6 Best Face Epilators To Make Life Easier

Maintaining a face hair removal routine is hard- going to get your eyebrows done and waxing your arms can be long and tedious. In special circumstances such as now, it is challenging to maintain that routine and face epilators make it easier and are transforming the industry for the better.

Why go to a salon when you get that smooth skin at home? It becomes simpler and easier to simply use an epilator at home that allows for precision hair uprooting, leaving the skin smooth and slowing down the process of regrowth of the hair. Thus, a face epilator is a must-have product for women and comes in multiple options, along with a trimmer and a shaver as well.

Here we have combined a list of the 6 best face epilators that make life much easier and come in plenty of options to fulfill your needs!

1. Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator

Best Face Epilators


Tweeze away till the very last strand with the Emjoi Epi Slim+ e18. A compact hair remover with 18 tweezers, the product uproots unwanted hair.

With a worldwide patent of their unique 3 disc system, this makes it extremely comfortable and keeps hair growth pause for up to six weeks. Battery-operated and great for travel, the product is compact and portable.

18 tweezer action discs helps in removing hair from the root for up to 6 weeks, and the latest erase glide technology glides back and forth for circular motion over hair, leading to very smooth and hair-free skin in seconds.

Patented 3 disc system where each disc set contains one fixed disc and two movable discs that open and close to assist in stretching the skin to increase comfort gently.

With 14mm discs, they have an optimum radius to remove hair in one go. Capable of removing hair from the root with length as short as 0.3mm. The tweezers move at the speed of 540 tweezer actions per second. A product that is great for both facial and body hair, it runs on 2AA batteries that are not included with the product.


  • Compact, battery-operated hair remover
  • Uproots the hair and keeps skin clean for up to 6 weeks
  • 18 tweezers in one product appropriate for facial and body hair
  • With a worldwide patented 3-disc technology that uproots hair smoothly
  • Erase glide technology helps the product glide on the skin
  • 14mm discs are the optimum radius for hair removal
  • Move at the speed of 540 tweezer actions per second


  • The process is not painless


2. Braun Epilator for Women

Best Face Epilators


Reveal and remove the finest hair from your face and body with the Braun epilator for women that deliver results like epilators don’t. Thanks to its smart light technology, the 20-tweezer system removes hair at the root to deliver weeks of smooth skin.

Massage rollers on the epilator gently stimulate and massage your skin for added comfort. With 3 extra heads included with the product, it comes with an efficient shaver head, trimmer cap, and massage cap.

Featuring 2-speed settings, it lets you choose what’s best for your skin type and personal beauty routine and health. Recommended for best results for the legs and body, this is supported by a 12V adapter.

Equipped with a 20-tweezer system, efficiently remove hair from the root for long-lasting smoothness. Gently stimulate and massage your skin for further comfort.


  • 20 tweezer system removes hair smoothly
  • Smart light technology guides to hairy areas
  • Massage rollers stimulate and massage the skin
  • 3 extra heads are included with the product: shaver, trimmer, and massage cap
  • 2-speed settings for convenient hair removal


  • Dense hair gets stuck in the epilator


3. Gillette Venus Face Perfection Women’s Hair Remover

Best Face Epilators


The Gillette Venus Face Perfection gives you up to 4 weeks of salon-smooth skin with features like its extra-slim head that has 10 micro-openings that help remove the finest of hair (up to 0.02cm) with absolute precision. A compact design makes handling it easy, similar to a mascara wand for absolute control and accuracy.

Removing hair from delicate areas like the chin, upper lip, forehead, and the center of your eyebrows, the battery-powered hair remover gives you bikini-ready skin anytime and anywhere.

Equipped with Venus’ first-ever facial hair remover tip, the extra-slim head has a plucking speed much faster than tweezers and removes up to four times shorter hair than regular and painful wax. Its sleek and compact design gives you precise control over small spaces to help remove facial hair gently.

Elegant yet practical, the facial epilator is powered by batteries, making it portable. Designed for the sensitive facial hair, this product is a must-have to save time and money spent in parlors when the same can be done better at home!


  • Face epilator is crafted for sensitive facial skin
  • Extra-slim head helps in precision hair removal on tight spaces
  • Sleek and slim ergonomic design makes it easy to hold
  • 10 micro-openings on the head help single-stroke hair removal
  • Remover hair 4x shorter than waxing
  • Up to 4 weeks of salon-smooth skin
  • Battery operated and portable


  • Hair gets stuck in the epilator very easily


4. Braun Facial Epilator for Women

Best Face Epilators


Get enhanced skin smoothness and appearance with the Braun Facial Epilator for Women. With micro-vibration toning, the head massages the epilator tones the skin, and aids the application of creams and serums, while smoothing it.

Purified skin is ensured with the facial cleansing brush attachment that comes with the product and sweeps away make-up and impurities, leading to the restoration of your skin’s natural glow.

A 6x more effective motor and head than a manual wash, the face epilator cleanses skin pore deep and works hard to remove an oil-based foundation. Radiant skin is a guarantee as the extra slim epilator head has 10 micro-openings to gently catch the finest hair (up to 0.02mm), making it much more efficient than regular and painful wax.

Smart head detection technology ensures optimal performance, no matter which attachment is used. Featuring 4 personalized settings, users can choose from 2 speed and 2 intensity settings for a fully customized experience.

A treatment timer treats each area for 20 seconds, making hair removal faster and more efficient—the device pulses when it’s time to switch the easy rechargeable batteries. Apply cream or serum directly to the FaceSpa Pro MicroVibration head while the device gently vibrates, allowing the better application of your skincare product.

The toning head that comes along can also be used to spread products under and around your eyes when switched off for a gentle cooling sensation.


  • Helps on spreading creams and other facial products on the skin uniformly
  • Comes with a massager’s head for better application of the product
  • Micro vibration toning head helps tone the skin on the face
  • Face cleansing brush attachment helps give cleaner skin
  • 4 personalized settings for speed and intensity
  • The rechargeable battery makes it portable
  • Focus on each area for 20 seconds, and it will pulse when it’s time to switch
  • 6x effective motor clears pore-deep and removes foundation with ease
  • Can remove hair shorter than regular wax is capable of


  • Cordless use time is only 1.5 hours


5. Braun Epilator for Women, Silk-epil 9 9-890

Best Face Epilators


Epilation in one stroke with the Silk Epil range from Braun is a must-have. Get rid of hair faster and for a much longer time than a wax or a shave. Featuring the renowned Micro-Grip technology with a 40% wider head, this epilator from Braun removes hair in one stroke, providing more efficient epilation.

Gentle shaving is also an option on this 3-in-1 hair remover that helps extra-sensitive hair removal be it in the bikini area or the underarms.

All areas will be easy-to-reach as this epilator adapts to every contour for an efficient epilation, including the difficult areas like the knee and underarms. Grab that smooth and radiant skin by removing all that body hair from the root. The shaver heads works well just like any regular shaver, whereas the trimmer cap lets you trim hair with ease.

Equipped with a high-frequency massage cap, it helps the epilator reduce the sensation of pain, giving an almost painless hair removal. 100% waterproof makes the epilation in the bath or shower is feasible.

The epilation becomes virtually painless with frequent use in water. And lastly, the SensoSmart technology guides the epilation with a red light to ensure the right amount of pressure is applied so that pain is less and all hair is removed with ease.


  • 3-in-1 epilator, trimmer, and shaver in one device
  • A High-frequency massage cap on the epilator reduces pain during epilation
  • SensoSmart technology guides epilation for the right pressure
  • 100% waterproof helps use in the shower
  • Micro Grip technology makes it easier to reach tight spaces
  • Perfect for full body hair removal, including intimate areas
  • 40% wider head facilitates hair removal in a single stroke


  • Not perfectly suited for facial hair removal


6. Braun Epilator for Women with Flexible Head, Silk-épil 9 9-020 for Hair Removal

Best Face Epilators


Get a deep body massage and epilate in comfort with Braun’s latest epilator with deep massage pads that provide a powerful massaging effect on the body and don’t let you feel any pain.

By stimulating blood circulation with pads, the device helps tone the skin and improves its appearance. It becomes easy to maintain the bikini line without the hassle of waxing using the shaver or trimmer head, pain-free.

Smooth underarms are ensured with the shaver head, and the trimmer, epilator, and shaver in one help epilate all over the body, using the flexible head to reach tricky areas with ease.

Braun’s signature Micro-Grip technology with a 40% wider head removes more hair in one stroke, for more efficient epilation. Micro-Grip tweezers are wide, long, and deep to remove even the shortest hair precisely that regular wax cannot.

Braun’s SensoSmart technology guides the epilation with a red light to ensure the right amount of pressure is applied for efficient hair removal. The 100% waterproof materials on the product facilitate epilation while taking a shower or bath.

Even the epilation becomes virtually painless if used frequently in water. The shaver head works as a fully functional shaver, whereas the trimmer cap lets you trim the hair from sensitive areas on the body.


  • 3-in-1 epilator, trimmer, and shaver
  • SensoSmart technology guides with an LED for optimum pressure
  • Removes hair from all over the body
  • Massager head tones the skin and reduces the pain of epilation
  • Micro grip tweezers remove the shortest hair with precision
  • Fully waterproof removes hair in the shower as well
  • Use either mode on the parts you wish


  • Requires regular maintenance

With that, we wrap up all the descriptions for the best face epilators in the market. But before you jump to buying one for yourself, here’s a few frequently asked questions that we have answered for you in detail.


What To Look For In A Suitable Face Epilator?

A Perfect face epilator is one that suits your requirements. Look for the following while purchasing one for yourself:

1. Attachments and Size

While looking for a suitable face epilator, always look at its size and the areas you would like to use it for. If you need a shaver, trimmer, and epilator in one and need that full-body hair removal, then look for the additional attachments.

The attachments that come along should be of appropriate size for the face epilation and hence suit you. Epilators pluck the hair and can hurt; thus, make sure that’s the option you want to go for. However, they facilitate hair removal for prolonged periods.

2. Usage

If your hair growth is thick and fast and you need frequent epilation, then choose an epilator with rechargeable batteries so that you don’t have to keep on changing the batteries from time-to-time. If you have thinner and less frequent hair growth, go for a battery-powered epilator that is portable and easy to use anywhere.

3. Maintenance

The epilator should preferably be made of fully waterproof materials. This not only makes it easy to maintain but using the epilator on wet skin also reduces pain to a large extent. Thus, a waterproof epilator makes it easy to clean and thus maintain overall hygiene better.


Why Choose A Face Epilator Instead of A Shaver?

A face epilator has many pros over a face shaver. One of the major pros over a shaver is that it plucks the hair from its roots. By plucking, the skin is left smoother and silkier. Plucking also leads to uprooting of the hair follicles leading to slower regrowth than shaving or trimming.

Face epilators also come in shaving options; hence you can grab the option of both in one, and epilators are also more convenient to use and better to tone for the skin.


Why Use An Epilator Instead of Wax?

With all the long hours spent in parlors and salons waxing, we have all realized that it is a time consuming and tedious task. An epilator gives you an upper hand on both. An epilator can simply be used at home and does the same job as waxing, better, and less painful.

Epilators pluck the hair often deeper from the root than regular wax does and gives you salon-smooth skincare at home. Epilator hair removal is more long-lasting than wax and also less painful. No hot wax or skin damage is done on the use of epilators, and when used on wet skin, the process of epilation becomes almost painless.



Face epilators are a convenient and quick solution and also a healthier one for your skin. To get that perfect sensitivity for the skin, and save both the time and money of going to the salon, a face epilator is a perfect alternative.

Some of the best brands are manufacturing it, and you can choose as per your requirements. We hope the above list will help you in finding the perfect one for yourself!