5 Things to Consider When Choosing your Hair Loss Clinic

5 Things to Consider When Choosing your Hair Loss Clinic

Are you going to receive a hair transplant? Then don’t settle for anyone other than the best hair transplant doctors in the world because this is one thing that you don’t want to cut corners in. 

Ever since modern hair transplant techniques started to show promising results, a large number of people have been flocking towards it. Consequently, with escalated demand, more and more clinics are seen offering hair transplants surgeries. 

But is the clinic you are seeking equipped with the required technology? And has the doctor gained enough experience in the field? Knowing this and a lot more is essential to ensure you are not wasting your money and most importantly risking your health. 

So, let’s find out the 5 factors that determine the quality of a hair clinic: 

5 Determinants for the Best Hair Clinic

1. The Qualification of Surgeon

To perform a hair transplant, a physician and a few staff workers are required. This leaves the final result of the surgery dominantly in the hands of the surgeon. Your surgeon should have adequate knowledge and experience in hair transplantation. A plastic surgeon or dermatologist is not necessarily required, but make sure the physician has received a special training program for hair transplantation. 

You can also check the accreditation of doctors at ISHRS, BAHRS and other renowned organizations. Remember that conducting a hair transplant involves proper examination, planning, removal and insertion of hair follicles. 

Hence, for performing a successful surgery, your doctor will require around 4-8 hours. This means only 1 to 2 patients can be seen attentively per day. A doctor treating more than this may perform your transplant in a rush which can affect the final results.   

2. Availability of Different Transplantation Methods

The types of hair transplants offered by a clinic depend mostly upon the skills of the surgeon. In general, there are two types of transplantation methods – FUT and FUE. The FUE method is a more common approach because it causes little to no scarring, has quicker healing time, and allows transplantation even with poor hair density.   

On the contrary, FUT surgery takes a shorter time and requires lesser skills. So, a clinic offering both types of surgeries is an indication of the surgeon’s extensive knowledge in the field. 

Also, certain advancements in the FUE method like ARTAS and DHI have made the surgery less time consuming and more efficient. A clinic offering such methods should be your priority as the latest instalments signify their approach toward providing maximum benefits to the patients.   

3. Assess the Clinic’s Facilities

If you are going to receive a hair transplant in the UK or the USA, checking for the clinic’s health standards is not really a necessity. However, if you have planned to join the trend of medical tourism, then trusting all clinics around the world is not recommended. 

Countries like Turkey or India offer hair transplants at a low cost, but not every clinic there complies with the quality control factors. Inquire for hygiene standards, the skills of staff members and the quality of equipment installed.   

Another factor is the variety of treatments offered by the clinic. A facility solely focused on hair transplants can have better services and technology than the one working for different types of treatments. 

4. Search for the Patients Reviews

On the internet, you can find the reviews and testimonials of former patients about the clinic. Check what they are saying about the clinic’s environment. Are they happy with the results?  Or do they have any complaints about the customer service? Knowing these factors will give you a clear insight into the clinic even if you cannot visit it in person.  

You can also ask the clinic to share before and after pictures but as clinics now are aware of such demands, they may have used certain hair enhancement products before taking pictures. So, seeking social media to verify the results is also the key here. 

5. Is the Clinic Charging You Fairly?

The cost of a hair transplant depends upon various factors. The location of the clinic, type of method used and the number of grafts required are some of the cost determining elements. Hair transplants will be more expensive in developed countries as compared to third-world countries. 

The FUT method is generally cheaper than FUE. And the grafts required depends upon the level of baldness. Also, clinics with advanced installations will charge you additional cost but this will make the surgery less invasive and deliver more natural results.  

The Way Forward

Hair transplants are not the only solution to hair loss. There are many companies offering treatments for hair fall by using various products and FDA approved medications like Minoxidil and Finasteride. However, transplants can be an ultimate solution to those facing severe hair shedding or baldness. 

In brief, whether you choose to treat your hair fall with medicines or through surgery, make sure consulting a qualified doctor as misdirection can lead to further worsening the situation. 

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