8 Best Beard Balms For Every Men Who Love Beard

That thick and full beard does take a lot of time to grow, right? It’s not just a matter of a day. And you would want to keep your beard in its immaculate form all the time; after all, it’s every men’s crowning glory!

Now the first question that hits your mind is how you would be able to do that? The answer must be it takes regular grooming, but you can get those amazing results with the best grooming essentials. Your beard grooming essentials kit is always incomplete without the best beard balms.

Yes, it is trickier to find a high-quality beard balm as there are a variety of upcoming products, and you need to find whether you are getting the authentic one. You will need the best of the natural ingredients in it.

We did our research and rounded up with these best beard balms for you. Before starting, we will discuss here what is beard balm and what makes you buy the authentic one for you.


What Is Beard Balm?

So, you all must have used a hair conditioner before. Did you notice the smoothness and softness it provides to your hair in just a single application of it over your hair? A beard balm does the same, but it is meant for your facial hair.

Beard balm is used to hold that style a place, and it’s more helpful if you have a thick and full beard. It thickens your facial hair giving it a voluminous look and tame you’re coarse. The smell it leaves is a bonus point.


What Factors To Consider While Buying A Beard Balm?

You get confused as there are already a variety of high-quality beard balms available in the market. From all the natural ingredients, balm’s styling capacity, to how it can smoothen your facial hair, there is a lot more to consider while making a buying decision.

Beard balm includes essential oils combined with carrier oils. These oils contain highly graded botanical ingredients that are free from synthetic materials and additives. So, this buying guide will help you find your best beard balm, and you’ll have to never waste money on something which doesn’t serve your needs.

1. Carrier Oils

You can get a soft beard by applying the beard balm as it has natural substances such as grapeseed oil, coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, etc. that nourishes your rough or dry facial hair. The best beard balms have a combination of these superb moisturizing oils.

If you are focusing on the oil part, then you need to first look at the label of the balm for a better buying experience. You can check the concentration level of oils in the balms. If you find the oils in the first three ingredients, then the chances are they must be having a high concentration.


2. The Smell

The essential oils itself have unique scents, and most balms use these potent oils combination. You need to do a little research on how that particular essential oil smells like. If you are not into those woody cabins type of scent, then we advise not to buy balms with cedarwood or sandalwood; instead, go for the citrusy ones.

If they come it with a trial size, then it’s better to purchase that one first. Yes, scents indeed have a strong influence on your mood. So, if you didn’t love the scent of your newly purchased beard balm, then chances are it might ruin your day.


3. Check the Butter Used

The beard balms include mostly cocoa and shea butter, and they have unique moisturizing properties. They eliminate the discomforts like itchiness and beardruff, but some people might be allergic to nut butter. But, we need butter in our life, and you might want to scout for some beard balms having mango butter instead.

These also work wonders. So, ditch the beard balm without butter because what is its use if it won’t take care of beardruff and the flakes.


4. Travel Friendly

You all would want a beard balm that you can carry easily while traveling. So, these balms come in a small tin and can be easily stored in luggage. You just need to check while packing as sometimes the top lid gets screwed up, then there might be chances of getting waxy luggage all over.


5. Animal Cruelty-Free

Some beard balms are based on animal fat, while a few contain emu oil. But, some people find emu oil’s extraction process a bit inhumane.


6. Filled With Natural Ingredients

The top-rated ones contain more natural ingredients. So, check the labels and then select your perfect type.


7. Holds the Style You Want

They can hold a style in place, and it can range from light to medium and superior. Specially, you need to go for that one which can hold the style in place for a long run if you have a thick beard. If you do not have that voluminous hair, then you need to find a light hold beard balm.


8. The Price

The beard balms are easy to afford and do not put a dent to your wallet. You just need to make sure whether you are getting that value for what you’ve paid for. Try to pick the one with the 100 percent money-back guarantee.


9. Spreadable

It should be soft and spreadable as you have to apply it on your face. Check while buying as some are too soft so that they melt when rubbed, but a few are a little stiff, and you need to put your efforts to spread it all over your beard area.


10. Hypoallergic

If you have sensitive skin, then there may be chances that carrier and essential oils block your pores and cause breakouts. There is a high concentration of jojoba oil in hypoallergic beard balms. It won’t clog your pores and is the best fit for the sensitive skin.

Your beard balm should have these features:

  • Should reduce flakiness, beardruff, and itchiness.
  • Should be able to nourish and smoothen your beard.
  • Should only have natural ingredients and no synthetic ingredients.
  • Must be able to tame the flyaways and strays.
  • Must be able to use it for styling purposes.
  • Must love its smell.

1. Viking Revolution Beard Care Conditioner For Men

Best Beard Balms


The Viking Revolution’s beard care conditioner for men provides you a soft and smooth beard. Its beard conditioner kit includes a sandalwood scented beard wash, dual-action beard comb, beard balm, beard conditioner, and beard oil.

Being ideal for anyone having a mustache or a beard, or even thinking of growing it, all the beard products come in a travel-friendly and portable gift box. The scents are fresh and used with natural formulations and have avoided the use of harsh chemicals to be kind to your skin.

It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a great value set combined with the best mustache and beard products at a reasonable price. You need to start by washing and conditioning your beard in the shower. Then, apply some beard balm after drying your beard. Later, comb with the double-sided wooden pocket comb.


  • Makes your beard magnificent.
  • Portable and travel-friendly.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • High-quality, including premium ingredients.


  • Works well on the thick beard.


2. Honest Amish Beard Balm – New Large 4 Ounce Twist Tin

Best Beard Balms


Honest Amish is a makes fine organic beard care products and carefully craft the high-quality handmade beard balms & waxes, lip balms, licorice, soaps, etc. They have used a perfect blend of hair strengthening botanicals combined in a base of virgin argan, apricot kernel oils, almond, avocado, pumpkin seed.

The wild rogue and new growth hair cause itching; this balm helps condition your skin and stop the itching issue. Included with rich fruit and nut butter such as aloe, shea, cocoa, etc., it helps in smoothening, conditioning, drying split hair, and nourishment of newly grown hair.

The Honest Amish beard balm is considered the best among any beard oil or conditioner that you’ve used earlier. No chemicals, man-made preservatives, fake fragrances, or colorants are used in this beard care product.

Every oil butter is organic, combined with 15 enhancing and strengthening wild harvested botanicals. The 4 ounces 100 % recyclable tin is fully biodegradable and re-usable.


  • Conditions great and hold your beard.
  • Keep your hair straight.
  • Free from chemicals, fake fragrances, or colorants.
  • Repairs and rejuvenates your hair.


  • People who have allergies from nuts should avoid this beard balm.


3. Old Spice Men’s Beard Balm

Best Beard Balms


Old Spice makes hair, body wash, deodorant, antiperspirant, and beard care. From its beard care collection, the beard balm for men 2.22 provides you that control over your beard, which you have always desired. It’s made from synthetic chemicals and make your beard less brittle and tangled.

You can get amazing results by applying this beard balm daily.

It acts as a conditioner by moisturizing the men’s facial hair. After washing and conditioning your beard, just take some nickel sized balm and rub it between your palms together. Then, massage it all over your facial hair for control and taming.


Water, Ceresin, Pvp, Methylparaben, Cetearyl Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Dicaprylyl Maleate, Petrolatum, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax Phenoxyethanol, Cetyl Alcohol, Aminomethyl Propanol, Ceteareth-25, Carbomer, Fragrance, Propylparaben, Disodium Edta.


  • Moisturizes your tamed beard.
  • Fast beard growth.
  • Great beard conditioner.
  • Fights dryness, cold, and heat with skin nurturing oils


  • Fragrance might be unappealing.


4. Striking Viking Scented Beard Balm Variety Pack 4

Best Beard Balms


The pack of 4 comprises of all-natural citrus, vanilla, sandalwood, and cedarwood scents for men. Your beard doesn’t lose that quality shine and shape as this beard balm has natural ingredients in it, and you get a hassle-free good look. By penetrating the hair roots, til nourishing the skin, prevents that dry-skin itch and flaking.

Striking Viking’s non-greasy styling balm is quite easy to apply, starts softening faster, straightens frizzy and wild hair, and needs no rinsing. You get a beard or mustache smooth under control.

Your beard gets fully nourished and protected by the all-natural, high-quality ingredients. When you are styling your facial hair, it gives you hold and control and never leaves an oily feeling.

Get rid of that itchiness in your beard and apply some beard balm to reduce flakiness. Being a perfect beard softener and moisturizer for all skin types, whether its acne-prone, dry, or oily. Take a small amount into your palms, rub them together until melted, then apply to your mustache or beard and then comb or brush through to style.


Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Cedarwood Oil, Lavender, Tea Tree, Vitamin E, Rosemary


  • Styling control and hold.
  • Improves brittle, dry, and rough hair.
  • High-quality natural ingredients.
  • Aids beard growth.


  • You might require excess quantity for effective results.


5. Urban Nomads Beard Balm and Creamy Citrus Wax with a Strong Hold and Conditioned look

Best Beard Balms


The equally light, sculptable, and aromatic beard wax provides your beard a silky-smooth texture that melts between your fingers and never lets you miss a single strand.

This best formula includes a healthy mix of Carotenes, Bergamot oil, Sesame Seed oils, and Citrus fruits. These all work together to repair the splitting and dry hair by restoring its shine and promoting hair growth.

Urban Nomads has come with this stronghold beard wax, which gives the user a firm hold for his beard or mustache. Moreover, this beard wax doesn’t contain animal fats or any petroleum-based ingredients.

By no clogging your pores, this also brings you the best of all-natural skincare and the hair products from Barcelona. It includes no parabens, no silicone, no colorants, no PEGs. Instead, they have worked on the delivery of high-quality ingredients that nourish your hair and skin.

The Shea butter contains a high concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids that makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for your skin. It also reduces inflammation and prevents you from acne spread due to the presence of lupeol cinnamate in it.

Beeswax prevents your facial hair by providing a fantastic protective layer that attracts water and hydration to your hair and face. The vitamin A and its anti-bacterial properties present in it are for a sculpting agent that is both malleable and nutritious.

Argan Oil has 80% unsaturated fatty acids with high levels of Vitamin E, making it perfect for all kinds of skin ailments and is known to improve skin metabolism, promoting fantastic moisture retention and also reducing inflammation.


Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Lemon Oil, Rosehip, Bergamot Orange, Sweet Almond, Vitamin E.


  • Sweet nutty citrus scent.
  • Soft and creamy Shea Butter and Beeswax.
  • Long-lasting and includes 100% organic essentials.
  • Animal cruelty-free ingredients.


  • Requires massaging of your beard to apply properly.


6. Beard Gains Pristine Luxury Men Original Cologne Scented Beard Balm Conditioner – Medium Butter Hold – Made for A Man, Loved by Women (4oz)

Best Beard Balms


Handmade beard balm is made in the southern hills of Alabama on a goat milk farm by women having more than 2 years of experience. The slogan conveys “Made for man, loved by women.” It is based on how a woman wants her man to smell like.

You can easily control your beard frizz and those wild hairs that annoy you. It promotes your beard growth by moisturizing and providing your beard that proper organic nourishment. Most men face this beard dryness issue, but this beard balm helps a man with less hair breakage and split ends.

Tested with your conclusive feedback and mixed with the healthy organic blends. No quality compromise as it is made with high-grade imported oils directly from India, and pristine scents in its original condition.

A texture and more volume are added to the beard with a much thicker and free look. No matter how thin a beard you have, it just adds definition to your beard.


  • Control wild hair and beard frizz.
  • Adds thickness to your facial hair.
  • Provides a moderate hold, mold, and tames your beard.
  • Give a structured, cleanliness look.


  • None


7. Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit with Beard Grooming products

Best Beard Balms


Shea Moisture’s beard kit, combined with all-natural ingredients, softens and conditions your beard. It is infused with the shea butter, its rich in vitamin A, E, and F, protecting dry skin. Paraben, sulfate, and cruelty-free, its perfect for those men with sensitive skin and all hair types, by nourishing, detangling, quickly cleansing full beards to leave them scruff-free and well-groomed.

The maracuja infused shea butter helps you in achieving a smooth and define facial hair. Premium natural ingredients help in getting a healthy natural complexion.

Along with restoring shine, argan oil moisturizes your skin as it contains antioxidants that boost cells. No harmful ingredients are used as some men might have sensitive skin.

The maracuja oil provides you maximum hydration with a firm furnish and smoother skin. Combined with vitamin C and essential fatty acids, it helps in rejuvenating and repairing your skin.


  • Nourishes your skin and rejuvenates it.
  • Fights the roughness and makes hair frizz-free and smoother.
  • Lingering soft aromatic scent.
  • Gives shine by moisturizing skin.


  • Works well on thick beards.


8. Tame the Wild Easy Glide Beard Straightener Essentials Kit

Best Beard Balms


Tame the Wild is a company located in the U.S and offers high-quality beard care products. This ‘Easy Glide’ heated hair and beard straightener are for those hard-working men who take that pride in their beard. There are times when you want to clean up and showcase what you have got.

For a smooth straightening experience working on both hair and beard, this rapid heating straightener provides rapid heating, ceramic bristles, and a 360-degree tangle-free cord. You might not have enough time to straighten, so the lightweight heated hair comb straightens your beard fast and safe.

You get the feature of temperature control, which most straighteners don’t come with. The low, medium, and high with temperatures of 300 degrees F 350 degrees F 400 degree. Suitable for any beard type having safety locking and 30-minute unattended shutoff features for a safe experience.

Includes Natural Orange Walnut Beard Soap, Beard Balm, Detangle Double-Sided Pear Wood Comb, Beard Protectant Heat Spray, Sturdy Storage/Travel Case.

The anti-scald design protects your skin from the heat. Its handle and the bristle tips stay cool while the heat from below the brush bristles straightens your beard, and the design makes it a must beard straightener for men to buy. You can simply return the straightener if not satisfied for any reason under the one-year warranty.


  • Protects skin with anti-scald design
  • One-year warranty.
  • Easy-glide feature.
  • Travel case provided.


  • Fragrance might not be that appealing.


Why Choose Beard Balm?

If you are bored with the daily look and want to style your beard, then you should try a beard balm.

A Beard Balm is a conditioner like a product that moisturizes your beard. It helps you to style your beard according to your wish while conditioning it.

Mostly, the good beard balms are often scented with some essential natural oils instead of synthetic ones. Synthetic oils contain toxic chemicals that irritate the skin and alcohol, making the beard brittle and dry.


What Are The Major Ingredients Of Beard Balm?


  1. Most of the beard balms contain butter for moisturizing and softening the beard.
  2. The sweet almond oil for boosting growth and conditioning overall.
  3. A protectant like Beeswax to maintain the moisture in your beard.


How to Use the Beard Balm?

Choosing and buying a correct beard balm is not the only option out there. You should also know how to use it properly as a wrong application may result in bad. Beard Balm is thicker as compared to other products, so to apply it properly over your facial hair, you must have a very thick beard.

  1. Firstly, comb your hair, and to get rid of those tangles you should apply your beard balm and don’t forget to use it in a little quantity and to spread it evenly over your facial hair.
  2. Now, take out some balm using your thumb or an index finger about the size of a fingernail.
  3. Then, rub the balm across your palm and among all the fingers plus make sure that it reaches the consistency of oil.
  4. Rub your finger-tips across your skin when applying the balm.
  5. So, to apply the balm, first, start at the base of your beard and then work your way up to your sideburns and make sure that each area and hair of your beard gets fully coated with the balm.
  6. Now, comb your beard according to your style.


Why Should One Use A Beard Balm?

Your beard also deserves all the love, care, and kindness the same as your hair. The beard balm, just like the beard oil, is an essential tool in any man’s grooming arsenal. It has several benefits apart from keeping your beard smooth, soft, moisturized, and clean.

So, to all the handsome hunks in town, give your beard a complete makeover with these amazing beard balms.