5 Amazing Bathroom Mirror Ideas for 2022

Designing your bathroom on a budget can sometimes be a challenge. With the help of a gorgeous, quality mirror to complement your décor style, you can achieve the perfect balance of practicality and purpose.

There are many styles of mirrors to use in your bathroom, ranging from cabinet mirrors to frameless mirrors, and everything in between. Depending on the look, you want for your room, and the needs you have for the fixture, your mirror will flatter and brighten your bathroom for a whole new budget-friendly look.


Corner Mirror

Bathrooms of all sizes and designs can benefit from the space-saving features of a corner mirror. These mirrors sit into one of the corners of the bathroom, offering several qualities to your interior space.

  • With the added angle of a corner mirror, your room will brighten with reflected light, making the space feel more open and cheerful than with a traditional mirror. This extra light is wonderful in a smaller room, which will feel less cramped otherwise.
  • The added sense of openness can give you a more diverse decorating style than you might have previously imagined. For example, using dark colors in a small room is not typical, but with a large corner mirror, you can easily incorporate deep hues to your room. This will lend to the grandeur of the décor that your corner mirror has already established.


Frameless Wall Mirrors

In the ultimate way to enhance a minimalist bathroom, add a frameless mirror for simplicity in design and function. Frameless mirrors offer the most versatile design options, as they do not carry other colors or elements with them. This makes frameless mirrors perfect for bathrooms with clean lines and geometric décor elements.

Using a frameless mirror also gives you the opportunity to save costs. Without the added frame, the mirror is both lighter and requires less space to hang.


A Large Wooden Frame Mirror for Double sink

Nothing says style like a statement piece. Incorporating a large mirror over your double sink is one sure way to enhance your bathroom and your unique design style. With a range of frame choices, your mirror will captivate guests with little effort. And, by using repurposed wood to create the frame, you’ll be helping the planet and saving money at the same time.

  • Create a focal point with a white-wood frame in your beachy-themed bathroom. The bold white design enhances other elements like blue accents and towels.
  • A thick, dark frame goes beautifully with a rustic-themed bathroom. This mirror will add depth to other elements like tree-themed accents and a rich green décor.
  • A bright honey frame is perfect for a modern bathroom. Lending an inviting appeal to the room, this frame creates a balance of simplicity and elegance. Pair a honey-wood frame with other décor items such as floral prints and muted colors.


Mirrored Cabinets

Cabinets serve many functions in any setting, but in a bathroom, cabinetry helps to organize the many items you may use when preparing for your day. Enlisting a mirrored cabinet can help store your precious things, and also provide a lovely space for you to get ready.

A mirrored cabinet is a wise, budget-friendly option no matter your décor choice. By grouping together the cabinet and the mirror, you save space and money, as well as time during installation. With an array of décor options, mirrored cabinets offer beauty and appeal to any room.


LED Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirrors are a wonderful asset to any bathroom. Not only do they make getting ready a breeze, but also they offer beautiful designs to enhance your décor. With the addition of LED lighting, vanity mirrors provide a wonderful ambiance to your private bathroom.

  • LEDs come in an array of gorgeous colors that will complement your bathroom at all hours of the day. Imagine needing to unwind after a long and stressful day. Your LED vanity mirror could create a calming atmosphere in shades of blue and green. Or picture yourself in the morning, getting ready for your day with the invigorating hues of yellow and orange.
  • LEDs are also budget-friendly, providing days on end of low-energy lighting and style appeal. They are cool to the touch, which makes them safer than traditional lights as well.


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