10 Best Body Shavers To Get An Attractive Appearance

Do you wish to shave regularly to maintain your body hair-free and soft?

Many men choose to remove their body hair for their reasons. Swimmers and gymnasts prefer it for performance and aggressive reasons, while other men like to do so for an attractive appearance. No matter what the reason is, but one common tool required to achieve this task is a Body Shaver!

An electric shaver enables you to have a regular and clean-shaven look without spending much time for the best results. It is important to understand your requirements while choosing a shaver, and below are the tips for selecting a body shaver.


How to Choose a Body Shaver?

Identify The Purpose Of Shaving

Foil blade razors are recommended for people who shave regularly with sensitive skin. The thin metal foil limits the razor from developing contact with your surface preventing irritations.

Rotary shavers are designed for trimming long hair with floating heads adjusting to the facial contours, and giving excellent results.


Power Consumption

Electric shavers can be divided into three major types according to power consumption:

  • Battery-powered- Low-efficiency and not ideal for daily use
  • Plug-in charging- Most modern shavers and can be utilized up to one hour on a charge
  • Corded razors- Not used these days because of tangling cords during the shaving process



Men use electric shavers during the bath to save time in the morning of their hectic schedules. There are chances when somebody shavers are not waterproof and can result in problems while shaving.

It is recommended to check if the shaver is a wet/dry model not to face this kind of issue. Shaving cream or gel can be applied to your back if the skin is sensitive while removing your back hair.



Electric razors should always be kept clean as it is used on your delicate parts of the body. Due to unclean conditions, there can arise chances of infection for sensitive skin type people.

The modern shavers come with their advanced built-in cleaning technology and simply just hold it under running water to remove all the struck in hair between the blades.


Ease to Handle

Any device becomes a user favorite after the consideration of ease in using or holding it while executing the process. It is advisable to choose a razor with a good grip to hold in your palm while removing the back hair.

There are different shapes and sizes available in the market as per the customer needs. It is mandatory to make sure that the razor chosen can reach all parts of your face with comfort without causing any injuries.

In this article, the top 10 best body shavers to remove your back hair smoothly with no risk of cuts and injuries are explained in detail.

You identify your shaving purpose, and the rest is already covered here!

1. BaKblade 2.0 PLUS

Best Body Shavers


The BaKblade 2.0 plus body shaver is redesigned of the shaving head accessory, from a singular shaving head to the latest model possessing two shaving heads piled over each other. It can be used for both wet and dry shaving in the shower to yield the best results. The body shaver comes with a good suction cup hanger to attach in the shower.

The blade cartridge should be taken out of the shaving head and can be used for shaving your neckline, chest, or abs. There arises a risk of hurting yourself while shaving these delicate areas, and the design of this shaver is completely against it. Bakblade provides a great short brush for cleaning the blade cartridges efficiently.

The bristles of the shaver may get accumulated with your body hair after a session of shaving. The blade cartridges easily glide out to enable you to wash its base surface adequately.

Bakblade 2.0 uses only two blades per cartridge, unlike three in the initial BaKblade 1.0. A total of 4 safety razors blades are available with two blade cartridges. The blades are stacked over the top of each other, as seen in most of the beard shavers.

The performance of the body shaver is great with the narrower razor width providing more strokes to get rid yourself of back hair. It also comes with two separate blades cartridges to shave more effectively over your desired area. The razor just typically guides with no consideration in any angle of shaving.

There is no tension to think about the blade angle and start shaving by using constant adjustments to your arm, collar, or wrist. The device works great and smoothly by just sliding in a few strokes on your back. The pivoting system seems very stout and securely stays in place while shaving with new foldable handles.


  • Changing Blades
  • Detachable head
  • Easy to slide
  • Does not clog


  • Handles are short
  • Reduced blade cartridge width
  • Bulky


2. Philips Norelco

Best Body Shavers


Philips concentrates on rotary shavers and beyond the ages, have offered many class-leading shaving commodities. It is popular for its potential and intensity to yield the best result for your body as per the needs. Philips Norelco OneBlade Face plus Body is an advanced grooming tool introduced by the company lately.

The finishing design and system mark overall good features with a fresh after shaving feeling. It comes with an ergonomic handle along with an anti-slip rubber that guarantees an easy-grip and robust shave even in wet situations.

A large power button and battery indicators are underneath it; placed well to prevent any accidental presses which were quite witnessed in earlier models of Philip’s shavers.

A pop-up trimmer is available on the backside of the shaver that allows easy trimming and shaping your sideburns instantly. The trimmer position is at a fixed angle and fastens into an upright posture to your face while shaving. The handy pop-up trimmer is of enough size and is very useful for fashioning the side hair. It can also be used to style your beard in some cases.

The existent robust rechargeable Li-ion battery gives 60 minutes of shaving rate that is comparable to around 20 shaves. It takes approximately 60 minutes to completely charge the shaver along with a 5-minute quick charge trait for one shave.

This essentially good attribute helps in urgent situations when you need to get a quick shave. The shaver can be turned off after the task and press the discharge button to open the head. Later, rinse it under hot running tap water while thoroughly cleaning nicely inside of the body of the shaver.


  • Dual protection system
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 1 skin guard for extra protection


  • A cleaning brush is not available


3. Brori Electric Razor for Women

Best Body Shavers


Brori Electric Razor is considered to be a perfect choice for trimming, shaving, and removing the hair from the root. It can remove hair four times shorter with 40 rotating tweezers than waxing lasting up to four weeks.

This electric razor highlights a completely functional shaving head, allowing the option to use the device as a razor for delicate parts of the body. This characteristic also guarantees that you are always left with a smooth finish included with a mini bikini trimmer.

Its a waterproof shaver so you can easily use it in the shower or tub with regular use and less pain during the process. The Brori cordless razor holds 60 minutes of cordless shaving with 2 available ways of fast USB charging via charging stand or directly connecting to a power source. There is also a built-in LED light for viewing even the most sensitive hair a lot easier.

The available trimming combs of various sizes are suitable for removing shorter and longer hair of the body also. These matched with the mini shaving end, give you a smooth and well-groomed shave for your bikini area.

You can decide the size that suits your style start using it from the head of the trimmer. In case of an extra smooth finish for your favorite areas, the comb can be removed, and the mini shaving head can be used alone.

It is excellent to use on wet or dry skin with an ergonomic design to hold and easily maneuver, providing you additional control in those delicate areas.

The cleaning and maintenance of this razor are easy, and the included brush can be used to wipe away any excess hair. If you tend to keep your body smooth and steady despite the season, then Brori Electric Razor should be your companion!


  • Low Noise Close Shaving
  • Cordless
  • Can be used on wet or dry skin


  • Not durable for a long time


4. Philips Norelco BG1026/60, Bodygroom Series 1100

Best Body Shavers


Men sometimes prefer a dry shave or wet depending on circumstances.

You can even use the Philips BG1026 in the shower as well as for dry shaving, leaving the body free of irritation. The blades are long-lasting and blunt with one of the best-designed features. The trimmer has a unique skin protection guards and can shave as close as 1/64″ to the surface of the skin.

Be very careful while trimming in the direction of a uniform appearance. This trimmer has an easy solution with no matter the direction of growing hair and the bidirectional trimmer and 1/8″ comb. The bidirectional trimmer makes it easier for you to trim according to the various hair growth regions.

The Philips Norelco Series 1100 counters the problem of slipping the trimmer from hands while shaving in the shower. The body of the shaver is covered almost with rubber. There is o risk of accidental slipping resulting in cuts of the sensitive areas.

The trimmer needs a single AA battery for its working which uses less energy than many available shavers in the market. A single AA battery can easily work for two months, even when the product is used in a regular interval of two-three days.

The Philips BG1026 is completely waterproof, and water won’t degrade the life of the battery. It’s more energy-efficient and easier to use while not losing on the number of fixed lengths. The Philips Norelco BG1026 issues a full two-year warranty without covering the combs or the cutters inside the pack.


  • One single AA battery
  • Smooth Clean shaves
  • No irritation


  • More stroking for thicker hair
  • No rotation of head possible


5. Philips Norelco QP2520/70

Best Body Shavers


The Philips Norelco company offers users to check out QP2520/70, providing an addition to the interesting design solution of the previous versions. The Philips Norelco One Blade Hybrid electric shaver has a lively pattern making it suitable for both households and offices too.

It works for men keeping a beard, mustache, or sideburns, and the purpose of shaping and styling can be achieved by this tool. The expressly designed non-bulky blade is easier to use. Philips Norelco shaver comes with an exclusive round shaver head design that deviates completely in furnishing a whole new appearance with the One Blade Model.

It has a narrow body that is black in the middle and radiant green on the sides with an on/off button at the center. The model has a novel perspective and has utilized all the latest shaving technology. This includes a fast-moving shaver blade that runs around 200 times per second.

Philips Norelco shaver has marketed this model as One blade for fashioning facial hair and not a shaver. It also comes with an inbuilt dual protection system for the skin to prevent even the minor injury. The shaver cannot be used for close shaving purposes.

The OneBlade’s head has coated metal blades for conveniently gliding over the skin. Philips Norelco shaver still appears to have retained its aid factor intact even when it is producing a model that is more like a trimmer.


  • One-blade shaver
  • Powerful NiMH battery
  • Long-sleek handle design


  • Suitable only for trimming purposes


6. Micro Touch SOLO Men’s Rechargeable Full Body Hair Trimmer

Best Body Shavers


The Micro Touch SOLO Men’s Rechargeable Full Body Hair Trimmer is another excellent tool that can be used for shaving from head to toe. It comes with three trimming attachments, including separate length settings. The stainless steel dual-sided blades are both durable and efficient with a quick replacement option.

The pivoting head can support your body shape for a close shave without scratches and cuts. The lithium-ion battery delivers a good performance of using it 45 minutes after a full charge.

The shaved head seizes both deep and short hair in a separate stroke – plus, with the rounded tips helping to prevent any minor injuries. The Micro Touch solo gives you a regular soft shave without any lotions or water.

The available German stainless steel dual-sided blade penetrates easily through beards while the contoured head pivots move swiftly along the face. The durable tempered steel edges are self-sharpening, and all the parts are easily detachable. It can be simply held under running water for cleaning after the usage of the device.

The whole trimmer is not 100% waterproof and cannot be used in the shower. The company also doesn’t specify the warranty of Micro Touch SOLO Men’s Rechargeable Full Body Hair Trimmer.


  • Durable Stainless steel dual-sided blades
  • 3 attachments with length settings
  • Can be used all over the body


  • Not waterproof


7. Liberex Back Shaver

Best Body Shavers


Liberex back shaver has a variety of features with two interchangeable attachment shaving heads, each with multi-functional options. The neck flex is effective for reducing skin irritations while back shaving. There’s an ultra-wide razor intended to shave larger areas of the back.

It also comes with a multi-directional shaving peak for regular sustenance and cutting smaller hair. The long handle is responsible for reaching the hard-to-get regions of your back along with a rubber grip and an expansion lock clasp. It also features a power hook with a push-button latch that permits shave at different angles as per your needs.

The length of back shaver handles often differs from other models, with some intended to reach every region of your back while others get rid of the man cover on your arms and upper back.

The multi-functional neck on both of the attachment heads comes with a blow absorber that makes it easy to grasp the shapes of your back. This feature provides an ideal angle for the blade to meet the skin.

The Liberex also highlights a Power Burst button that presents extra energy while trimming within the further deep areas of your back hair. It arrives with a battery that fills quickly and involves a charging light indicator.

It can also be used with a power cord as per your convenience. The stainless steel blades are responsible for a soothing shave without causing skin irritations.


  • Flexible Head
  • 3 Free Replacement Blades
  • Quicker Shave


  • Shorter Handle


8. Philips Norelco BG7030/49

Best Body Shavers


The BG7030/49 is the most developed extension to Philips Norelco’s Series 7000 line of body shavers. It is identical to the mode BG7040 but is distinctive in only some tools. The travel case is considerably detailed, and an efficient shaving head is available in the kit.

The BG7030/49 comes with two shaving heads, which can be used for cutting the hair at a skin level, and the other can be utilized as an alterable trimmer for cutting the hair at a particular height. There is a provision of switching between the two shavers as per your needs.

You can trim the hair on your chest and then use the shaver end to shear your armpits thoroughly. The shaver part features a film attached by two cutters, as found on a hair clipper.

The rounded tips of the blades of BG7030 prevent scratches and injuries, allowing safe shave at sensitive areas like your privates or armpits. The end of the trimmer contains a unified comb with 5 length settings, extending from 3 to 11 mm.

Philips guarantees 80 minutes of cordless use of this shaver from a one hour charge. The battery indicator signals a flash orange for a low battery when you have around 10 minutes of shaving time left.

The shaving edge of the BG7030/49 can furthermore stretch in 4 directions, but the range of motion is now more inadequate. This is important in the case of a regular electric shaver as the process takes a long time. The Philips Bodygroom BG7030/49 is smart and pleasing to the customers while offering a very generous 5-year warranty.


  • 5 trimmer settings
  • Flexible 4 directions
  • Larger and grippier rubber insert


  • Combs does not stay securely in place


9. Brori Men’s Body Hair Groomer

Best Body Shavers


Brori Men’s body hair groomer takes care of your hair priming in fashion by using 8 built-in length settings. This body groomer and trimmer for Men is extraordinary and is a favorite choice amongst the users through pure comfort and ease of use.

This trimmer shapes your mustache, beard, sideburns, and head with its unique technology. The existing prominent attachments give you the option to pick different appearances for your face and head. You can easily trim to a specific length using the length settings as per your desire on any occasion.

The full-size trimmer can be used for even beard with an adjustable comb. The self-sharpening allergy-free ceramic blade is responsible for its high-performance accuracy to target all shaving areas or head hair of your body.

The available 3 high-performance, high-speed razor-sharp blades assist in quickly shaving any unwanted hair on arms, legs, back, armpits without any injuries or cuts.

The trimmer has a washable body and easy to clean and can be applied even in a bath or shower. The 2 hours of quick charge can support 70 mins of continuous use that is sufficient for 2-3 months of a routine.


  • 8 adjustment length setting
  • Dual Sized design
  • Portable


  • Noisy


10. BaKblade Grooming Co. – BODblade

Best Body Shavers


Bakblade is the painless solution to your back hair, and the only shaver made particularly for your softback. This body groomer is more comfortable and reliable with its shaving technology. Its unique blade cartridges are particularly designed to give you the safest shave from available models in the market.

The overall performance is great, while the razor width is narrow, indicating applying more strokes to get rid of your back hair. The two separate blade cartridges are used for effective shaving of the complete back body.

The angle of shaving does not matter for the razors, and there is no worry to think constantly about the adjustments to shave your arm, shoulder, or wrist. The Dryglide design prevents any cuts or minor injuries on the skin. This Dryglide blade cartridge can be used extensively among the other back shavers.

The available precision blade is responsible for managing small sensitive areas. The blades are stacked over the top of each other as similar to beard shavers. Another special feature of the product is there is no requirement of any battery to use the device.

The handle’s ergonomic design makes it easy to hold in hand while shaving. It also allows you to shave at various hardpoints so as no regions are left. The blade protection unit can be displaced to shave in easy spot areas while it fits in the palm of your hand. The blade cartridges are replaceable, and each blade can last up to 5-7 shaves.


  • Easier handle folding
  • No clogging of hair
  • Detachable head
  • No batteries required


  • Low blade cartridge width


How To Achieve The Perfect Male Body Grooming?

There is an appropriate approach for the task of hair trimming and removal of back hair that varies for each body part. The below steps can help you know in detail about the same.

Manage Chest Hair

It is advisable to avoid shaving your chest hair until and unless you are forced with some other reasons. It can also help you in sparing to shave the body every day just for chest hair.

Use Gels or Shaving Cream

To achieve a sleek body look, it is best to use a cream to dissolve the hair at the root. This can help in restricting the regrowth of hair very soon, unlike other times without using any cream.

It won’t grow back with a blunt characteristic after the application of the gel. If your body does not show good results on applying the same, there is the other alternative of waxing the hair


Waxing is considered as a painful task and can also lead to some acne breakout during the process. One benefit of waxing is it can stay up to 6 weeks before new hair starts growing on your body. The body should look smooth, barring any redness or other skin irritations after the process of waxing.


A full-body groomer can be performed if you are content with the chest hair by using any of the above desired body-back shavers.


Can Razors Or Trimmers Be Used To Remove Back Hair?

Razor blades can easily cause redness, rashes, and razor burns since the pores on the back are often prone to sweat. These sensitive areas get infected when a bacteria-ridden razor is applied across your skin. People can use a razor, but still, at the end of the day, the blades are prone to cause mild infections on your skin.

As you don’t break the surface of the skin while removing your black hair, every other part is safe while using a trimmer. So, a trimmer might expect the most frequent maintenance giving good results with the least worry to skin irritations and infections.


How To Use A Women’s Electric Shaver?

Electric Shavers make the task of removing hair quickly and easier for women without undergoing much pain as in waxing. The following steps can help you to use electric shaver accurately for women.


Scrub your legs with a mild, moisturizing soap or any lotion to flake the skin without drying it out as electric shavers do not use water during the process of removal of hair.


Rub your legs, arms, and other areas thoroughly with the soap or lotion to determine the path of your hair follicles. It is advisable to shave against the grain for the best outcomes.

Use Electric Razor

Set your electric razor flat on your skin and switch it on for starting to use it. Then move it slowly in the appropriate direction of your skin. You must need to change the directions at frequent intervals to reach all the areas of your body.

Move your hands over any sections to notice if there are any sharp spots left out to remove. If you missed out any spot, then go back and shave again to remove those extra hairs.


To give a final soft salon finish, rub any moisturizing body lotion all over your leg and arms to not leave your skin dry. Your legs and arms are ready now for the dazzling look!