7 New and Exciting Beauty Salon Treatments

2020 was full of DIY face masks and at-home self-treatments. The beauty trends of 2022 are focused on enhancing natural beauty and natural features. Treatments that make us feel confident from within without invasive techniques are a new top priority. These are 7 new beauty treatments of 2022.

1. Micro-needling

Microneedling is a fairly new treatment that will continue to thrive in 2022. It is non-invasive and addresses some of the most common skincare concerns such as acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. On top of this micro-needling also boosts collagen production which leads to the production of other great factors for the skin. Many older women opt to use micro-needling to rid of their pimples. this is especially useful for someone with shorter hair where the face is clearly exposed. 

The process works by puncturing the skin with micro-needles. By doing this the skin is stimulated to produce new collagen-rich tissue to repair itself. This then creates a more even texture and rejuvenated appearance in the skin.

2. Dermarolling

Similar to micro-needling, dermarolling uses tiny pinpricks to stimulate new tissue growth in facial skin. Instead of pricking the needle vertically into the skin, dermarolling glides over the skin. Micro-needling is more effective than rollers however the trained estheticians are harder to find. Compared to micro-needling, dermarolling is good for the forehead and cheekbones, areas where not much precision is required. It is most commonly used to treat wrinkles, scarring, dull skin, and pigmentation. Recently, at-home dermarollers have joined the market and soared in popularity. 

This treatment is a great choice for people with darker skin or olive skin since it doesn’t involve peels or lasers which can affect pigmentation, making your skin tone uneven. Usually, treatments are performed on the face but can be performed on the face as well. 

3. Dermaplaning 

This treatment has been popular for a few years now and it isn’t dying down in 2022. This treatment can take your skin to the next level of glow with the removal of the top layer of peach fuzz and dead skin which leaves a bright complexion.

Dermaplanning is pain-free and shows results immediately. People of any age and skin type can use this treatment alone or as a part of a facial package. Dermaplanning is chosen as a treatment because of its effectiveness, pain-free and recovery-free technique, and the little risk that comes with it. This treatment can be found available at larger, well-known beauty salons. The only downfall with this treatment is because of its abrasiveness it is not suitable with all other kinds of facial treatments like retinol skincare. 

4. Retinol skincare

Supercharged with ingredients that boost collagen, cell turnover rate, and elastin production, retinol has become the skin-care ingredient that has taken the market by storm. Using retinol regularly can plump the skin, minimize fine lines, make the skin smoothers and possibly help with acne. Retinol skincare can be found in facial treatment packages at salons or be bought in retail. The only downfall to this is that retinol can be a strong skincare ingredient, it is not recommended to be used after harsh treatments like micro-needling or dermaplanning. 

5. LED light masks

By finding non-invasive skincare enhancements the LED masks surely have to appear somewhere in the list. This treatment has been used by dermatologists to treat acne but it has only been introduced to mainstream beauty recently.  

Within 20 minutes blue and red light waves have penetrated the skin and fought acne by encouraging wound healing and reducing scarring. This treatment doesn’t touch the skin making it a very gentle alternative. It can also be used with treatments such as dermaplanning or micro-needling. Doing these treatments regularly will provide clients with astounding results.

6. Ice globes

What brings people to continue investing in skincare treatment is if they see results. Ice globes have already been promoted on celebrities’ Instagrams and tv shows. They are used to soothe inflammation, puffiness, and redness after more harsh facials or treatments. They also help lymphatic drainage, boost circulation and tighten your pores, leaving the results of a radiant complexion. The cooling effect of Ice globes creates a luxurious feel to the treatment. These globes often also offer relief to anyone with headaches, puffy eyes, or sinus problems. 

7. RHA Collection

The RHA collection has become the world’s first dynamic filler. It is the most advanced hyaluronic acid treatment on the market. These injectable fillers treat dynamic facial lines while adapting to your facial movements. Dynamic facial lines are lines on the face caused by the repetitive use of our muscles to make facial expressions. An example of this is laugh lines, forehead furrows, or smile lines around the lips and mouth. 

The biggest benefit of RHA is that it provides natural-looking results. Unlike previous filler solutions, RHA does not restrict the facial movements and expressions after the treatment. This dermal filler has been proven to last up to 15 months before the body’s metabolism breaks down the HA gel completely.