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Aquage Hair Styling Tools Review

Beauty products are inspired by an exclusive blend of AlgaePlex Marine Botanicals that nurture, smoothen while preserving every strand of hair is the motto of popular brand Aquage. This latest salon technology gives the best professional performance even on a normal day. The company operates into two haircare brands, including Aquage and Biomega products. The main styling tools include straightener, dryer, and curling tools with other related hair care products. Aquage is a vegan brand and doesn’t contain animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products. The main features of the hair styling tools are:

  • Strengthens and guards your hair
  • For wavy or curly hair
  • Smoothens

For products like flat irons and curling irons, Aquage built styling tools that style your hair without creating too much damage. When carrying these devices, you’ll always want a lightweight model to work quickly and efficiently. And in common, tools that can be used in several ways which are always worth the investment. The brand is known for creating a perfect example of the versatility of the tool. It is great for achieving sleek, straight hair with its rounded edges that can be used to create curly waves in a simple bend of the wrist. All Aquage offers are just clamping a section of your hair and then hitting the shaft in the area that you require your hair to spin. The genius tools curl your hair and straighten them as per your convenience.

In this article, different hair styling tools from Aquage are described below to help you choose the glam look!

1. Aquage Silk Smoothing Iron

Aquage Hair Styling Tools Review

The Silk Smoothing Iron produces smooth and frizz-free hair by creating a flawless finished look by saving money and hair. When you use Aquage products, you will encounter the wonderful perks of stronger hair looks and a professional feeling. It can be difficult to choose a smoothening iron while opting for the best for your hair. Some flat irons claim to limit the burning of hair while others declare the best material used in their product for healthy, shiny hair. However, Aquage Silk Smoothening Iron offers both these along with other special features. The flat iron keys straighten the hair giving a more natural look.


An exclusive silk complex blended fiberglass with silicone and Teflon to defend hair from heat complex plates. Features the most superior ceramic coating infused with solid silk proteins, this flat iron gives more ceramic content than normal flat irons. When you use Aquage products, you will experience a wonderful design for healthier hair that looks and feels great. These salon-quality products are made with a higher strength of ingredients and deliver the best results for any occasion.

Ceramic Plates

Ceramic is immune to corrosion, and the thermal conductivity is lower than other metal plates. This causes no more snagging, damage, trapping dust, and particles or products built upon the space between plates. Ceramic plates are great for smoothing out hair and reducing frizz as it holds heat very well, achieving high temperatures. The even heat distribution comes to choose between ceramic flat irons, including ceramic plates, ceramic coating, or tourmaline plates produced by the brand.


A variable temperature adjustment tool that allows controlling as per the temperature suitable for your hair. Most experts and hairstylists use this hair styling tool with a variable setting. It offers 5 temperature presets up to 450 degrees giving chemically treated hair extra care to keep lively and moisturized. Its technology assures even heat over the whole plate for even styling.


It is often found that low-quality hair products drain hair out and remove the dye from hair. However, the speed of Aquage smoothing iron can be constantly adjusted by your convenience for covering all parts of the hair.

Small, thin flat irons are exceptional hair care tools for men and women with short hair, also being perfect for styling bangs and spikes. Large, wide hair straighteners comprise more surface area and are great choices for people with long or heavy hair.

2. Aquage Hair Straightener

Aquage Hair Styling Tools Review

Aquage Hair Straightener lasts for years and shields your hair from accidental damage. The tool is a versatile styler that can be used as a curling iron to beautify your hair. It is considered to buy this good straightener as a one-time investment without bothering about replacing it after a few months. As titanium plates heat up faster and normally reach much higher temps than ceramic plates, it is considered the best choice to straighten rough and curly hair. However, higher temperatures lead to more damage, and if your hair is fine, Aquage provides flat ceramic iron often combined with tourmaline plates straighteners. This distributes heat more evenly at lower temps for less damage and gives you the ability to instantly create everything from smooth and even to curly and wavy styles.

Plate Width

The edges of these hair tools affect their performance. As the iron plates and outer edges are slightly curved, it can easily be changed to a curling iron as per your desire. Wider plates are the secret behind quickly results while straightening your hair. Most women with fine hair may claim wide plates use too much heat, destroying the hair shaft. However, it depends on your frequency of use to decide on this factor.


Ceramic irons are responsible for effective and good performance by offering constant heat for most hair textures. The ceramic wear down, issuing you with an iron that distributes heat properly for the straightening act. Titanium irons heat up quickly, utilizing higher temperatures more precisely, and these irons tend to be pricier as it is suitable for very curly, coarse hair types. Tourmaline plates, or commonly referred to as ionic plates, are great for damaged hair as they produce more negative ions than positive ions that reduce frizz and give the best results.


To reduce hair breakage, it is always advisable to choose an iron that offers adjustable heat settings for styling on the lowest heat setting to get desirable results. Aquage offers variable temperature and heat settings to its hair styling tools that vary as per the variants. Some low-cost irons sometimes heat up unevenly, which leads to an odd texture and possibly even burning segments of your hair. Aquage professional hair styler has smart sensors in each plate, assuring that the iron is hot to style and straighten your hair without overheating.


Auto Shut-off features are included in every single straightener of Aquage. It allows you to use your iron without bothering to forget to turn it off before you leave the apartment and will simply shut down all on its own. This feature indeed makes all types of irons produced by Aquage are safest on the market.

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3. Aquage Hair Dryer

Aquage Hair Styling Tools Review

The hairdryer performance of Aquage depends on wattage and high technology used in it. It can last about a week on your hair, and this dryer features titanium technology with two-speed settings and 1,900 watts of power as specifications. They reduce the hair drying time by almost 80%, and there is much more exceeding than just draining the hair. These devices also help in styling your hair as well, either curls or straight. Aquage good hairdryers are light in weight, comfortable to use, and extremely efficient while increasing the frizz and make the hair shafts brittle.


These dryers are very sensitive and powerful than other ionic or ceramic hairdryers available on the market. Titanium hair dryers are 50 times more active than conventional dryers. The overheat protection feature shields the hair from damaging when the excess heat is delivered from the device while the drying process. Heat balancing technology circulates the hot air constantly to dry out the hair fast, and an inlet decreases the curling of hair for adequate drying.


These high wattage hair dryers are quite suitable for thick, long, and curly hair types. It provides you higher temperature while the heat setting is not suitable for delicate and flat hair types. 1200-watts motor provides a gentle flow of dry air, leaving smooth and shiny hair. The dryer can be set to an optimum level to dry out the hair quickly. The heat balance technology guarantees air delivery to stop hair damage and results in less vulnerability to heat.


Aquage believes hairdryers should be compact and foldable to carry it in your bag. Hence, these hair dryers are small-sized and can be chosen, especially for frequent travelers. They are available in different sizes for varying purposes like broad, extended concentrator nozzles are used for drying larger surfaces. It is mainly useful for thick and long hair for faster drying. However, short narrow ends give curly and frizzy hair while eliminating frizz.

Heat Settings

Heat control settings are to arrange your dryer temperature to use it with your necessary temperature. As reviewed above in the wattage point, this high wattage tool offers you adjustable heat temperature without letting burn your hair. These devices come with at least 3 different heat settings, including low, medium, and high heat, while most modern hair dryers from Aquage come with an adjustable heat setting option. It is completely suited for fine and thin hair as these hair types soak the heat much faster than thick hair. You can adjust the heat and airflow according to your demands, starting with the lowest setting to the maximum setting.

4. Aquage Hair Roller

With straight hair, the conflict of curling is common. Hence, Aquage straight hair has its unique quality of curling it instead of using some curling gel or rolling it up into a bun for hours. This tool is designed to give you magical curls within minutes. It makes wet hair stick onto the surface immediately due to static force, and once you fasten your hair to these rollers, they can be pinned up for a better grip. You can get satin-silk curls effortlessly as hair stays intact and does not unwind. The nylon sleeves are responsible for drying your hair quickly and can be used with Aquage hairdryers and flat irons


The barrel is the crucial element and the heating element inside it and helps you against getting hurt. This barrel size defines your curl type. You can choose Aquage for longer, loose, wavy, small, and tight curls. A larger roller makes larger, smoother waves or curls and add more volume at the root. It can be used for styles when you just want to give some appearance and moderate wave or curl to the hair type. However, smaller rollers make smaller, tighter waves or curls and produce less volume at the root and can be used for styles that are confined to the head, requiring more defined curls or tighter waves.


The barrel’s material from Aquage is an essential feature of the hair roller material as it serves as an excellent conductor to heat up quickly. The material is high quality to shield your hair and not burn it during the process. Ceramic material is used, as it evenly heats the barrel for smooth and better hair styling. There is no worry about hair damage due to extreme heat. The ceramic curler can be easily controlled as it comes with various heat settings while reducing split ends that could ruin your hair.


The number of rollers depends on the thickness of your hair and the type of the desired style you are trying to achieve. The Aquage hair roller set contains enough rollers to fit your demands. These hot rollers come with a lower heat setting and are ideal for damaged or fine hair.

Final Verdict

From temperature to the material of the hairstyling tool, Aquage offers the best products to its customers with high technology used in it. While considering hair styling tools, there is a huge difference between buying a professional brand and a local one. It might be expensive but will also last than other traditional tools available in the market, which needs replacement after every few months. As any customer would opt for the best product that does not cause hair damage, it is designed with this motto. These tools are typically made from ceramic or titanium plates, ensuring maximum protection. Use it 8 hours a day or 6 days a week on different hair types as per your temperature adjustment and desired time!

How to choose the temperature for setting your hair?

Your hair type, hair section, and plate size determine the temperature suitable for your hair. As the highest heat setting can go as high as 410F and the lowest, 170F in most conventional hair styling tools. If your hair is exposed to a temperature in a range of 347-419 even for a few minutes, it can be damaged instantly, causing burns. Hence, it is advisable to keep the heating as low as possible and then expand until you feel satisfied.

For what duration can a flat iron be used?

If you own thick, wavy, and coarse hair, you can straighten each 2 to 4 days while using a flat iron procedure and applying conditioner to remove chemicals. It is advisable to use just one flat iron for your strong hair and medication every 2 weeks. You may extend this for another week too, which will also ensure developing the health of your hair.

What is the best suitable size for any hair styling tool?

There are different sizes of flat iron from different brands available in the market. A small-sized flat iron comes with half an inch while a big one comes with 2 inches wide. You can use the small flat iron for less hair and flat iron for thicker and coarse hair. Both men and women can use any of the flat iron depending on their hair type.

Which material should be used for a curling iron?

Curling irons can be made of either ceramic, titanium, chrome, gold, Tourmaline, Teflon, and their blend. It largely depends on your budget and hair types to pick, often high-quality curling irons made of gold, titanium, ceramic, and tourmaline plates.

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