25 Elegant Wedding Hairstyles For The Modern Women

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Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most important days in every woman’s life. It’s a day that will be remembered and cherished forever by her and her loved ones as well. And because of this, every woman wants to look her absolute best on her big day. Be it the outfit or hairstyle; all these women dream that everything is on point.

But in the pressure of choosing only what’s best, we may exhaust ourselves and cause too much stress. To avoid that and help you choose from the best of hairstyles, we have curated a list for you, which includes 25 amazing styles. All these are inspired by real-life wedding styles.

1. Simple Bun Style

This bride has chosen to keep her wedding hairstyle as simple as possible. Well, we respect the decision too because wedding hairstyles aren’t just about extravagant affairs, it’s your big day and you can decide how everything should be. For this style, simply pull back all of your hair and tie it into a bun, and this style is good to go. If you are wearing a wedding veil, this hairstyle will make it easier for you. It’s also a good look that can be tried out with desi wedding costumes also.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

2. Side Braided Bun

Now here is a similar simple and low-key bun style. But the only difference here would be the addition of the braids. A few strands of hair along the back have been braided all through the sides and tucked it back in with the rest of the hair that has been styled into a bun. Pull out a few layers on the front of your face to add some definition to your face. And those floral accessories only add to the beauty of this look.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

3. Fishtail Braided Hair

An ideal hairstyle that is suited for long hair, it will look just as great on shorter hair also. The main feature of this hairstyle is the fishtail braids that have been done along the sides of the hair. That, combined with the flowing and wavy hair, makes for a perfect combination. This is a hairstyle that will go really well with wedding gowns.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

4. Classic Braids with Bun

The wavy hair that has been done in twists and turns as well as a classic french braid simply makes this bride look absolutely stunning. This hairstyle may seem like an easy one at first glance, but if you take a closer look at it, then you can see all those intricate details. On the front, a few layers have been side-parted very loosely. Behind this, a medium-thick section of the hair has been done in the style of a french braid and the rest of the hair behind has been all tucked into a gorgeous bun.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

5. Multilayered Up-Do

How gorgeous does this multi-layered bun up-do look? We have to say that it looks absolutely brilliant. A fantastic style that will have us craving for all the beauty that is present in it. The hair has been made to look more beautiful again with the addition of a stunning hairpiece made of stone. It simply is sparkling. The rest of the hair on the back has been tied in a kinda messy style with a multi-layered bun style.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

6. Cute Side Bun Style

The beautiful blonde tresses have been neatly tied up into a flowy side bun that simply looks stunning. This hairstyle will look great on you even if you have thin hair. Making the style appear on the sides rather than the middle of the back helps to create an appearance of the hair being more full of volume. And then the bun has been accessorized with tiny floral accessories. This style is one that isn’t too formal but yet manages to make you look very sophisticated.

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Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

7. Wavy Golden Tresses

The flowing wavy tresses look quite stunning on this bride. This makes for a perfect wedding hairstyle that can be worn with wedding outfits. The golden blonde tresses have been twirled in such a beautiful way that you cannot take your eyes off of it. While the major part of the upper section of the hair has been simply let down as it is, the lower and the middle section is used to create the flowing twirls.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

8. Shaggy, Twisted Haircut

Well, who would have thought that a shaggy hairstyle like this one would make it to a list of wedding hairstyle? Anyway, that’s the trend these days and it is only fit that we make this list of hairstyles as versatile as possible. This hairstyle is best suited for those who have long hair and it also looks very boho chic. So if you have a vintage wedding outfit, then this hairstyle will surely look killer.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

9. Simple and Romantic Bun Hairstyle

Want a really low-key look? Then you might like this one. It is a basic bun style but done so neatly that it looks extremely elegant to make it to the top as a wedding hairstyle. Leave all the fuss out and look your best with this classic style where all of the hair has been twirled into a neat bun. And to say the least, it looks very romantic too. If you want something sparkling on your bun, then you can either go for floral hair accessories or even a statement hairpiece made of jewels or stones.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

10. Blonde Beauty Style

A gorgeous haircut to make you look like a princess on your big day. And the golden blonde hair also looks absolutely stunning. The hair has been maintained in soft waves that add a simple touch of glow without making it look too full of bling and shine. The hairstyle also helps to add in some needed volume—an overall amazing look.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

11. French Braid Style

Nothing will add more class to your wedding look than a braid, and especially if it is the iconic french braid style. Seriously, we can never have enough styles recreated with the french braids. In this style, the hair has been done in french braids along the back, and not in a straight style. When you add glittering hairpins or even just floral accessories between each of these braids, this hairstyle will look double amazing. It looks very chic and will have you looking like a million bucks.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

12. Boho Fishtail Braids

This bride has decided to give her wedding look a touch of boho and classy by choosing fishtail braids that are done along the sides and then left hanging on one side of the shoulder. The braids have been done loosely but firmly so that it appears full of volume. There would be no other style to beat a classic braided style like this one, so go ahead and try it out to flaunt all your best looks.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

13. Simple Multilayered Bun

The thing about a well put bun is that it makes you look effortlessly classy. It is so full of grace that you actually can’t take your eyes off this stunning hairstyle. Not only has it been done in a creative style by taking in multiple layers to style the bun, but it also wins at looking very feminine and graceful. While being all of these, it also still manages to look very simple which is the true beauty of this hairstyle.

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Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

14. Loose Bun Style

A low lying bun with many loose layers of hair on the back as well as the front. Well, it just looks extremely classy. And romantic too. The hair has been styled very neatly and the soft strands of hair frame the face as well the jawline very perfectly. On the front, the whole upper part of the hair has been done in a side-parted style that looks very graceful and complements the overall look of this hairstyle.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

15. Sleek Ponytail Style

Well, ponytails are a rare sight among wedding hairstyles since they are just so basic and simple but if done in the right way like this, then surely they will also make it to the top of wedding hairstyles. Here the hair has been styled very neatly into a sleek, straight and low lying ponytail with no extra drama. Now, if you would love to try out this style in a different way, then all you need to do is add a colorful ribbon or headband to your ponytail style and the work is done.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

16. Wavy Ponytail Style

This is another cool and chic ponytail hairstyle that you can try out. Instead of the previous style in which the hair has been done very sleek, here we can see a wavy ponytail style. A few layers on the front also have been taken along the sides and then twisted and tucked in into a knot style pony. The hair below the ponytail falls in the perfect beach waves. This is a simple pulled back style that you’re sure to love and can also easily be worn if you are wearing a veil.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

17. Layered Bun Style

This layered bun style looks absolutely gorgeous. Various thick sections of hair have been taken along the sides till the bottom, and then they have been combined in a layered or step style into a beautiful bun. Keep it classy with this feminine look. Pull out a few face-framing layers on the front and add in some gorgeous hair accessories and you are good to go.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

18. Voluminous Bun Style

Here is a voluminous yet laid back style that can be tried out on your bid day. Not only does it look a little sophisticated, it also helps to keep your classiness in check. To add a romantic vibe to this look, you can go for adding in some pretty flowers here and there. Pull out some layers randomly to make it appear full of dimension and volume. This is a very informal yet playful style that definitely needs to be checked out.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

19. Layered Bun Style

A symbol of poise as well grace, this layered bun style looks stunning. With loose tendrils of hair falling on your face at all the right places, it frames your face beautifully, and you will surely look your best. All you need to do is tie up all your wavy hair into this layered bun style to create this look. Tuck it in the middle with a few bobby pins, and your wedding look is ready.

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Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

20. Loose Waves and Bun Style

Loose wavy hair looks stunning when you let it fall down in those beautiful curls. But did you know that they can look just as gorgeous even when you tie them up into a medium-sized layered bun? Well, this hairstyle is proof of that fact. Not only does it look very feminine, but those gorgeous blonde locks just being there as if they are flowing is simply drool-worthy. And it also makes for a picture-perfect Instagram worthy moment.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

21. Long Layers and Tiny Bun

A tiny bun that has been accessorized with a glittery hairpiece. Well, it’s more of a red carpet look that will look killer too, especially as a wedding hairstyle. The long layers on the front are really face-framing and help to bring attention to your facial features. You can replace the accessories with something more floral if you want to have a boho look.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

22. Headbands and Bun Style

Headbands are totally a game changer and are the latest trend in wedding hairstyles these days. Add a little bit of your sparkle to your look with a stone-studded headband and then tie the rest of the hair into a high bun. You can also replace it with a tiara to get that princess vibe to your wedding look. Not only does it look very modern and edgy, but it also makes for a really versatile style.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

23. Crisscross Bun Style

Instead of the usual bun style, the hair has been maintained in a criss-cross style by pulling the hair from both opposite sides and then neatly placing them into a bun. The bun has then been placed with the rest of the hair in an inverted bun style. And to add a little glam to this style, a simple floral accessory has been placed a little above the bun.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

24. Braided Crown Up-Do

Braids, layers, crowns. What more do you need to look like a real princess on your D-day? Well, we have to say that it is a perfect combination that will make you look amazing. On the front, the hair has been parted to the sides and then maintained in long layers. And the hair just behind that is done in a side braided style that adds beauty and class to the look. The rest of the hair has been then done in a wide bun updo that covers the entire head. Pull out a few layers randomly to add a hint of glam to this look.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

25. Long Ponytail Style

Want to look the most extravagant on your wedding day? Then check out this hairstyle because it surely is unbeatable. A brilliant hairstyle has been created on the long tresses of this blonde beauty. A section of the hair has been parted to the sides and left hanging in long layers, and the hair behind that has been done in a braided style. The hair in the middle section has been slightly lifted to add volume and then the rest of the long stresses are neatly tied up into a long and flowing ponytail.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

I hope we ease the burden for you with this list of wedding hairstyles. They are all super classy and chic, and no matter which style you try out, you are sure to look amazing. But do remember always to be confident in yourself and that will always be your best self.

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