10 Best Budget Friendly Norelco Shavers

Whether you are a stock trader, a firefighter, a meteorologist, a pilot, or even a person who stays at home, nobody needs a headache when its time to shave. Everyone wants a shave that makes them feel good with a shaver that doesn’t fail when you are in a hurry.

You also want a clean and smooth, hassle-free feeling from your shaver, affordable, and dependable. Moreover, you want your shaver not to leave you with ugly ingrown, and painful hair later. We are here to help you all in your struggle.

So, the Norelco Shavers is one of the best in the world, but not the cheapest. No matter what your choice is in electric shavers, you will find every feature that will be fulfilling your requirement.

Here, we have compiled a list of 10 Norelco shavers that are budget-friendly and perform everything you want from it. It’s for the hurried mornings that require shaving in the shower, or quickly trim their mustache or beard while going to the office.


Factor To Consider Before Buying An Electric Shaver

You have to choose your product the right way if you want to purchase your first electric shaver or upgrading from your old shaver. Considering a couple of factors will get you what you need or something similar to it.

Respected Brand Name

We prefer buying from reputed brands because they have gained their reputation by providing high-end products.

Thus, we trust them as compared to others, but still, sometimes, the less-known brands can also offer high-end products. You can check out the functionality offered by both and then compared them to decide which one is better.


Quick-charge Feature

With the quick-charge feature, you won’t face a situation where your shaver runs out of power in the middle of a shave.

The best part is that they get charged quickly in just a few minutes to provide a clean shave. These days, you will find almost all shavers with the feature of working while charging.


Purpose of Shaving

Your shaver’s purpose will determine if you can choose trimmers, foil, or rotary shavers. No matter if you want to shave daily to keep your face clean and smooth or want to buy to trim your hair only to prevent them from overgrowing, you will always find the right model.

The foil blade shavers work best for shaving regularly, even for sensitive skin. While the rotary shavers have spinning disks with the floating heads which adjusts to the facial contours, that is why it is considered perfect for shaving those hard to reach areas.



You hair follicles stick to the shavers sometimes. And you would always find it difficult to clean it all as you don’t have a waterproof featured shaver.

So, a waterproofing feature model like Philips Norelco Oneblade Pro. This feature allows you to shave in the shower comfortably. Later, you can wash the electric shaver after using it. Moreover, the battery chamber is safe, and no water goes into it.



If you travel a lot, then it’s a superb idea to look for a travel-friendly electric shaver. We know that this feature is not that significant to everyone, but in any case, you have to travel one day, then you can bring your shaver along.


Corded, Cordless, and Mobility

You have options to choose from plug-in charging units, battery-powered shavers, and corded shavers. The power consumption type and its supply can also influence the shaver’s mobility. You get maximum versatility with a plug-in charging unit. It provides great mobility, impedes the portability of the machine.

Considering all the factors mentioned above, we have listed the top 10 Norelco Shavers for you.

1. Philips Norelco Shaver 2300 S1211/81

Best Budget Friendly Norelco Shavers


It’s a product that can do miracles. A man with sensitive skin and prone to razor burn would always find it difficult to the shaver’s performance. But, this shaver is extremely light to perform a gentle but smoother shave. Just say goodbye to your old shavers.

Philips Norelco Shaver 2300 provides you a convenient, consistent, smoother, and a clean shave. With the self-sharpening comfort-cut blades, its pop-up trimmer and fully washable feature make the shaver of excellent value. Comfortable for your skin and gives a clean shave.

The rounded caps shield has 27 self-sharpening blades that gently cuts your hair from above your skin level by helping the shaver glide smoothly all over your skin. There is a pop-up trimmer for maintaining your sideburns and mustache. It’s 4D flex heads moves independently in four different directions so that they can automatically adjust your facial, jaw, and neck curves.

So, finish your look with this built-in trimmer at just a touch of a button. For a much open and easily clean under the tap, you can pop its heads out. One can get 13 shaves as it provides 40 minutes of run time after charging the shaver for 8 hours.

You can also plug it in for instant and continuous power. A protective cap, electric shaver, and the power cord are included in it.


  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Blade follows your facial contours


  • You must have to regularly change the blades


2. Philips Norelco Shaver 3800, S3311/85

Philips Norelco Shaver 3800


For a clean and smoother shave, Philips Norelco Shaver’s 5D pivot and flex heads follow your face’s contour with 5 directional floating movements. Its head reaching your face at an ideal angle adjusts to your neck and face curves.

They create a smooth contact on your skin and gives you a convenient dry shave or a refreshing wet shave with the help of a foam or gel, even when you are in the shower. The comfort cut blades engineered to glide smoothly over your skin comfortably.

The pop-up trimmer for sideburns and mustache gives you a convenient refreshing wet or dry shave for your skin. You can now easily shave up to 60 minutes by charging the shaver for an hour.

Try 20 shaves with a powerful Lithium-ion battery and a 5-minute quick charge giving enough power to operate. 27 self-sharpening blades gently cut your hair above the skin level, gliding smoothly over your skin.


  • Provides a smooth and clean shave 30 percent better than other models.
  • Powerful battery High-precision contouring system


  • A bit overpriced


3. Philips Norelco One Blade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver, FFP

Best Budget Friendly Norelco Shavers


The Philips Norelco One – Blade Electric Shaver and Trimmer is a revolutionary grooming tool with a technology designed for men who wear facial beards, styles, or stubble. You can get a shave of any length with its blade features providing trimming and edging.

Get a faster-moving cutter with the dual protection system that is 200x per second and gives you an efficient and comfortable long hair shave. As it does not shave too close on your skin, so it makes it comfortable for your skin.

The replaceable blades with it last up to 4 months for the best shaving experience, after-effects of the shave may vary based on 2 full shaves per week. With a full 2 year warranty and a 45-day risk-free trial, this is the best fit for any user.

It includes One-blade, handle, power charger, and 3 trimming combs. Rechargeable blades will help you in edging, trimming, and shaving off any length hair. For much precise edging, dual-sided blades are to line up your style easier than before.


  • Features the SmartClean Station
  • Quick Charge feature
  • Suitable for both dry and wet shaving
  • Showerproof



4. Philips Norelco 6880/81 Shaver

Best Budget Friendly Norelco Shavers


There are a few electric shavers that can correctly match the excellence that a typical Philips Norelco Shaver shows. Every man needs it to maintain his beard length. With the help of this shaver, you will definitely say goodbye to your skin irritation issues that you face from most shavers.

Being one of the most cost-effective shavers in today’s market, this won’t let you face any extra problems in functioning even if you are a first time user.

For more comfortable shaving moments and relaxation, it is offering the most accurate and closest shave possible for you. It simply handles and moves around your face while shaving.

The smooth edges help you against the friction and provide you a comfortable shaving experience—no accidental chances with this absolutely amazing shaver. You just have to start applying the shaving cream and foam on your skin surface, which you want to shave, then start shaving with the shaving machine.

Less instructions are there to follow in cleaning your beard and also cut down your facial hair. It runs on lithium batteries and is filled with the juice to work for more than 1.5 hours consistently with a full charge.


  • It is protective of your skin
  • Comes with a pouch and charging stand
  • Provides fast and clean shave
  • Has a lithium battery that can be used continuously for over an hour
  • Portable


  • The battery can’t be replaced


5. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 3600 with Click-On Stubble Guard, S3560/88

Best Budget Friendly Norelco Shavers


Convenient Philips Norelco 3600 Electric 2-in-1 Shaver serves best for a clean shave or a 3-day stubble look. The 4 direction flex heads and the comfort cut blade system guarantee you a smooth shave while just giving a click-on stubble guard, which assures an easy trim with a lesser mess.

The patent design of this shaver fits over your shaver head by capturing all the facial hair inside it when you trim and leaving you with a much greater look and a clean bathroom sink.

Four flex heads have independent movements that adjust to every curve of your face by giving you an easy shave than before on the jaw and neckline.

Do not worry and get a comfortable dry or wet shave with rounded profile heads that glide smoothly across your skin, also protecting it from every cuts and nick.

You just have to choose your perfect fit to shave and opt for a quick shaver with aquatic dry or wet seal. One can shave with foam or gel even under your shower.

Finish your look using a pop-up trimmer for maintaining your trimming sideburns and mustache. Pop the trimmer’s head open and rinse it thoroughly under the tap. The maximum voltage is 100-240V, and the stand by power is 0.1 watts with a maximum power consumption of W.


  • Quick Charge feature
  •  Very affordable considering the quality
  • Wet/dry shaving
  • Showerproof


  • No turbo mode


6. Philips Norelco BG7030/49 Body groom Series 7000

Best Budget Friendly Norelco Shavers


Unique dual-sided design by body groom allows you to switch effortlessly between trimming and shaving. For a smoother shave, there is a four-directional pivot shaver that adapts to the body contours. You get five length settings without any changing attachments.

It conveniently provides showerproof functionality with 80 minutes of running time powered by a lithium-ion battery. One can trim any hair length in their body zones, including the sensitive ones.

Its ergonomic grip and 5 adjustable lengths come with many choices based on your comfort and style. Trim or shave in any direction, whether wet or dry, with the ultimate control and precision. With the international voltage of 110-220V, it has a dual designed body with a worldwide voltage charger.


  • Simple to charge and clean
  • Smooth and irritation-free shave
  • Excellent battery life
  • Fast charging function


  • Noisy motor


7. Philips Norelco 4100 Shaver

Best Budget Friendly Norelco Shavers


The Philips Norelco dry and wet electric shaver are gentle on your skin. Its cut blade action and patented super lift action lifts your all hair to cut it comfortably below the skin level.

Shave your facial hair by this integrated pop-up trimmer, enjoying the convenience of cordless operation on the road or at home or anywhere.

Its one-hour charging provides you 17 days or 50 minutes of more shaving time. Perfect for your long or short hair with dual precision. You can lift your hair with this shaver for a closer shave. Easy to clean washable.

The highly durable blades replace their heads every 12 months. Get free from any cuts, nicks, or razor burns that you get from the traditional standard shavers. The on and off easy to press buttons are easy to control your shaving routine as there is no fumbling trying to flip a toggle switch up or down.

You can use this shaver with or without gel or shaving cream. Include this in your daily personal care routine as water will not hurt the shaver heads’ mechanisms. With flexible heads, it gets easier not to miss the hair patches or razor bumps.


  • 4-direction pivoting shaving heads aid comfort and speed
  • Pop-up trimmer is effective for hard-to-reach areas
  • Three-minute quick charging function


  • It does not have a cleaning station


8. Philips Norelco Shaver 3500 S3212/82

Best Budget Friendly Norelco Shavers


Norelco Shaver by Philips 3500 comes with 5D Pivot and Flex Heads that follow curves for a comfortable shave. Enjoy a clean shave that follows your contour of the face with 5 directional pivot floating, and flex movements.

Its head reaches your face, neck at an ideal angle making the skin smooth with lesser skin contact. The cut-blades are engineered to glide over your skin, providing dry or wet or refreshing shave comfortably.

Either use gel or foam in the shower while using the shaver. Comfortable, clean shave comes with rounded blade caps that shield 27 self-sharpening blades that gently cut your hair above the skin level. Get a finished look with this built-in trimmer for maintaining your mustache or trimming sideburns.

The cordless shaving time is 60 minutes from an hour’s charge. The battery indicator has 3 levels to get you the best of the shaver. Anti-slip handling comes with a rubber grip. A free travel pouch for convenient storage at home or anywhere you go.


  • Twenty length settings.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Great warranty.


  • Not as good for multi-use trimming as some other trimmers.


9. Philips Norelco S9311/84 Shaver 9300

Best Budget Friendly Norelco Shavers


It delivers a superior closeness in just a single go, even on 3-day beards. Each shaving independently moves in 8 different directions to follow every curve of the face. Your 20% hair gets cut in a single go with improved contouring.

All your hair can get collected by V-track precision blades for more closer and comfortable shave. This shaver provides easy maintenance by the SmartClean system that lubricates, cleans, charges, or dries your shaver.

The lithium-ion battery gives 50-minutes of cordless shaving on every full charge, i.e., 1 hour only. LED display shows the battery level to know when to charge it, or it’s enough charged for shaving. Don’t have to waste your battery life with the help of the travel flock feature.

Ergonomic grip and handling are designed by keeping a closer shave in mind. The shaving head moves in 8 different directions to follow the curve of your face. 20% more hair is captured by superior contouring, and shaving helps cut up to 30%.

You can shave wherever and however you like. The precision trimmer is skin-friendly and ideal for maintaining your sideburns or mustache.

Get an easy shaving experience with the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that delivers the corded shaver’s power. Shaver includes a precision trimmer, a power cord, a cleaning cartridge, and a travel case.


  • Can operate while plugged in
  • Comes with great warranty terms
  • Three-minute quick charge function
  • Easy to clean


  • Four-direction contouring system
  • Powerful Lithium batteries
  • Comes with great warranty terms
  • Durable but lightweight


10. Sweet LF 3D Rechargeable 100% Waterproof IPX7 Electric Shaver

Best Budget Friendly Norelco Shavers


Rechargeable Sweetlf electric shaver has a USB quick charging and LED display that helps you enjoy up to 120 minutes of shaving or 30 full shaves.

It takes one hour to charge and is convenient for your daily traveling. The 5-level battery indicates a gauge on the razor that lets you see how much power you have left before charging.

The 3D rotary shaver and four directional floating heads automatically adapt to your face, jaw, or neck contours. It provides you a closer shave every time, and everywhere you go. Its IPX7 body is waterproof and allows you to use the shaver, whether dry or wet.

You can also use gel or foam for a much better and close shaving experience. The quiet, high-speed motor of premium quality is not efficient enough but doesn’t produce noise for a better moment shaving.

The skin-friendly pop-up trimmer easily trims your mustache or sideburns of any facial hairstyle. One-touch open tab feature helps you quickly remove unwanted facial hair.


  • SkinGlide technology to eliminate irritation
  • DualPrecision heads for a close shave
  • Wet and dry shaving options


  • Overpriced


FAQs on Budget Friendly Norelco Shavers

1. Are Rotary Or Foil Shaver’s Better?

With various advantages to rotary and foil shavers, each style is designed for various purposes.

The rotary shavers are designed to handle the long hair that might be thick while foiling shavers for everyday shaving. But, the best shaver will always depend on your lifestyle and the type of facial hair.


2. For How Long Do Electric Shavers Last?

The lower end shavers last for 3-5 years, while the higher end shavers last for 5-10 years before replacing it. All it needs is maintenance and replacing the cutting blades often.


3. Do the Electric Shavers Gets Dull?

Yes, they do get dull as the cutting blades will get dull from time to time and need replacement in the future so that you can easily shave without any hair-pulling smoothly. It’s recommended to replace the shavers heads 1-2 times a year, depending on how much you have used them.


4. Should I Use Shaving Cream With An Electric Razor?

For people with sensitive skin, using the shaving cream reduces your skin irritation. Your hair strands get swelled by shaving cream so that you can easily cut them. So, hydrate your face so that it does not get dry out.


5. How Often Should you Replace your Electric Shaver Blades?

It varies on how often the user shaves his beard and also the electric shaver’s mode you use. Shaving blades require replacing at least once per year. Make sure that the shaver does not pull on your hair while providing and shaving with more comfort.


6. Should One Has To Wash Their Face Before Shaving With An Electric Shaver?

By washing your face, it will help you remove dirt from your face, oils, or the dead skin cells that usually lies on the skin surface. It will help you reduce any irritants and clean your face that may cause issues while you shave.



So, once you find your perfect fit, you won’t have a bad shaving movement again. The best Norelco shavers provide you the reason to shave every morning. You would find classy shavers with lots of benefits.

Take your maximum time to choose the right shaver for yourself, and don’t end up purchasing that can disappoint you in the longer run. These shavers have something special apart from the rest all.