10 Best Laser Hair Removers for Women

Women are always struggling to go to parlors, getting a wax and bearing the pain of it, or simply shaving in the washroom, nicking or injuring themselves with a blade.

This incessant problem of body hair removal is something that affects most women that strive for silky smooth hair-free skin to rock those dresses and shorts and sleeveless clothes.

As we understand this issue and relate to it, we have compiled a list of the best IPL hair removal devices that can be used at home to permanently eliminate all that body hair and get smooth and hair-free skin.

The IPL technology or the Intense Pulsed Light technology is clinically proven to prevent the regrowth of hair. Though the method takes some time to show results, it gives you a permanent solution to body hair, a tradeoff we think is worthy of the time.

These simple devices can be used at home, avoiding the hassle of all the appointments or money spent on waxes. So here’s a list of the 10 best laser hair removers for women:

1. XSOUL At-Home IPL Hair Removal for Women

Best Laser Hair Removers for Women


It’s time to stop fretting over shaving or waxing with the permanent and professional hair removal offered by XSOUL at home. This hair removal device uses advanced IPL technology to break the cycle of hair regrowth, solving the problem of regular body hair removal in the comfort of your home.

Ensuring your safety first, this product will not react with your skin, and you need to simply follow the instructions on the manual to use the IPL hair removal properly. With 500,000 flashes, one of these products will last you a lifetime.

Permanent hair removal is possible with the 5 levels on this device. Simply press the on/off button, adjust the level that suits you, and achieve that hairless skin. The ergonomic handle design makes the hair remover more comfortable to hold and maneuver on the body.

This IPL hair remover has two modes, namely the auto mode and the manual mode. Long press and release button to activate the auto mode for continuous flashing, a mode suitable for the bikini line, face, and armpits.

Activate the manual mode by pressing the button once for a single flash, suitable for the back, arms, and legs. This device is corded and is not suitable for the face.


  • Uses IPL technology to break hair regrowth cycle, eliminating body hair completely and permanently
  • No skin reaction and is 100% safe to use
  • 500,000 flash technology lasts a lifetime
  • 5 levels for hair removal for men and women
  • Ergonomic handle gives it a good hold
  • Has an auto mode and a manual mode for continuous and single flashes, respectively
  • Suitable for full-body hair removal, including intimate areas


  • Corded device causes hassle
  • Not suitable for facial hair elimination


2. Silk’n Infinity Permanent Hair Removal for Women and Men

Best Laser Hair Removers for Women


Silk’n Infinity hair removal device uses a technology that uses pulses of light to permanently remove undesired hair growth without any residue stubble, ingrown hairs, redness, or other irritation.

The easy and painless at-home device can be used on any skin type and the face, legs, arms, upper lip, and bikini line, leaving you with beautiful, silky, and infinitely smooth skin. Thanks to high-speed repetitive light pulses, Silk’n Infinity is one of the fastest and effective systems to remove hair permanently.

Designed to facilitate the long-term reduction of hair growth, with regular use as directed, one can expect to see fewer and fewer unwanted hairs grow back over time, ultimately leading to hair-free skin for life. Quartz bulb technology allows for quick reloading and faster pulses that work more efficiently.

It’s a hair removal device for professionals that gives results in the comfort of your home like never before. Enjoy smooth skin using eHPL light pulsing and galvanic energy technology that disables hair growth at the root.

Nothing beats its convenient, at-home treatment that is quick, painless, and safe with no additional cartridges needed while resulting in a 92% reduction in hair growth. Shave, clean, and dry your skin before use and do not wax, pluck, or tweeze. Use low energy levels initially and then move further up on levels.


  • Permanently removes undesired hair growth without any residue stubble, ingrown hairs, redness, or other irritation
  • High-speed repetitive light pulses
  • Quartz bulb technology allows for quick reloading and faster pulses
  • Gives results in the comfort of your home, making it economical and hassle-free
  • eHPL light pulsing and galvanic energy technology disables hair growth at the root
  • Quick, painless, and safe with no additional cartridges needed
  • Has multiple energy levels for different areas of the body


  • Corded device


3. BAIVON IPL Hair Removal for women

Best Laser Hair Removers for Women


Clear and hairless skin without any shaving or waxing is now possible with the BAIVON Intense Pulsed Light hair remover. Permanently eliminating the hair from your body, this device uses warm and gentle light to break hair regrowth cycle.

It doesn’t simply mask hair follicles but also shuts them down completely, leaving no stubble, no bumps, and no ingrown hairs. Permanent hair reduction is possible in 8-12 weeks of treatment with this device.

An economical and at-home solution, this laser hair removal is designed for corded use and also removes the worries and hassles of any laser treatment appointments. Compact design makes it easy to handel while using at home, it has been upgraded to 999,900 flashes with a lifetime of pulses and no refill cartridge needed.

The Auto/Manual modes on the device make it easy to use on the full body. While the manual mode is for small area hair removal such as on the bikini line, fingers, upper lips, and face, the auto mode is for large areas such as the arms, legs, back, etc.

Simply put, the IPL laser hair removal device vertically against the skin and let it take care of the rest. 5 energy levels on the device offer 5 power settings to provide customized treatment as per your comfort.

The higher the power-level, the greater the strength will be and better the effect it will have. It is suggested that you start from level 1 to get used to the device.

Remove the surface hair before each treatment to get better results, while keeping in mind that due to hair color, skin tone, and hair density, the results and time taken may vary from person to person.


  • Economical and use-at-home solution
  • Shuts down hair follicles completely and permanently
  • Compact design
  • Equipped with 999,900 flashes that will last a lifetime without refill
  • Auto mode for the large areas on the body such as arms and legs
  • Manual mode for smaller areas such as fingers and bikini lines
  • 5 energy levels give 5 power ratings on the intensity of the laser


  • Corded
  • Results might take up to 8-12 weeks depending on hair and skin types


4. TUMAKOU Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device for Women & Men

Best Laser Hair Removers for Women


Get yourself the safest permanent hair removal solution at home with the TUMAKOU permanent IPL hair removal device that has 15 years of experience from salons and has been clinically tested and proven to show the promised results.

With a relatively smaller design, you can take it with you if you are traveling or are at home. Painless and permanent hair removal is ensured with this device as it performs internal hair removal on the skin; the device absorbs the hair follicles with the energy of light.

After continuous use, the hair follicle is blocked completely, preventing the hair from growing back.

Over 95% of customers are satisfied with the result after only 3 months of use, and 90% of customers have seen visible hair reduction after 8 weeks’ use. Equipped with 999,999 flashes, the painless hair removal device has 5 adjustable levels to ensure gentle and effective hair removal. Its LCD shows you the remaining number of flashes.

This hair removal system is designed to permanently eliminate hair from the face, arms, legs, armpits, back, bikini area, etc., and other parts of the body. Both women and men can use it.

Featuring an Auto/Manual flash mode can not only complete hair removal quicker, but also makes it efficient by suiting the right areas.


  • Clinically tested to be safe and proven to show results
  • Compact size makes it travel-friendly
  • Absorbs follicles with the energy of light and eliminates regrowth
  • Shows stunning results in 8-12 weeks
  • 5 adjustable intensity levels for different areas on the body
  • LCD indicates the number of flashes
  • Full-body hair removal is possible
  • Auto/Manual mode for flashes


  • Sometimes takes a long time to get desired results, and complete hair removal is not ensured


5. Usitek Laser Hair Removal for Women and Men

Best Laser Hair Removers for Women


Permanently remove the hair on your body with the upgraded IPL hair removal technology on this laser hair removal from Usitek that works on hair roots to break the cycle of hair growth and helps you achieve permanent hair removal under the premise of safety. This painless treatment allows you to enjoy smooth and hair-free skin after 8 weeks of use.

Equipped with a cartridge that offers 999,999 flashes of Usitek laser hair removal, it is one of the highest ever flashes offered by an IPL device.

The quality and after-sale service are also better than what is offered by most other brands, and a need to waste money on a replacement of the cartridge or to upgrade the product will never arise.

The device has 5 energy levels adjusted to different levels according to the skin area to get better results. One can adapt to it quickly from level 1 even if they haven’t tried IPL before.

Two functioning modes are designed for your safety and to use on different body parts. The manual mode is used to remove hair at small areas, such as the bikini line, armpit, toes, and lips, while the auto mode is used in large areas, such as arms, legs, chest, and back.

The product comes with an IPL hair removal device, razor, power adapter, goggles, and a portable storage bag.


  • Upgraded hair technology breaks the cycle of regrowth of hair
  • Hair-free skin after only 8 weeks of use
  • Offers 999,999 flashes that last a lifetime
  • Has 5 energy levels that are easy to adapt to
  • Auto and manual modes for different areas on the body


  • Corded


6. DoLike Laser Hair Removal For Women and Men

Best Laser Hair Removers for Women


Clinical trials have shown that the fastest and permanent hair removal can be achieved in only 8 weeks with the DoLike Laser Hair Removal for Men and Women. 8 weeks is just a cycle of hair removal and can be extended or reduced based on the skin and hair type.

The product package contains 2pcs of the lamp cartridge and includes one 3cm² HR cartridge and one 5.2 cm² SR cartridge that can realize skin rejuvenation after hair removal. The lamp cartridge is used in the high-grade quartz lamp tube and can be removed and replaced to facilitate the maintenance of various lamp cartridge problems.

It is featuring two flash modes, namely the manual mode that is more suitable for hair removal on the smaller areas and an automatic mode for faster hair removal on larger areas.

The 5 energy levels make a more reasonable choice based on skin color and hair color—the higher the energy, the better the hair removal effect. The level of 4-5 energy is recommended only for fair skin.

While it takes only about 2,000 flashes for a single body hair removal, this product comes with 300,00 flashes that can be used to remove body hair permanently for 8-12 people and can also help rejuvenate their skin.

The machine comes with a 3-month free return or refund and a 1-year warranty; as long as the order is within the warranty period, the seller bears all after-sales expenses.


  • 8-week results
  • Contains 2 lamp cartridges for a lifetime of use in both lamp sizes
  • Rejuvenates the skin after use
  • Has 5 energy levels for different skin types
  • Auto and manual modes help in suiting the hair removal to the body
  • Equipped with 300,000 flashes enough for full body hair removal for 8-12 persons
  • Comes with a 3-month return and exchange policy


  • Corded


7. Veme IPL Hair Removal Device

Best Laser Hair Removers for Women


Grab an effective and permanent hair removal at home from the Veme IPL hair removal device that uses the newest technology of an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to break the cycle of hair regrowth.

Clinical results proved that this IPL hair removal machine is safe, gentle, effective, with no side effects. Up to 93.7% of women deliver up to 96% of hair reduction after only 2 months of treatment with the device.

Featuring two flash modes and two lamp heads, the design can work for different hair removal parts. The single flash mode and 2cm² lamp head are mainly used for small area hair removals such as the upper lip, chin, armpits, and bikini line.

The slide flash mode and 4cm² lamp head can be used for large hair removal areas such as arms, legs, chest, and back. 5 adjustable energy settings accommodate different skin sensitivity, ensuring gentle but effective treatment. Veme hair removal machine attaches an ice compress function that can calm down the skin, relieve redness, and swelling.

You can simply turn on the ice-cool mode and enjoy hair removal and cooling care at the same time. It is exactly the painless and comfortable treatment you need to get smooth and hair-free skin.

The Veme IPL hair removal system works effectively on various hair and skin types – from naturally dark blonde, brown and black hair and on skin tones from very white to light brown. As with other IPL based treatments, Veme V601 cannot treat white/grey, red hair, light blonde, and is not suitable to use on very dark skin.

This is because the high contrast required between the pigment in hair color and the skin tone. This hair remover has a cartridge of 500,000 flashes, which could provide 10-15 individuals’ whole body permanent hair removal. With 180-day money back and 24 months warranty, it makes an appropriate device for anyone.


  • Effective and permanent hair removal
  • Clinically proven safe
  • Up to 93.7% of women deliver up to 96% of hair reduction after only 2 months of treatment with the device
  • Two flash modes and two lamp heads work for hair removal on different parts
  • 5 adjustable energy settings accommodate different skin sensitivity
  • Ice compress function calms down the skin, relieves redness and swelling
  • Works effectively on various skin types and hair – from naturally dark blonde, brown and black hair and skin tones from very white to light brown
  • Has a cartridge of 500,000 flashes, which could provide 10-15 individuals’ whole body permanent hair removal


  • Not meant to treat white/grey, light blonde, or red hair
  • Not suitable for very dark skin


8. Upgraded Laser Hair Removal Machine with Large Ice Compress

Best Laser Hair Removers for Women


Cost-effective, permanent, and effective hair removal at home is now possible with this upgraded laser hair removal machine that comes with a large ice compress property.

Equipped with the newest and most effective IPL technology, clinical results prove that IPL hair removal is a safe and effective method to solve the problem of body hair at home.

With a large Ice Compress Plate, the product effectively calms down the skin, relieves pain and redness, and reduces pores while removing the hair.

There will be no more fear of reaction with the skin or any sort of redness of injury as this technology protects your skin from any of it.  Enjoy cooling care while removing hair permanently from any part of your body.

Upgraded to 999,990 flashes with 8 energy levels, it is enough for lifelong hair removal and guarantees lifelong hair-free and silky skin.

The 8 energy levels help suit the skin type and the area it is being used on. 2 flash modes save both time and energy. Use the Manual mode for the smaller areas and the Automatic Mode for the larger parts of the body.


  • Proven clinically safe and effective
  • Ice compress plates that cool down the skin while hair removal
  • 999,990 flashes last a lifetime
  • 8 energy levels for efficient hair removal
  • 2 modes: Auto and Manual for different parts of the body


  • Not suitable for darker skin tones


9. IMENE Laser Hair Removal for Women & Men

Best Laser Hair Removers for Women


Using the newest technology in hair removal products, this laser hair removal from Imene uses a technology called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to break the cycle of hair regrowth.

Clinically tested results proved that the IPL hair removal machine is safe, gentle, effective, quick with no-side effects. Up to 93.7% of women have seen noticeable results after just 2 months of the treatment.

Featuring body hair removal built-in ice compress plates that maintain the skin surface between 32 ~ 41o, calm down your skin and relieve redness and swelling.

Easy to operate, simply turn on the ice function and enjoy hair removal and cooling care simultaneously. This product is just what you need for a painless and comfortable treatment that will result in smooth and hair-free skin for a lifetime.

The permanent laser hair removal comes with 500,000 flashes that are enough for 9-11 individuals’ whole body hair removal. It has a non-removable flash head to avoid the risk of light leakage and loose contact.

The product sports Manual flash is used for precision areas, like bikini lines, underarms, chin, fingers, and Auto flash used for large areas, like arms, legs, stomach, back. It will greatly reduce the treatment time.

This latest IPL hair removal technology guarantees you complete safety as compared to other permanent hair removal methods. It has ICE cooling function which allows it to be used for hair removal without damaging your skin.

Wear the goggles when using the hair removal device and get going with your smooth, hair-free skin.


  • Has 500,000 flashes
  • Has 5 energy-levels
  • Easy to remove tiny as well as delicate hair from fingers, or face
  • Also has a ice compress function to keep your skin cool and comfortable


  • Nothing as such.


10. Philips lumea Hair remover with 4 Attachments for Face, Body, Bikini, and Underarms

Best Laser Hair Removers for Women


Derived from professional IPL, developed with careful observation of dermatologists, Philips Lumea uses the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to break the hair regrowth cycle. Gentle pulses of light are applied at the hair root, and, after several treatments, hair is prevented from eventually growing back at all.

This technology is being used by professionals since 1997. The  Philips Lumea, derived from this professional IPL technology, makes it possible for you to treat hair easily and effectively at home.

This product is the culmination of 14 years of research and development in collaboration with leading dermatologists. With clinically proven effectiveness, objective studies show significant hair reduction after as few as 3 to 4 bi-weekly treatments, resulting in smooth, hair-free skin.

To maintain results after permanent hair removal, customers only need to touch up every 4 to 8 weeks. Its suitable for a wide variety of skin and hair types, the Philips Lumea Prestige works effectively, safely, and easily on them. It works on naturally dark blonde, black and brown hair as well as skin tones from very fair to dark brown.

Philips Lumea is not menat to treat white/grey, red hair, or light blonde, as well as not good for very dark skin because of the high contrast required between the pigment in the hair color and skin tone.

Can be used cordless as well as with cord – Philips Lumea Prestige is the IPL device used with or without a cord for complete convenience, a quality present in very few laser treatments. Use cordless to avail full freedom of movement and plugin when needed for treatment with no interruptions.

It is the only IPL device to offer uniquely curved attachments designed to optimize different body areas. Attachments differ by combinations of shape, window, etc. suiting your skin.


  • Uses innovative light-based technology called Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to break the cycle of hair regrowth
  • Clinically proven effectiveness
  • Shows significant hair reduction after as few as 3 to 4 bi-weekly treatments
  • Works on a wide variety of hair and skin types
  • Can be used with cord or without cord
  • Offers uniquely curved attachments, to provide optimal results on different body areas


  • Not meant to treat white/grey, light blonde, or red hair
  • Not suitable for very dark skin

And that’s a wrap for the 10 best laser hair removers for women you can find in the market. Now before you jump to buying one of these, let us answer a few questions that are frequently asked about these products:


What Is Meant By Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a technique wherein a beam of light is used to destroy the root of the hair follicle to prevent the hair from growing back permanently. Pigment cells within the hair follicle absorbs the beam of light, preventing regrowth of hair.

While laser treatment is much less painful than waxing, there can be some discomfort involved depending on the method. The more powerful the machine is the more discomfort you might feel. Someone with sensitive skin can be more painful than others. However, it’s nothing you’ll need pain killers for, simply use a ice-pack to deal with it.

The process might not work same for everyone. Its best to treat people who have dark hair and light skin tone. Unfortunately, they are not effective in treating gray, white, or light hair. Especially at-home laser hair removals are not recommended for all skin tones, and the type of skin should be checked before purchasing itself.


Is Laser Hair Removal At Home Safe?

At-home laser hair removal devices are not as powerful as in-office or professional ones and do not deliver identical results. They are safe if used properly, and you need to follow the instructions carefully.

Like any new skin care treatment, a patch test on a small area of skin is recommended to be sure in the case of complications. It is not advised to start zapping your device when you take it out of the box as that puts you at risk of an injury or even burns.

So treat one area at a time, carefully and don’t over-treat the same area repeatedly to avoid reactions of mishaps.


How Do I Find A Good Laser Hair Removing Device?

When it comes to choosing a device, stick to trusted companies who have ideally published results of clinical evaluations of the devices themselves, to be sure of the results and consequences.

It is recommended to select an option that has FDA approval and good customer reviews. In this case, a more expensive, better device will give better results. You need one with enough power/energy and as close to an in-office laser hair removal machine as you can get. This is the most critical thing to look out for in an ideal laser hair removal.



And with that, we hope you find a good hair removal solution for yourself. At no point should you be compelled to get rid of body hair, and it should be done only if it is a personal choice.

Always watch out for the side effects and any other issues it can cause and purchase wisely!