrapping your hair between the balls or on balls. Talking about its safety while traveling, the unique plate locking system makes it easier and safer for users to travel while carrying it.

Heat Settings

Buyers can use Bed Head hair wavers at a constant heat setting of 400°. The modern fast heating technology of these appliances spares the user from wasting time and ensures speedy heat recovery. 

Vibrant Color Options

The beautiful silver matt and shiny finish of Bed Head hair wavers are paired with carefully chosen colors. The company has paid great attention to details so that you can go with your favorite color anytime. Bedhead hair wavers are available in colors such as Metallic blue, purple, pink, and red, etc.

Cord Length

Buyers get a flexible swivel cord attached to the hair waver that is around 6-7 feet. It rotates 360 degrees to ensure maximum comfort over anything. More flexibility ensures that the cord rotates at every angle without straining your hand. 

Barrel Shapes

Bed Head hair wavers offer different barrel types to provide different curls at home without putting much effort. These barrels include:

  • Bead-shaped barrel- You must have heard about this peculiar barrel with medium or small-sized balls instead of a long straight barrel. These balls are really helpful to achieve loose waves or springy curves using a single appliance. Moreover, you can either place your hair between these balls or over them to achieve different looks.
  • S-shaped barrel- The next one that we have on our list is the trendy S-shaped barrel. We cannot emphasize this enough and how it works miraculously. This type of hair waver does not just create but gives extremely soft and enticing waves in the blink of an eye.

3. Bed Head Hairdryers

Bed Head Hair Styling Tools Review

No matter how expensive your other hair styling tools are, they are of no use if you don’t have a hairdryer for quick action. In this fast-paced life, we don’t have the time to sit and let hair dry naturally. Thus, Bed Head hair dryers come to our rescue with their mind-blowing features. With a high-velocity air stream and adjustable heat settings, discover how they revolutionize our lives.

Design Of Bed Head Hair Dryers

You will be left speechless after unveiling different types of hair dryers that Bed Head manufacturers. Buyers can choose from an 1875 Watt Diffuser Dryer, 1875 Watt Ion Dial Dryer, and the Blow Out Freak. The smart volume ion dial allows you to choose between 5 different volume levels while the removable diffuser tames frizziness to boost the natural shine of your healthy curls. Many people also refer to Bed Head hairdryers as a one-step dry+volume boosting process. Coming down to the unique Blow Out Freak, its soft bristles add texture and volume to your hair without scratching the hell out of your scalp.

Most importantly, buyers can get their hands on these products in different color options to match your makeup vanity at home. The concentrator attachment with Ion Dial Dryer gives you a salon-like blowout every time. On the other hand, the easily removable diffuser is the best choice to enhance your bouncy curls and prevent them from further damage. With minimalist designs and an 1875 watt motor, Bed Head hair dryers are no less than its competitors.

Heat Settings

Bead Head hair dryers can be used at 3 different heat settings- hot, warm, and cool to obtain the high-velocity air stream. Moreover, you can also choose between high or low-speed settings to obtain a more personalized look without putting any effort. The high heat setting works the best for coarse and dense hair, whereas a lower temperature is suitable if you have thin hair. In addition to this, Bed Head hair dryers also provide a cool shot button to lock your crazy and funky curls in place for a longer duration.

Technology In Bed Head Hair Dryers

Like other Bed Head hair styling tools, their hairdryers are also equipped with the latest Tourmaline Ceramic technology. They blow-dry, style, and volumize your natural curls without producing unnecessary sounds. One of the best things about this technology is that it works in two ways. First, it prevents your hair from drying out or becoming dull, extremely frizzy, and secondly, it ensures uniform heat in the air stream for better results. Get ready for some defined, voluminous, and bold curls at home within a few minutes. 

Cord Length

One of the best things about Bed Head’s hair styling tools is their code lengths. These corded appliances usually have a 5-6 ft cord for your convenience. Moreover, they do not tangle or break easily to hamper the appliance’s performance or durability.


Bed Head Hair blow dryers and diffusers come with a unique removable diffuser and end cap. These components can be easily removed by gently twisting and sparing the user from cleaning the after mess. All you have to do is twist, remove the part, clean it with a mini brush, and completely dry before storing the appliance again.

4. Bed Head Hair Crimpers

Bed Head Hair Styling Tools Review

Are you one of those who think straight and curly hair is not extraordinary for you? Or are you looking to try out something unique and fun? If yes, then Bed Head hair crimpers are a perfect choice for you. With a minimalist design and extremely efficient features, they will make you lose your senses.

Design of Bed Head Hair Crimpers

Bed Head presents the Purple Haze Mini Ceramic Crimper with ½” high-end ceramic plates for an excellent performance. Instead of harshly pulling your hair or snagging, the appliance gently glides on your hair strands and does the job swiftly. The ceramic coated plates are suitable for all hair types and equally efficient on coarse, thick, and stubborn hair. The dual voltage capability makes it an optimum solution for traveling to foreign countries. Talking about its exterior, Bed Head never compromises with the quality of its products, and thus, the mini crimper gives a good grip on hands for better control of the product. Since it is a mini version of the standard crimper, the company has made it lightweight so that the appliance does not feel bulky while styling your hair.

Heat Setting

Owing to the fast heating technology, Bed Head mini hair crimper requires merely 30 seconds to heat up to the maximum temperature of 400° F. After all, the company very well understands that the hotter, the better. The on/off switch is present between the ceramic plates for easy accessibility and a sleek, attractive exterior.

Who said size matters because the Bed Head Purple Haze Mini Ceramic Crimper solely defies it all. Although it is a compact hair crimper, the hair styling tool never fails to add long-lasting volume to your hair. It is a unique space-saving invention that amps up your look without going through much hassle. Buyers can also use the heat- resistant drawstring storage pouch that comes with this crimper for easy traveling and storage.

5. Bed Head Hair Straighteners

Bed Head Hair Styling Tools Review

If you are born with naturally curly hair, then we know your heart always wants to try something fun and exciting. With the launch of their crazy hair straighteners, Bed Head is all set to amaze its buyers. They are packed with jaw-dropping features and under a budget that gives them brownie points over other companies.

Technology in Bed Head Hair Straighteners

The core ingredient of Bed Head hair styling tools that is the Tourmaline Ceramic technology is found in its hair straighteners. The company strives hard to minimize the damage as much as possible while multiplying benefits from its products. Their hair straighteners tame frizz, reduce dryness and adds more shine to bring back life to your dull, boring hair. After all, one cannot deny that the healthier your hair is, the shinier they will appear to human eyes.

Design of Bed Head Hair Straighteners

With 1″ and ½” ceramic plates, you can finally achieve a close to scalp look without burning yourself with their high temperature. These Bed Head straighteners are specifically designed to accommodate different hair lengths and are most suitable to tame baby hairs and flyaways. Owing to their sturdy silicone grips, you can exercise greater control over the appliance even if it is at its highest temperature. Talking about its LED screen, buyers can easily pick and set an ideal heat setting to style their mane and keep it sleek, smooth, and attractive. One of the best things about Bed Head hair straighteners is the travel-friendly size of their appliances. They are carefully engineered to incorporate more features without adding more weight to them. Thus, they are extremely lightweight and compact to fit your duffle bags easily and work nonstop even in other parts of the world.

Heat Settings

Bed Head hair straighteners require only 15-30 seconds to heat up to their maximum temperature quickly. The ½” Pixie straightener works at 450°F whereas the Bed Head attention grabber features a high heat temperature of 400°F. Talking about the Bed Head morning after 1″ straightener, buyers can choose between different settings including Wash Day, Second Day, and Third Day respectively. 

Final Verdict

For those who are just beginning to experiment with their hairstyles, it is important to choose the right appliance. You don’t want your first time to be full of burnt hair or anything like this. Bearing in mind the huge variety of hair styling tools, the task might become a little difficult.

However, upon reading the article, you might have observed a lot about Bed Head’s hair styling tools. One thing is for sure that they never compromise with their quality. They have something for everyone, such as the ½” Pixie straightener for pixie cuts and short hair. This ensures buyers that the company actually cares about its audience. Moreover, their hair styling tools are easy to use, and even a beginner can use them in the first go. Buyers also get a guide manual to better help them assemble, use, or take care of the appliance.

Another impressive feature of Bed Head’s hair appliances is their combo appliances. For instance, you can buy the curve waver and wand in 1 and Bed Head Rock N Roller Tourmaline Ceramic 2-in-1 Styling Iron, etc., to save space in your vanity. In other words, the company is a one-stop solution to your drying, curling, styling, and crimping requirements. It is unarguably true that all these features make the company Bed Head different from the rest. It stands sturdy among its competitors and provides high-end hair styling tools under a budget. We don’t have to spend our entire savings on ‘branded’ things when we can just go for their much better and affordable alternatives.

Where is the model number of a product?

The model number is printed on each and every product. It starts with ‘BH,’ and if you still can not find it, please contact their customer services. This is the toll-free number- 1-800-487-7273

Are Bed Head hair dryers too noisy?

With a powerful 1875 Watt motor, Bed Head hair dryers are not at all noisy. Instead, they can be used during early mornings without disturbing the other person. They are swift, gently, and work well on all hair types.

What about the types of bristles used in Bed Head Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush?

The Bed Head Hair Dryer And Volumizer hot airbrush gently detangles your hair without scratching your scalp or harshly pulling knots out of them. Talking about its bristles, they are called ‘boar-bristles’ that is one of the best things for your hair. In other words, these bristles improve the texture and look of your hair by simply blow drying them. Sounds unbelievable, right? Try it out yourself and get amazed by its performance.

How can you get loose or tight curls from one hair curler if you have naturally straight hair?

Bed Head’s hair curling wand or bead-shaped hair curler can give you different looks in no time. If you want tight curls, then carefully wrap your hair above those circles, whereas loose waves can be obtained using the space between circles.

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