13 Best Tips to Grow Thick Beard

Beard is perceived as a stylish look. This is one of the reasons men are growing beards. Beard varies in terms of density. Men with dense beard bring out a unique and stylish look when compared to those with less dense beard. Some people attain dense beard within a short period, whereas others take long. There are numerous factors determine if you will attend thick beard or not. Here are some of those factors:

Your genes- Some men’s beard grow faster than that of others. Men with a fast hair growth rate a likely to achieve thick beard faster when compared to those with a slow growth rate.
Irritation- some men might get irritation when their beard grows up to a specific point. This might force them to regularly trim their hair until they curb the irritation.
Patchy beard- Patchy beard are characterized by uneven growth of beard. Some regions might have long beard than others. This might hinder the growth of thick beard.

Therefore, some people have turned into cosmetic products to enable them attain thick beard within the shortest time possible. Well; these cosmetic products are linked to numerous side effects. There are numerous natural tips you can use to grow thick beard. Alternatively, you can use tried and tested cosmetic products. Here are a couple of tried and tested tips on how to grow thick beard:

1. Regular Workout

Tips to Grow Thick Beard
Do you know that regular workout can improve the growth rate and thickness of beard? Generally, weight slows down or makes hormones dormant. Testosterone and DHT are some of these hormones. Regular and consistent workout helps shed off excessive weight. Excessive weight might be one of the reasons you are not attaining thick hair within the stipulated timeframe. Shedding excessive weight might be linked with improved beard thickness.

All workout techniques will help you grow thick beard in some way. However, some workout routines are more effective than others. These routines range from dancing, cardio workout, running and walking, among others. The above exercise routines promote growth of thick beard by improving the production of testosterone. Testosterone hormone promotes growth of new and healthy follicles throughout the body.

Consequently, regular workout also improves blood circulation. Enhanced blood circulation ensures your beard attains various nutrients, needed for proper beard growth. Regular workout also enhances the production of DHT, hormone responsible for the growth of thicker beard. Simply choose a workout routine you can comfortably perform.

2. Investing In a Good Beard Oil

Tips to Grow Thick Beard
Our beard is prone to numerous risks, which might hinder its proper growth. Harmful UV lights can gravely damage your beard, making it difficult to attain a thick look. Well; investing in good beard oil can help you grow thick beard faster than you anticipated. There are numerous beard oil in the market to choose from. Go for beard oil with natural elements. Beard oil acts as a moisturizer for your beard. It also enhances the texture and looks of your beard. Moisturized beard retain moisture for a long time. This speeds up the growth rate of your beard.

Rosehip oil, jojoba oil, hempseed oil and tea tree oil are some oils you can consider for your beard. Most of these natural oils help deal with beard dandruff and any skin infection that might hinder growth of thick beard. In addition to these, beard oil helps in sprouting of new hair follicles on your face, which later turn into beard.

Some people also have dry beard. Dry beard is linked with stagnant growth. This might hinder growth of thick beard. You should properly wash your beard, dry it off before applying any oil. Beard oil will only be effective if it is applied on dry beard.

3. Consider Using Supplements or Vitamins

Tips to Grow Thick Beard
This is the simplest and fastest way of attaining thick beard. Some vitamins and supplements have been customized to help me men attain thick beard. People attain results differently. Some people might attain instant results, whereas others take weeks or a couple of months. Most of these vitamins and supplements contain biotin. Biotin is directly linked to the growth of healthy hair. Consequently, these supplements are rich in citrus flavanoids, zinc, Vitamin B1, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6.

All the stated compounds directly influence proper growth of thick beard. Furthermore, these products don’t contain any added hormones or products. These vitamins and supplements contain antioxidants, which promote normal growth and maintenance of beard. That’s not all; results attained from the use of vitamins and supplements are long term. Just take your supplements as prescribed and await results.

4. Patience

Tips to Grow Thick Beard
Some people can attain thick beard without using any supplement or technique. They simply need to be patient. Growing thick beard isn’t simple as it sounds or looks. The first week of growing beard can be tough. Some people might encounter some itchiness. This can be severe to the point some people trim low their beard. There are numerous vitamin C serum you can use to help curb with itch. It also enhances the general wellbeing of your skin. You should also regularly moisturize your hair. Moisturized hair is linked to improved beard growth rate.

5. Reduce Your Stress Levels in the Body

Tips to Grow Thick Beard
Our current society is full of stress. This can make a person easily stressed. However, stress levels should be managed or they pose serious health problems. Stress is also linked to slow beard growth rate. High stress level in the body is linked with increased cortisol hormone and reduction in the production of testosterone levels.

High cortisol hormonal levels in the body affect normal growth of beard and hair at large. Cortisol hormonal levels should be normalized for testosterone to efficiently perform its functions. Testosterone is one of the few hormones that is directly involved in the growth of beard. That’s not all; high stress level in the body constricts vessels in the body, making it difficult for nutrients to reach hair follicles.

Stress levels can be categorized into two, namely long term and short term stress. Long term stress level is the one that affects growth of thick beard. Intense stress levels also disrupts sleep pattern. Therefore, men should look for tips on how to deal with stress levels. It can be through working out or meditation, among others.

6. Efficiently Take Care of both Your Skin and Beard

Tips to Grow Thick Beard
How often do you take care of both your skin and beard? Well; the wellbeing of your skin determines if you will attain thick beard within the anticipated period or not. This is the reason you should thrive towards attaining a healthy skin. First, to attain a thick skin you should invest in a good moisturizer. Moisturizer assists your beard retain more moisture, promote healthy beard and increase the growth rate of your beard. Moving on, you should regularly clean your face with some warm water. This enhances blood circulation on your beard, enhancing the rate in which your hair follicles absorb nutrients.

Additionally, cleaning your face regularly removes both dead cells and dirt from pores. It also opens up your pores and hastens the growth rate of your beard. You can also use a natural shampoo on your beard. Shampoo facilitates proper and healthy growth of your beard. You simply need to apply a reasonable amount of shampoo on your beard and glide it throughout your beard. Shampoo performs its function by strengthening your hair follicles.

7. Properly and Regularly Trimming Your Beard

Tips to Grow Thick Beard
This is one of the oldest and commonly used techniques to help men grow thick beard within a short period. Do you know how you trim your bear determines if you will attain thick beard or not. Therefore, consider the help of a barber if you intend on shaving or trimming your beard. You can trim beard that has passed the four week mark. However, you should have some training.

There is no specific timeframe in which you should trim your beard. The growth rate of your beard determines the frequency you should trim your beard. You are encouraged to trim your beard when it is dry. Wet beard can confuse you during trimming process. So, how does trimming assist in attaining thick beard? First, there are instances where beard grow uneven. This brings about a scruffy look. Trimming ensures your beard grows as desired. Regular trim increases the beard growth rate in the body. This hastens the duration it will take to attain your desired thick beard.

8. Consider a Healthy Diet and Water Intake

Tips to Grow Thick Beard
Do you know that your diet and the amount of water you drink per day influence the rate in which you will attain thick beard? Currently, junk meals are all over us. These meals contain bad fat and high cholesterol levels. These meals are not beneficial to the body in any way. Junk meals mighty be one of the reasons people are not attaining thick beard. Furthermore, junk meals can bring negative effects that might take to reverse them. A perfect example is stagnant beard and hair growth.

Instead, focus your attention on a healthy diet. A healthy diet contains protein, potassium, carbohydrate, among others. Green vegetables, fruits and proteins can help you attain your desired hair within a short time. A healthy diet contains all the nutrients needed by the body for proper growth. Protein and potassium are directly used in the generation of new hair follicles. Other nutrients found in a healthy meal promote healthy beard and hair growth.

That’s not all; how often do you drink water? Try your best and drink plenty of water every day. Staying hydrated throughout the day is the secret towards attaining healthy skin, hair and beard. Water enables different orgasms to efficiently perform their functions. It also helps hair follicles attain various nutrients need for proper hair growth.

9. Consider Conditioning Your Beard

Tips to Grow Thick Beard
Just like hair, beards can greatly benefit from conditioning. Therefore, look for a good organic conditioner for your beard. Generally, a conditioner improves the general health and appearance of beard and hair at large. It also makes beard look thicker. Apply your selected conditioner on your beard and leave it for a couple of minutes. This is the period conditioner does magic. Afterwards, wash off the conditioner with warm water. Hot water might damage some hair follicles on your face and deprive your existing beard their natural oils. Some people might be lucky to attain results immediately, whereas other might take some time. Be patient and regularly condition your beard.

10. Get Enough Sleep

Tips to Grow Thick Beard
Doctor’s encourage men to get enough sleep. Sleep is considered some form of exercise. Medical studies indicate that enough sleep enhances your general wellbeing. Beard greatly benefits from proper sleep. It promotes growth and the general outlook of your beard. Enough sleep also helps repair damaged skin. A healthy skin simplifies the process of attaining thick skin. Therefore, get enough sleep and notice a huge change in your beard. In fact, enough sleep alone can help you attain your thick beard.

11. Don’t Smoke or Over Drink

Tips to Grow Thick Beard
How often do you drink or smoke? Smoking is the number one enemy of attaining thick beard. Cigarette smoking has been linked with immense hair and beard loss. It also affects the growth rate of both beard and hair. Cigarette contains nicotine pigments. These pigments reduce the rate in which the body absorbs various nutrients, needed for proper beard and hair growth. Therefore, avoid smoking if you want to comfortably attain thick beard.

12. Facial Massage

Tips to Grow Thick Beard
Facial massage is another effective way of growing thick beard. Massage generally boosts blood circulation on the facial region. It also keeps your beard fresh. This also enhances the growth rate of your beard. Frequent facial massage can help you attain thick beard within a short period.

13. Increasing the Testosterone Levels

Tips to Grow Thick Beard
Testosterone is one of the numerous hormones in the body responsible for hair and beard growth. Therefore, you can attain thick beard within a short period if you increase the testosterone levels in the body.

Consider the above tips for thick beard within the shortest time possible.

Best Tips to Grow Thick Beard