10 Best Bikini Trimmers to Maintain Healthy Hygiene

Hair removing has become a routine task that no one misses in this modern age. There are so many options and equipment available for hair removal that it becomes confusing to choose which one is better and prove worth for the money you spent.

This buying guide aims to simplify the hair removal techniques, equipments, and best ones out of them, and provide solutions to some of the dilemmas and chaos that commonly arouse in case of hair removal.


Why Is Hair Removal Important?

It’s not just that those who wear shorts and sleeveless need to do hair removal due to their skin being exposed. People who wear covered clothes should also need to do it as hair removal is one of the crucial tasks to maintain healthy hygiene too.

Excessive hair on the areas (underarms, pubic areas)  tend to sweat more, which could lead to the development of rashes, infection, bad odors, etc.

When it comes to different dress styles, having hairless arms and legs are important to make you flexible towards wearing those. Moreover, having a smooth, hairless skin adds beauty by giving a clean look. The hair on parts such as arms, upper lips can make women look ugly. Women who prefer to wear bikinis, hairs are absolute ‘no’ for them.


Some Popular Hair Removal Techniques

  1. Shaving and Trimming: Razor blades are used to glide over the skin, to remove the hairs. They are the most popular, convenient, and time-saving method to do at the home level.
  2. Waxing: Hair is pulled out from roots through the use of sticky, viscous wax. They can be strip wax (applied hot and are then removed with paper or cloths) or hard wax (applied hot, then it is left for some time to cool and then removed). Waxing is a painful method, and it will take some time to do.
  3. Laser Hair Removal: It’s a mode for permanent hair removal. Laser beams are used to destroy the hair bulbs. This can be helpful when you don’t want hair to grow in a particular place again and are much expensive. Requires more than 4 treatments after a specific period to get success.
  4. Depilatory Creams: They are hair removal creams that are chemical-based, which possess the capacity to weaken keratin in hairs. A patch test must be done before applying, and improper usage can burn your skin too.
  5. Epilators: They are used to pluck the hair by its roots. They can be painful as root removal of hairs is taking place.


Razors: A Common Shaving Implement and Its Types

As we have seen above, the most convenient method for hair removal is shaving or trimming. They are less painful and easiest DIY method for hair removal. For this, razors are used, which contain stainless blades that act for shaving and trimming. Razors can be of the following types, each of them having its own pros and cons, and you can choose any as per your desires and comforts.

Based On Power Used

  1. Manual Razors: They are the quickest and easy way to remove the hairs if you exclude the time taken for preparation of the skin. They are cheaper and give a close cut.
    Handles and two or three blades constitute the manual razors, which can become blunt within a few uses. They are not preferred for sensitive skin as there are a lot of chances to get razor burn, cuts, nicks, etc.
  2. Electric Razor: They are electrically powered. They are safer than manual razors since the chances of getting cuts is less, hence are highly preferred.
    The blades are also sharp enough that it can be used for a longer time. They are expensive than manual razors. They are of two types, foil, and rotary (which would be discussed in upcoming paragraphs).


Based Upon Usage

  1. Mini Razor: As the name indicates, they are short and compact. They are helpful during traveling where you can keep then in bags.
  2. Disposable Razors: They are for one-time use only and can be disposed of after it goes dull within limited days.
  3. Reusable Razors: The razors can be reused by keeping the handle while throwing away the dull blades and replace it with new ones.


Things To Consider Before Buying Electric Razors

As we have seen above, in terms of efficiency and performance with respect to body hair removal, electric razors are highly preferred ones. Lots of electric razors are available in this modern era, which is definitely overwhelming. Below mentioned are some of the points to consider before going purchasing.

  1. Number of Blades: More the number of blades, sharp are the shaving power. Razor having blades ranging from 3-5 can provide a smooth, clean shave. They are powerful, so a single stroke can effectively shave or trim out a good amount of hair.
    In addition to this, the more the number of blades, the closer the blades will be arranged on the razor head. This ensures that the skin doesn’t get into the blade.
  2. Flexibility of the Blade: A razor must be flexible to do shave off most of the parts. You are not going to buy a single razor for a particular part, and another one for the other part. This would lead to a huge collection of razors, plus it would lead to a lot of expenses. Adaptable razors that can be used in most of the parts should be preferred.
  3. Grip of the Blade: Ergonomically designed razors are best to prove a good hold while shaving. A perfect cut is a result of the good grip of the razors by hand.
  4. Built-in Moisture: (optional) A razor that has inbuilt moisture releasing system would definitely prevent the dryness caused during shaving. Moreover, they lessen the chances of cuts and nicks. If you check for it before buying, it would be an added advantage to your razor.
  5. Skin Sensitivity: Most of the electric razors are safe to use for sensitive skin when compared to manual razors. But it should also be checked that whether the product is dermatologist proven or not, hypoallergenic, less irritation- these tags should be noted.
  6. Waterproof: It helps the razor to clean easily underwater without any safety issues. They can be used in showers and during baths.


Best 10 Bikini Trimmers

Based on the above factors, we have chosen the best 10 trimmers (especially for bikini lines) for women that could do make a lot of your shaving easier with comfort.

1. Brori Electric Razor

Best Bikini Trimmers


Brori electric razor consists of floating foil, which is very gentle on the skin and glides gently along your body curves and contours without irritation.  Hypoallergenic steel blade makes them safe to use even for sensitive skin.

High-performance speed razor and sharp blades help you to trim any unwanted hair on arms, legs, intimate bikini lines, armpits without any residue.  You will love the unique LED lights which are installed in the product to illuminate blind spots to show even the tiny hairs for a complete perfect shave.

The 3-in-1 blade contains a curved blade, straight blade, and floating foil to ensure safe shave and stubble trimming.  Few strokes in each area can totally take the hair out.

This electric razor is 100% washable, and you can use it in a shower or bath.  Cleaning has been made easy by the use of a cleaning brush, which is included in the kit. The curved design of the razor body helps to hold the razor with a perfect grip.

Such perfect grips can ensure that the razor will not get slipped out from your hands, thereby improving the efficiency of hair removal. Two ways of charging can be possible. First is through the use of a charging stand in which razor can be placed for charging. The second is by connecting it to the power source via USB cable.


  • Less noisy.
  • Safe to use under wet and dry conditions.
  • 60 minutes of cordless shaving power.
  • LED light to illuminate blind spots.


  • Large heads can be tough in hard to reach areas.


2. Schick Hydro Silk Razor

Best Bikini Trimmers


The main highlight of the Schick hydro silk razor is the presence of moisturizing razor that helps to keep your skin hydrated and prevent off the dryness related to shaving. The white raised circular strips secrete the serum when it starts to melt while coming in contact with the water during shaving.

It consists of a dual combination of the hydrating razor on one side and a bikini trimmer on the other side of the same razor handle. Trimming length can be customized using an adjustable comb, containing 4 settings to give a clean look and feel. Curve sensing blades are made for close shaving. The hydrated razor side consists of 5 blades which are closely arranged.

This ultimate closeness ensures to provide great hold of hair in a couple of strokes and disallows the skins to get in between the blades. The handle of the razor is made using rubber, which has striated designs over it.  Handing and holding of the razor have been made easy by this design.

Simply removing the comb, then the trimmer blade from the razor body and rinse all these under tap water, that all-your cleaning is done for the trimmer. The trimmer height can be adjusted in three levels by sliding it up to help you reach remote areas but within limits.

 The head of the trimmer is small, allowing the razor to reach hard spots. The handle also has a bulged hook type structure, which helps to keep the trimmer raised when you place it on a surface.


  • It can provide lasting moisturization up to two hours after shaving.
  • Exclusively made for bikini trimming.
  • Dual function razor- trimming and hydrating.
  • Waterproof razor body.


  • They are not rechargeable.
  • Doesn’t last long.


3. Hizek Lady Electric Razor

Best Bikini Trimmers


The product offers the widest shaving head, which can grasp more hair at a time for optimal long-lasting results and save your time. LED display of the trimmer can display the battery life by showing lines clearly will show you of battery status and let you know how much power is left.

The charging point is located at the bottom; this helps to prevent water from entering into it while cleaning the razor. Hypoallergenic blades contain a curve blade, short blade, and floating, which can selectively remove the long hairs and short residual hairs. This skin-friendly razor saves you 50% of the time by its powerful motors.

The razor consists of rounded pearl tips to protect your skin from scratches and provides painless shaving experience without making your skin reddish in appearance. Leaves no stubble by cutting the hair close to its root without causing any irritation to the skin.

Straight blade, curved blade, and floating foil combine to work together to give the clean cut of hair that you want for your different parts. Pressing a point at the back of the razor can remove the head with ease.


  • It possesses a unique design and white.
  • Painless shaving.
  • Non-slip handles.
  • LED display.


  • Only one head is included in the product, which may limit its usage for effective trimming.


4. Medimama Electric Razor

Best Bikini Trimmers


Medimama electric razor consists of 3 heads, which can be replaced as per the requirement of the area that you want to shave or trim. Bikini trimmer head is made to remove long hairs from bikini lines, armpits, etc., and trims hair to 0.5 mm.

Eyebrow trimmer heads are made to trim eyebrows precisely, and facial hair removal heads can be used to trim off the small hairs from areas such as the face, arms, legs, etc. The facial trimmer has circular heads, which helps you to remove hairs through trimming it in circular motion easily.

Eyebrow shaper heads are narrower, having blades at the two sides of narrow pointed heads for flawless eyebrows. Specially shaped combs are also included for eyebrow trimmer, which fits its narrow head and can be taken down or placed into the trimmer to customize hair removal.

Bikini trimming heads can also be clicked on with a comb to give out a precise cut at 3/5 mm. The battery can be added by opening the back of the razor.

For cleaning the facial trimmer, the whole head need not be removed; it can be done by opening the lid placed at the top of the razor head with the help of a brush. The revolving button is used to turn on the razor. A pouching kit is included to store all the accessories in one place.


  • Multifunctional hair remover kit.
  • Ergonomic and palm perfect.
  • Precisely trim down hairs to 0.5 mm.
  • Compact and portable.


  • Battery has not been included in the kit.
  • Turning the razor on/off can be a little tricky.


5. NOOA Electric Razor

Best Bikini Trimmers


The NOOA electric razor offers quicker, safer, and painless hair removal that you are looking for in one place. The blade of the razor has dual edges, which enables it to give perfect shave by catching the hair with its backward and forward movement.

A waterproof razor helps to clean the blade and the whole body with ease. They can be used with shaving creams or gels and can be applied even during a bath or while taking a shower. The razor heads are flexible to move at different curves and angles to the body.

Powered by rechargeable lithium battery provides 60-minute battery life, and its ability to adapt for a wide range of charging devices will not make you disappoint when you need it most. The USB type C charging port is sealed and hidden by an outer covering of the razor body, which can be opened at the time of charging. This makes it easy to use under running water when it comes to cleaning.

IPX5 waterproof design allows being safer while using it in both wet and drier environments. The razor can be easily used with foams. Hypoallergenic blades are best for those with sensitive skin and gentle on all skin tones to give a perfect cut without cuts and nicks.

Another feature of this product is the patented wrapped cutter head that doesn’t shave too close; hence the skin stays safe and comfortable. This bikini trimmer can trim any length of hair, whether short or long, on areas such as bikini line, armpits, legs, face, chin, and arm. Pouches are also included for storing the razor. Brushes are included to swipe off the hairs stuck in the razor. They are also less noisy.


  • Tips are rounded for protection.
  • Painless and non-irritating trimming.
  • Compact and cordless.


  • Charges for 10 hours for 60-minute operation.


6. Raymeefa Electric Razor

Best Bikini Trimmers


The ergonomic body shape of Raymeefa electric razor possesses 3 interchangeable heads to give painless, smooth, and efficient hair removal. Round, smooth touch head, wide trimmer head, and narrow head will give you a painless perfect cut of hairs.

The all in one razor is capable of removing hairs from most of the parts, including legs, chin, upper lips, neck, armpit, bikini line, face, etc. Blades are stainless with hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable even for women’s having sensitive skin.

A fixed blade and moving blade in the razor head senses the curve of the body for all-round removal of body hair with no irritation.  They are portable and, due to their small size, can be carried in a small bag along with all other accessories. It fits perfectly and comfortably in hand and works even great for awkward angles and will not make you disappoint.


  • They are lightweight and compact.
  • Travel friendly and easy to use at home.
  • Multifunctional – for face, legs, eyebrows, bikini area, etc.


  • Little bit difficult to operate.


7. Philips Bikini Genie

Best Bikini Trimmers


If you are exclusively looking for the best product to trim and shape your bikini line, then Philips Bikini Genie is the best choice. The accessories include one trimming head with two combs, one mini shaver head, and a cleaning brush. Small trimmer head helps to trim your hair precisely in your bikini line.

The trimmer trims the hair without pulling, giving you a painless experience to get rid of stray hairs quickly. The trimming comb, when attached to the trimmer head, boosts its performance.

After trimming, a mini shaving head can be used for smooth and comfortable shaving with less friction. The combs trim to 3 mm to 5 mm length. They are safe and easy to trim, style, and shape down the hairs.

Ergonomic design helps to navigate hairs through the bikini area easily. A smooth bristle cleaning brush is for easy cleaning. Waterproof design works well on dry and wet areas. It is powered by AA batteries, which last long, no need for charging cords.


  • 2 heads to switch for trimming and shaving bikini line.
  • A pouch is included to store everything in one place.
  • Brush to clean the razor well.


  • Not recommended for areas other than bikini line.
  • They are not rechargeable.


8. Voyor (4-in-1) Electric Razor

Best Bikini Trimmers


This razor is equipped with 4 replaceable heads. You just need to put in the required razor to off the shaving and trimming. For large body areas such as legs, arms can use 2 in 1 shaver blade head. The attractive foil shaver has a sleek and streamlined design.

Precise shave blade heads are suitable for precise shaving, especially of small areas and face. Precise trimming head can reach those hard to shave body areas like bikini line and other difficult areas.

Sonic face brush head utilizes advanced sonic cleansing technology for deep skin level cleansing and purifies pores to make skin smooth skin. Blades are stainless, safe, painless, and effective to glide on your skin smoothly. It can remove the hair in one go.

Charging standing stands are included to make charging easier or can be charged by using a cord. The indicator light flashes while it’s charging and then becomes constant when it’s fully charged. One button switch makes the razor operation easy and gives out 360-degree full-body care.

The shaver can be used with a gel or shaving cream. Quick shave does your work within lesser time. All these features make it a good razor to try out.


  • 10,000 cuts per minute.
  • One full charge can give up to 70 minutes of shaving.
  • One year warranty and 30 days no question asked return policy.


  • Charging standing base is not waterproof, if not given proper care and you place a wet razor for charging in it, it could cause security issues.
  • USB power adapter is not included in the kit.


9. Deluxis Electric Razor

Best Bikini Trimmers


Trim or remove the hair with this Deluxis electric razor kit. Two high-speed T-shaped blades with stainless will help to perfectly glide over the body to shape and remove the hair from the root. Trimmer can safely shave any unwanted hair and can work well on hard to reach areas such as armpits, bikini lines to achieve a result.

Cutting of thicker and thinner hair can be customized by using four trimming guide combs(1mm/2mm/4mm/6mm). A large capacity battery can be continuously used up to 60 minutes when charged fully. Its anti-slip grip property can closely shave round surfaces of hands. The head can be easily detached for cleaning in just a matter of minutes.

Two hypoallergenic stainless high-speed precision blades work fast to achieve hair removal within a short time. They are gentle on all skin types of all ages and tones. It provides perfect solutions for sensitive areas such as bikini line, armpits, and preferred for wet and dry areas of skin.


  • 200 times/sec high-speed oscillating trimmer.
  • Pretty good for traveling.
  • Precisely trim to 0.1 mm of hairs.
  • Dual side blade body for hair removal.


  • Removable combs can be easily broken.


10. Voyor (5-in-1) Electric Razor

Best Bikini Trimmers


Multifunctional Voyor electric shaver for women comes with five replaceable heads arranged perfectly in slots of the well-packed cover. The heads are easy to attach and detach. The first head is a 3-in-1 shaving head consisting of a curved blade at the top for armpits and bikini line, straight blades at the bottom for large body areas, and floating foil blade for removing short residual hairs.

It comes with a protective covering for itself. Long body hairs can be trimmed using T shaped trimming head. They contain blade comb, which can be detached (if not required). Precise trimming head with a limiting comb helps to trim off the hairs in hard areas such as bikini lines.

The limiting comb can be put out by sliding the back of the trimmer head by finger. The plus point that adds it to best 10 is the presence of the epilator head. Rotating tweezers in the epilator head are extremely helpful in removing the facial hair from roots and provide a clean shaved look. Silicon cleansing heads are included to moisturize your face through cleaning.


  • 8 mm precision in the cutting of body hairs.
  • Powerful rotator motor-reduces your time.
  • Easy operation – one-button switch.
  • Anti-allergy foil- protects your skin.


  • Little bit noisy while operating.


What Is The Difference Between A Foil Electric Razor And A Rotary Electric Razor?

When the hairs are small, and you need a closer and smoother cut without causing any cuts or nicks to skin, then foil razors are the best one to pick up. They consist of metallic sheets with holes punched into it.

When you start shaving your body parts, the hairs enter inside the foil through the oscillating metallic holes (by the back and forth action of a razor), where they are cut by the blades present underneath.

Rotary razors are suitable for long thick hairs. They contain three to five circular heads that rotate independently to remove the hairs. You require moving the razor in a circular motion to give a perfect cut.


Wet Electric Razor v/s Dry Electric Razor

Normally people say that manual razors are wet ones whereas electric razors are dry ones. But, in electric razors, models consist of dry electric shaver or wet electric shaver.

Wet electric razors are suitable in aqueous environments. It also allows the use of shaving creams/gels before shaving. They are also perfect to use in showers.

Dry electric razor doesn’t require the use of shaving gels/creams. Moreover, most of them are not recommended for use in showers.


How To Achieve Perfect Body Hair Removal In 6 Easy Steps?

Step 1: Preparation of Skin

The first and foremost thing, one should do before hair removal, is to prepare the skin area from where you want to remove hair. Soak the area for a few minutes in water to make the skin hydrated.

By doing this, the water will enter into the cavities of the skin formed by root hair, which will further soften and loosen the hair. Hence it becomes easier to shave the area.

Step 2: Exfoliation

Gently scrubbing the area can remove the dead skin or other debris from the surface of the skin thereby making the skin surface even. Even skin surface can allow easy gliding of the razor.

Step 3: Apply Shaving Gel or Creams

Take a small amount of shaving creams or gels into your palm and apply it uniformly on the area you want to shave. Shaving creams/gels are designed for razors to glide it smoothly on the skin. Shaving cream also acts as a protective layer above your skin to reduce cuts and nicks.

You can skip this step if you are going for a dry electric shaver. And for trimmers, first, trim the long hairs then apply the shaving gel/cream before proceeding to shave.

Step 4: Choose The Right Quality Razor and Start Shaving/Trimming

Make sure the razorblade that you are going to use is sharp as well as clean. First, shave in the direction of hair growth, followed by going against the direction of hair growth. After doing the above procedure, shave in all directions to get a smooth and clean cut.

Step 5: Post-Moisturization

Now, moisture your skin with your favorite body lotion to regain the moisture level lost during the shaving.

Step 6: Rinse and Store the Razor Safely

Allow running water to fall on the blades to clean the razor followed by rotating it to get rid of any hairs if present on a razor. Store it in a proper place.


How To Clean Electric Razors?

Before cleaning, ensure that your electric razor is waterproof – a reason we included in things to consider before buying. Waterproof razors can be safely rinsed with water. Make sure that your razor is turned off and not connected to any charging point.

Remove the head of the razor and use a brush (usually comes with the kit, if not use an old toothbrush or paintbrush which has smooth bristles) to remove the hairs out that have stuck in the blade.

Place the razor head back on the razor body and give it a rinse under the tap water. Rotate the razor with your hand under the flowing water to get rid of any hairs still left. Drain off excess water gently. Allow the razor to dry.

Some models come with its built-in cleaner. Never try to hit hard the razor on surfaces to remove hair. This could damage the blade.


How To Know That It’s Time To Replace The Blade In An Electric Razor?

This can be observed when the blade becomes blunt, not working well, leading to missed hairs, reduced cutting performance, shaving head becoming hot, etc.

Changing blades and foils every 12-18 months is highly recommended. However, these can vary upon the frequency of uses, the thickness of hairs, etc.


Can Electric Razors Suitable For Sensitive Skin?

Regular electric shavers can be sensitive. But when compared to manual razors, electric ones are better; they have fewer chances to cause razor bumps or burns. ‘Foil electric shavers’ are not known to cause any sensitivity on the skin.

They are gentle on the skin and give a precise cut of hair by allowing the hair to go through the metallic holes on it and hence are amazing for sensitive skin.