3 Types of High Ponytails Hairstyles with How to do Steps

High ponytails are very versatile and trending. These are a few reasons you should try them out. You can either adopt the traditionally known designing options or get creative.

You can either design the three different high ponytails on your own or visit your stylist. Check out guidelines on how to these glamorous High Ponytails hairstyles.


1. High Ponytails

There are three ways you can attain high ponytails hairstyle. Go through the three designing methods and choose the one that meets your needs.

High Ponytails

First Method

This technique suits hair that was washed a few days or hours before the designing process.

  • Use shampoo to wash your hair a few hours before designing your hair. Shampoo enhances the texture of your hair and makes it easy to style.
  • Take the right brush and thoroughly brush your hair. Using the right brush reduces breakage on your hair when combing it. It also removes knots and tangles on your head.
  • You can go further and blow dry your hair. This enhances its texture.
  • Take a section of your hair and comb it straight towards the back of the head. A teasing comb works perfect during this process.
  • Go ahead and form a ponytail on your head. Take hair directed towards the back of the head and form a ponytail. You can use a comb to keep your hair intact before holding it still with an elastic band.
  • Try your best and go for a transparent elastic band or the one that complements the color of your hair. Be cautious on the band you use on your hair. Some bands can tangle your hair or even break it. Consider thick bands because they are easy to manage.
  • There is no limit on the size of ponytail you should form when designing high ponytails hairstyle. It all depends on your preferred look.
  • Finalize the designing process with a hairspray. You can use a toothbrush to evenly distribute your spray residue throughout the head.


Second Method

  • Start off by brushing your hair out. Direct your hair towards the direction you want it to face.
  • Use the right comb when combing your hair for various reasons. First, it will properly cut through your roots. Secondly, it will protect your hair from breakage, among others.
  • Carry on and take hair on the back of the head. Use this hair to form a ponytail. You can secure your ponytail together with an elastic band. Choose a point to hold your ponytail still. This is what brings uniqueness in this hairstyle.
  • Gather any hanging hair and conjoin it with your ponytail.
  • You are free to use a hairspray on your head.

Third Method

  • Use a brush to take out a section of your front hair through teasing.
  • Commence and take your bottom hair and form a p0nytail.
  • Comb your ponytail to attain a straight look.
  • You can also use a volumizing spray to enhance its looks.
  • You can also use a curling iron to attain waves on the head.
  • Here, you are free to design a messy ponytail.


2. High Ponytail with No Bumps

High Ponytail with No Bumps

  • Start off by washing your hair with water and shampoo.
  • Use a blow dry to completely remove all the water. Drying your hair makes it easy to design.
  • Use a brush or comb to paddle your hair as you brush it. This ensures all the regions are efficiently reached and attain a smooth texture.
  • Use a flat iron to attain a sleek ponytail. This step suits women with textured or curly hair.
  • Use a hairspray if you want to give your hair a texture. This isn’t a requirement. It is optional.
  • Determine where you want your ponytail to be situated. Afterwards, create some sort of a half up ponytail by parting your hair half horizontal. This is one of the ways you can easily attain a bump free ponytail.
  • Take up hair forming half up ponytail and direct it towards the back of the crown.
  • Don’t tie up your hair yet. Instead, use a comb to smoothen hair forming the ponytail. Use the right hair comb to hasten the entire process. This also ensures you don’t damage your hair.
  • Use a light weight gel if you want your hair to attain an extra smoothness.
  • Take hair forming the half up ponytail and tie it. Consider using a clear elastic band.
  • Add the rest of your hair to your ponytail. This hair should also be smoothened.
  • Continue straightening your ponytail to attain a sleeker look. In most instances, flat iron is used.
  • Those who don’t like sleek and straight look should tease their ponytail. This increases the volume of their hair.
  • Use a hairspray and a toothbrush to sort out the small baby hairs around you. A boar brush will do if you don’t have a toothbrush.
  • Commence and determine the size of ponytail you desire to attain. Wrap a section of hair on the base of your ponytail until you attain your desired size. Use a clear elastic band to hold this hair in place.
  • Feel free to use a hair accessory to enhance the looks of this hairstyle. Try and choose a dull hair accessory that won’t demand a lot of attention. A neutral color or an accessory that corresponds with your hair color should do.


3. High Ponytail using Clip in Hair extension

High Ponytail using Clip in Hair extension
Are you looking for some challenge and uniqueness? If yes, consider high ponytail using clip in hair extension. This hairstyle will bring out a unique look on your hair. Below is a step by step explanation on how to design this hairstyle:

  • Start by combing both your natural hair and the hair extension on the head. Use the right comb to avoid damaging your hair. You are also free on the hair extension to use on your head.
  • Move on and swiftly lay your hair extension in accordance to its size.
  • Carry on and divide your hair into three sections. Try your best and make them equal in terms of size. One section should be at the back, the other one on the middle and the last one on the top.
  • Hold your hair extensions first.
  • Go on and form a high ponytail. Clip small extensions on your ponytail. This helps disguise hair on your extension.
  • Finally, use a brush to design your ponytail and your hair extension. You are also free to use hair extensions.

Check out these guidelines on how to efficiently design your desired high ponytail hairstyle.

High Ponytails Hairstyles