10 Best Pubic Hair Trimmers

Are you thinking of shaving pubic hair lately with a remover or trimmer?

Many women choose to remove their private body part hair for personal reasons. No matter what the reason is, but one common tool required to achieve this task is owning a pubic hair trimmer!

A razor or multifunctional trimmer enables you to have a regular and clean-shaven look without spending much time for the best results. It is important to understand your requirements while choosing a shaver, and below are the tips for selecting this tool.


How To Choose A Pubic Hair Trimmer?

Identify the Purpose of Shaving

Foil blade razors are recommended for people who shave regularly with sensitive skin. The thin metal foil limits the razor from developing contact with your surface preventing irritations.

Rotary shavers are designed for trimming long hair with floating heads adjusting to the facial contours, and giving excellent results.



Men use electric shavers during the bath to save time in the morning of their hectic schedules. There are chances when somebody shavers are not waterproof and can result in problems while shaving.

It is recommended to check if the shaver is a wet/dry model not to face this kind of issue. Shaving cream or gel can be applied to your back if the skin is sensitive while removing your back hair.



Electric razors should always be kept clean as it is used on your delicate parts of the body. Due to unclean conditions, there can arise chances of infection for sensitive skin type people.

The modern shavers come with their advanced built-in cleaning technology and simply just hold it under running water to remove all the struck in hair between the blades.


Ease to Handle

Any device becomes a user favorite after considering ease in using or holding it while executing the process. It is advisable to choose a razor with a good grip to hold in your palm while removing the back hair.

There are different shapes and sizes available in the market as per the customer’s needs. It is mandatory to ensure that the razor chosen can reach all parts of your face with comfort without causing any injuries.

In this article, the top 10 best pubic hair shavers to remove your back hair smoothly with no risk of cuts and injuries are explained in detail.


1. Medimama 3in1 Bikini Trimmer Women’s Shaver Kit

Best Pubic Hair Trimmers


A multifunctional tool to provide your complete body routine a perfect makeover by using 3-in-1 women shaver. Most people choose this trimmer because of its close-shave that utilizes a blend of floating foils and hypoallergenic stainless steel blades to remove hair without irritating.

The handle also comes with two extra head replacements, including a facial cleansing brush for giving the finished look more amazing.

It comes along with three interchangeable heads, bikini trimmer head, Eyebrows Hair Trimmer Head, and Facial Hair Removal Head Combo to trim all the extra hair on your body parts with no inflammations to the sensitive skin.

The advanced Hypoallergenic exterior And Stainless Steel Blade offers an ergonomic and classic design that suits all types of face, eyebrow, Chin, Neck, Legs, Armpits, and Bikini Line. This electric razor slides smoothly and along the natural contours to guarantee painless And relaxed hair shaving.

Cordless And Ipx6 Water-Proof Design allows removal oh hair at any place and time at your convenience. There is a need to include only one AA Battery to extend the life of the device for a few months.

A unique sleek body with a chic and charming style is an added feature of this multifunctional trimmer. The tight handle ensures a comfortable grip making it easy to hold in hand during the process.

When the black triangle and pink triangle are in a line, the battery box can be opened. When they are on the same line, the battery box can be closed. It holds a charge for weeks and is the most preferred choice amongst many women.



  • Battery not included


2. Philips Norelco BG1026/60, Bodygroom Series 1100

Best Pubic Hair Trimmers


Men sometimes prefer a dry shave or wet depending on circumstances.

Philips BG1026 can be used while in the shower and externally for dry shaving, leaving the body free of irritation. The blades are long-lasting and blunt with one of the best-designed features. The trimmer has a unique skin protection guards and can shave as close as 1/64” to the surface of the skin.

Be extra careful while trimming in the direction of a uniform appearance. This trimmer has an easy solution with no matter the direction of growing hair and the bidirectional trimmer and 1/8” comb. The bidirectional trimmer lets you trim according to the various hair growth regions.

The Philips Norelco Series 1100 counters the problem of slipping the trimmer from hands while shaving in the shower. The body of the shaver is covered almost with rubber. There is o risk of accidental slipping resulting in cuts of the sensitive areas. The trimmer runs on a single

AA battery that uses less energy than many available shavers in the market. A single AA battery can last up to two months, even when it is used in a regular interval of two-three days. The Philips BG1026 is completely waterproof, and water won’t degrade the life of the battery.

It’s more energy-efficient and easier to use while not losing on the number of fixed lengths. The Philips Norelco BG1026 issues a full two-year warranty without covering the combs or the cutters inside the pack.


  • One single AA battery
  • Smooth Clean shaves
  • No irritation


  • More stroking for thicker hair
  • No rotation of head possible


3. Wahl Model 5622

Best Pubic Hair Trimmers


Wahl multipurpose trimmer has three attachments to make it an all in one device. The hygienic grooming is possible easily because of the detachable heads with one head for your nose, and the other can be used for a different part.

Blades are superior along with the detachable heads, and the rugged anodized aluminum housing delivers superior performance to achieve salon-finish trim at just your home.

Overall better performance is achieved as the rotary head keeps the nose and ear trimming space separate. Precision and self-sharpening blades of quality production by the manufacturers help deliver a smooth close shave to the customers.

The nose hair trimmer is robust, and the available eyebrow comb and detailer for sideburns and beards present a magnificent value to the tool. This lightweight trimmer is exclusive for other labels and gives a salon finish look to the customers at their own space without costing time or money.

Another feature of the ear and nose trimmer is the steel blade that is pure for health and can be easily washed under running water. It’s waterproof, which makes wet or dry trimmer quite useful during your busy schedule.

The portable trimmer is easy to keep in your clutch during travels. This Wahl trimmer provides trimming not only ear hair but offers 3 in 1 option of removing nose and eyebrow hair too.


  • 14 Cutting Lengths
  • Dual Voltage
  • Easy to handle


  • Poor battery life
  • Noisy while operation


4. Bikini Trimmer For Women Raymeefa

Best Pubic Hair Trimmers


This bikini trimmer for women by Raymeefa supports gentle curvature sensing and hypoallergenic stainless steel blades designed for the shave of sensitive skin while maintaining it without undergoing much pain.

Three Interchangeable functional women’s trimmer heads, exclusive body-shaped, and sleek design for removing various body hair without hidden flaws is another special feature of the product.

It is also known for being environmentally beneficial, rechargeable trimmers with a stylish cordless design that fits easily in your hand during shaving. Powerful and good operability guarantees extraordinary hair removal experience for you.

This razor provides precision for thick growth, sideburns, and styling facial hairstyles trimmed quickly. Lightweight and compact, the tool provides powerful performance because of the robust motors giving extraordinary hair removal experience.

It is perfect for travel use, and waterproof technology allows using it in a shower by using a lotion or gel. The maintenance of the trimmer is also easy as the pack already involves a cleansing brush for normal shaver subsistence for hygiene shaves every time.


  • Efficient blades
  • Cordless and convenient
  • Trims hair quickly


  • Takes time to get a close shave


5. Vitchelo 5 in 1 Electric Bikini Trimmer

Best Pubic Hair Trimmers


Even if it’s trimming that unwanted hair from your eyebrows, chin, upper lip, underarms, or bikini line, this multifunctional Vitchelo 5 in 1 razor for women is always ready to help you bring out your stylish self.

You don’t require to bother about receiving any scratches and cuts of a conventional razor or skin injuries from hot wax used in waxing or any infections caused in a rush during the process. One of the customer’s favorite manual-shaver, which gives close shave without getting any shaving wounds, injuries, or itching skin.

There are five different shaving heads for different uses that include a Hair Trimmer, Rotating Shaving Head for Upper Arm and Leg, Nose Hair Trimmer, Eyebrow Trimmer, and a Facial Cleaning Brush. It can be used on both dry and wet skin to get a smooth shave in just a few minutes.

A fresh and clean electric razor that can be washed and maintained easily by the available cleaning brush included in the pack improving the shaving quality and lifetime of the trimmer. It is also considered a great choice for longer-distance travel and can also be used as wet or dry.

This easy to use device comes with a built-in strong rechargeable battery can be charged utilizing a USB cable that lasts multiple hours of performance on a single recharge.


  • 5 replaceable heads
  • Advanced technology used in the design
  • Portable and easy to use


  • Cannot hold long hair


6. SanSiDo Electric Shaver

Best Pubic Hair Trimmers


Sansido electric shaver is an all-in-one hair shaver that can be used to remove unwanted hair from any body parts. The efficient design presents it comfortable to carry and grasp every curve of the body without missing any small hair. It is certified harmless for all types of skin, including hypoallergenic skin.

The stainless steel blades are responsible for a soothing shave without causing skin irritations. Your unwanted hair is removed gently without any nicks, cuts, or skin irritations.

This hair remover is excellent for travelers as it comes with a nice travel bag to support the product. It is waterproof, so you can now shave in the shower or bath or use it in a dry condition as well. You can shave your legs anyplace, no hassle, and is suitable for men and women of all ages.

It doesn’t leave stubble because of the multifunctional leg hair shaver featuring 4 different trimming combs. This system is responsible for following the natural outlines of your skin to remove unwanted hair in every sweep firmly.

It is advisable to avoid shaving your chest hair until and unless you are forced with some other reasons. The rechargeable battery of the hair remover holds the charge and lasts for a long period.


  • 4 trimming combs
  • S-shaped handle
  • Good Quality Product


  • Sensitive skin may cause itchiness


7. Flepow Ear and Nose Trimmer

Best Pubic Hair Trimmers


Ear and nose trimmer of Fleplow can cut off excess hair from the nose, ears, eyebrows, and face with their unique dual-edge spinning blades system. The fast rotation of the dual-edge spinning blades performs cutting of any hair type easily and quickly.

It can also remove the rough and thick hair, usually located in the nose and eyebrows. A rotating interior pattern with a shielding cover accurately removes the hair without any pain. Build quality is extremely decent, and compact blades that ensure the overall good performance.

The outer body of this cordless nose and ear hair trimmer is composed of plastic while the blade is built from stainless steel. If used once in a week, the life of the trimmer is surprisingly for six months.

The cutting action works nicely, allowing the device to trim the eyebrows also, and the existing IPX7 waterproof design makes it fully washable and easy cleaning. It can be soaked and washed under running water by removing the top after your use.

It also comes with a dust-proof cover that acts as a protecting cover on the top of the trimmer head. Less noise is made by the tool compared to other available trimmers in the market as the noted noise level is less than 50db, which indicates usage of the trimmer even when the family is sleeping.

This ear and nose trimmer work with merely a single button, letting you easily power it on or off as per the use. A drawback of the trimmer is it uses an AA size battery to power and does not come included with the kit.

You should buy it separately from the store to charge the device. This lightweight product comes with a 2-year hassle-free guarantee and is suitable during road trips travel.


  • Compact and Multipurpose
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Powered by battery


  • No Instruction Set Included


8. Fancii Ladies Electric Facial & Body Trimmer

Best Pubic Hair Trimmers


The precision-cut blades of the Fancii trimmer offer easily trimming of unwanted facial and body hair from any part. It mainly uses cutting-edge spiral blade action for immediate and painless trimming without irritating the sensitive skin. It is also great for bikini line, eyebrows, face, body, armpits, arms, legs, nose, lip, chin, and ear hair.

The IPX-5 water-resistant design allows for both wet and dry trimming. The stainless steel dual-sided blades are both durable and efficient with a quick replacement option. The pivoting head can support your body shape for a close shave without scratches and cuts.

A cordless shaver that uses less time and produces quicker performance. It comes with a battery indicator on the top of the shaver that is found useful to have a look at the remaining percent of charging. Trim under dry conditions for best results, and trimmer can be used even over makeup.

It ensures smooth cut even on sensitive skin and holds a soft, painless shave that will give your skin appearing silky and even. There is also a thick and satin storage case for easy portability.


  • Hypoallergenic, stainless steel blades
  • Can be used on sensitive skin
  • 4 interchangeable heads


  • Cannot be used on wet hair


9. TOPTOTN Hair Remover

Best Pubic Hair Trimmers


If you require a single tool to remove facial hair, eyebrow unwanted hair removal, sideburn, and body trimmer. They are recognized for safety, performance, and versatility in fashion and design that attracts most of the women. Topton launches the most outstanding electric shaving products with excellent features on the market.

One of those electric shavers that allows you to finish shaving in a little amount of time. The 5 attachable heads usually take 10 or 15 to provide a close shave, unlike the electric shavers that complete the task instantly.

It is extremely portable and can be carried anywhere while allowing a last-minute shave before an urgent meeting or some other occasion. There is no need to bother about any cuts or irritations observed with the normal single-blade razor because the brand designs the blades with high stainless steel technology.

A different feature of this razor is the capability to choose from the five heads that best suit your skin and technique, ranging from extra sensitive to intense. As these shavers charge very fast, you can shave even in a hurry while your battery is dead!


  • 5 in 1 Rechargeable Razors
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Quick Charging


  • Bulkier design


10. Deluxis Electric Shaver

Best Pubic Hair Trimmers


Deluxis Electric Shaver is appreciated for its two high-speed precision blades by women that offer smooth shave on the face, around the leg, face, lips, and other body parts. There are no burns or nicks, cuts, and irritation during the process. You get a more smooth skin because of the

hypoallergenic stainless-steel T-shaped blades suitable for all skin types. This electric bikini trimmer slides easily along the body’s different contours with its 200 times/sec high-speed, high-frequency oscillation conveniently and reliably shave any extra hair to achieve the best result.

Unique and classic 4 different trimming guide combs are available for the different trim hair length at 1mm/2mm/4mm 6mm. It can be used to remove thicker and longer hair of any desired length on eyebrows and pubic areas.

Another special feature of the product is the IPX7 waterproof technology that can be utilized on wet or dry skin as per your convenience. It also comes with an anti-slip grip that ensures smooth shaving even in the shower. There is a detachable trimmer head design, and long cleaning brush makes to maintain your accessory tool easily.

An exciting highlight of Deluxis shaver is it supports the one-hand wireless operation and USB charging. The large capacity of the built-in battery makes it available for up to 60minutes when charging full and is fully portable.


  • 4 trimming combs
  • Detachable trimmer head
  • Can be used with single-hand


  • Loose razor head


Is Shaving Pubic Hair Dangerous?

When it comes to shaving, pubic hair is one of the most sensitive parts of your body and needs utmost care while doing it. It is an extremely personal preference when it comes to trimming pubic hair.

You may end up with folliculitis that looks like white bumps if you regularly shave the private part with some bad shaving technique. You can always apply some cream after the shaving process for not worrying about these risks.

It is advisable to use a new single-blade razor by replacing your razor frequently to avoid any infections. Experts also suggest shaving pubic hair only when your bikini line will be exposed, or before any special occasion.


What Are The Benefits Of Not Shaving Your Pubic Hair?

Hair prevents skin from sensitivity when it rubs against itself, providing a shield to many areas of our body, and there are benefits of not shaving.

  • No razor burns or minor health complications involved
  • Decreases friction and lubrication
  • Important to not shave for sanitary reasons
  • Protection from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens
  • Ingrown hair is for a purpose and clean hygiene


What Are The Tips To Consider Before Removing Hair From Private Parts?

  1. Use a mirror to see the exact area of shaving.
  2. Do not use a dull pair of scissors for removal of pubic hair
  3. Soak in the tub for at least 5 minutes to moisten the skin before the shave
  4. Apply a lotion or any soothing agent evenly on all the areas ready for a shave
  5. Change your razor blades frequently after every shave
  6. Do not use too much pressure and hold the razor-tight in one hand while starting to shave gently
  7. Shave in the growth direction of pubic hair and rinse with water nicely after the process
  8. Apply any moisturizer after the shaving, and it is advisable not to use any scented products on private parts.


How To Use A Women’s Electric Shaver?

Electric Shavers makes removing hair quickly and easier for women without undergoing much pain as in waxing. The following steps can help you to use electric shaver accurately for women.


Scrub your legs with a mild, moisturizing soap or any lotion to flake the skin without drying it out as electric shavers do not use water during the process of removal of hair.



Rub your legs, arms, and other areas thoroughly with the soap or lotion to determine the path of your hair follicles. It is advisable to shave against the grain for the best outcomes.


Use Electric Razor

Set your electric razor flat on your skin and switch it on for starting to use it. Then move it slowly in the appropriate direction of your skin. You must need to change the directions at frequent intervals to reach all the areas of your body.

Move your hands over any sections to notice if there are any sharp spots left out to remove. If you missed out any spot, then go back and shave again to remove those extra hairs.



To give a final soft salon finish, rub any moisturizing body lotion all over your leg and arms to not leave your skin dry. Your legs and arms are ready now for the dazzling look!