10 Best Beard Combs for Any Beardsmen

Beards are an attractive accessory gifted to men. Along with communicating confidence, it also boosts up their look more masculine. Keeping a beard or not is always one’s personal choice. If you come under the first category, then the upcoming paragraphs would definitely guide you to become a perfect beardsman.

Whether the beard is short or long, it needs good care, and it is important to look after it properly. The maintenance of a beard is not usually restricted in the wise choice of good beard oil or balm- that most of the men must be thought of when it comes to beard care. It is equally vital to pick up an ideal and flawless beard comb.

Beard combs are an essential grooming tool for any beardsmen. They help to style the beard as per the person’s desire. Obviously, applying just beard oil/balm onto hair without combing afterward and leaving it shabby won’t make a sense in improving the appearance of the beard.


Why Is The Beard Comb Essential?

The question that comes to every beardsman mind is why not use a regular comb for beards when combing is an important part of beard care. Why invest money to go for a particular beard comb that does a similar job of combing the beards. Well! The answer is no. The regular comb doesn’t do a similar job as the specialized beard combs do.

The beard comb offers a variety of benefits that stands unique on its own to manicure the beard, unlike the regular combs, which damages the beard’s hair. Some of the notable advantages of using beard comb are:

  1. Ingrown hair is formed when the hair tries to penetrate back to the skin instead of growing towards the surface. This causes painful bumps on the skin. The health touched benefit of beard comb is that they prevent the growth of ingrown hair by disallowing it to curve back and by guiding it in the right direction.
  2. What’s more annoying than a beard hair coming into the mouth, right? Combing the beard helps to keep away the hair from the mouth. It also prevents the foods from being trapped into the beard while you’re eating.
  3. When you use a beard comb, you’re showing the right way to the hair for its growth. This helps in the perfect alignment of hair to give an attractive look.
  4. The beard comb aids in the uniform distribution of balms or gels you apply onto your beard.
  5. Styling is always a way to enhance personality and beauty. Beard combs help you to achieve the style that you’re craving for your beard to have.
  6. Detangles the beard hair and helps the beard look neat and fuller to create a huge difference in overall appearance.


Materials From Which Beard Combs Are Made

Beard comb making industries have been successful in trying out different kinds of materials, which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Wood

Woods are the most popular material preferred for the making of beard combs. Wood made combs are the most demanded beard combs among the buyers too. The reason is that they are durable and strong. Not easy to break off, hence prove worth to your money spent.


2. Cellulose Acetate

They are plant-based non-petroleum products used for making out the combs. They are smooth when cutting with a saw and are known to possess anti-static property. Hence when combed with such combs, they are sure to glide through the hair without pulling it.


3. Plastics

They are the cheapest source for the production of beard combs. In addition to being detrimental to the environment, they are also harmful to your hair as they cause split ends and pulling out of hair. Moreover, they are not durable.


4. Metal

Even though they are durable, they tend to be heavier when compared to other combs. Being heavier, they cause resistance while combing. They may cause allergic reactions to the skin due to the specific metal being involved. Teeth are rougher.


5. Horn or Bones or Hooves of Animals

Hard parts of animals, such as horns, born or hooves, are used to make combs. The comb body and teeth made from such parts possess high strength and won’t lose the teeth of the comb with excessive usage. Most commonly, the horn is taken from the animal ox.


6. Electric Straighteners

Now a day’s electrically powered straighteners are available, which works ideally to the comb, plus it straightens the hair too.


Things To Consider Before Buying Beard Combs

1. Material

The first and foremost thing that you want to look at is the material by which the comb is made. The wise choice of material determines how effective your comb will work to give the desired result.

Wood, cellulose acetate, horns, bones are durable and stiff, whereas plastic made combs are delicate. Cellulose acetate is rubber-like that smoothly slides over the hair. Metal-based, even though durable, can cause allergy to some persons.


2. Width of the Comb

Thicker or long hair can be easily tamed by those combs which have large width between two teeth and are coarse. On the other hand, comb with small width between teeth is preferred for thin and short beard hair. Ideally, it’s better to purchase those combs having both teeth.


3. Size of the Comb

Small-sized combs add an advantage that you can carry it anywhere and use it anytime. You simply need to put the comb inside your pocket and go.


4. Grip

It’s you who directs and operates the comb to do its work. Hence a good grip over the comb ensures better control to give the best results out of it.


5. Processing

Handmade combs are best when it comes to cause little or no harm to your beard hair. They are well crafted to make the tooth smoother, thus eliminating the sharp edges that would hurt the skin when compared to those manufactured in machines.


List of Best Beard Combs

1. Grow Alpha Beard Grooming Kit

Best Beard Combs


Treat your beard better with this Grow Alpha Beard Grooming kit. The mains items included in the kits are beard comb, beard brush, and scissors, which are specific tools to care for your beard. Made from durable bamboo, the classy wooden beard comb offers dual actions from either side.

One side of the comb consists of a coarse tooth, which gives the best grooming experience by taking out knots and detangles the beard hair. The finer tooth of the comb on the other side helps you to style your beard to your preferred side to give an outstanding look. They help to redistribute the balm and oil that you have applied on beard to all the hair uniformly for its growth and styling.

The beard brush is made from the natural product bamboo and the bristles from boar hair. They are great for every type of hair; it may be curly, thick, thin, etc. With each stroke, the brush helps to carry the skin’s natural sebum oil from the root to the tip.

The brush fits any hand and removes the dirt to keep the beard clean and healthy. They don’t damage or tear your hair; instead, it massages and increases the blood flow of the scalp.

Beard scissors having the razor edge made of stainless steel helps for perfect hair cutting without splitting the hair edges. Beard brush and beard combs are small and pocket-sized to fit into your jeans pocket, helps to groom your beard anywhere.


  • Dual-action wooden comb.
  • Classy bamboo shade color.
  • Ultra-soft boar hair bristles in beard brush.
  • Eco-friendly and durable.
  • Razor edge scissors.
  • Premium quality material, a perfect present for any special event.
  • Pocket-friendly accessories.


  • Bristles may fall out with regular use.


2. Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb

Best Beard Combs


Every man with a beard needs this Striking Viking foldable wooden comb. As the name indicates, the main peculiarity of this comb is that it can be folded. They are suitable for all types of hair, whether it may be beard hair or head hair, and are suitable even for a moustache.

To tame the beard, always wood is preferred since they cause little or no damage to the hair, unlike the chemical-based plastic combs. This product is made of sandalwood, which is tough hence giving the product with a tag of durability.

The switch flip-style makes it easy to fold for pocket carry and is the best-preferred ones during travel. They will stand up to daily use and would clear the thicker of tangled mats of hair on the beard.

Being made from sandalwood, it gives out a light fragrance every time you use and give the hair with a smelly fresh. The comb reduces the breakage of hair being static-free and promotes healthy hair growth by giving perfect massage to the root area of the hair.

The comb helps to elevate your grooming look by detangling and straightening of your hair. Women and children can also use them. Pain-free grooming experience and travel friendly makes it an ideal one for beard care.


  • 100% sandalwood and handcrafted.
  • Pleasant wood smell.
  • Smooth Foldable design.
  • Long-lasting and sturdy.
  • Can be used dry or with oil/balm.
  • 5-star hair care to beard, mustache, and head hair.
  • Green sandalwood color.


  • Screw that connects the comb and handle becomes loose after regular usage and bit difficult to tighten it effectively.


3. Kent A FOT Beard Comb

Best Beard Combs


Got tired of beard hair looking shabby? Invest in this Kent A FOT Beard Comb to get full command over your beard. They are highly beneficial for grooming hair, beards, and mustache to transform it into a handsome style.

The styling comb is 4.5 inches or 113 mm in length and consists of all fine teeth. The combs made from cellulose acetate- a plant product that makes it’s to be in the list of organic. They are handmade combs and perfectly cut using a saw and had made it an extraordinary in case of looks and actions.

The fine-tooth are polished and rounded at their ends and helps in the elimination of pulling of the hair out from the skin. They glide effortlessly through the hair without breaking, damaging, or scratching the hair and skin.

The material is flexible, tactile, and strong. Being small in size will definitely fit your back pocket or jeans. So you can use it anytime and anywhere. The rounded tips of tooth stimulate the production of natural oils inside the hair cuticles when your hair is combed.


  • Create less static in hair.
  • Handmade using saw.
  • Pocket comb.
  • Tortoiseshell shade color.
  • Flexible and strong comb.
  • Smooth gliding action through hair.


  • The teeth aren’t long enough to reach depths of the hair.


4. Beardilizer Beard Comb

Best Beard Combs


Woodworks are always spectacular, but when it blends with an animal horn, new unique dimensions are added in the product. That’s the case with this brown colored Beardilizer Beard Comb. The handle of the comb is made from sandalwood, makes it sturdy and long-lasting.

Whereas the tooth of the comb, which is 36 in number are made from natural black ox buffalo horns. The entire comb is polished smoothly; hence there are no ridges or furrows of the horn or wood are present. The tooth is wide enough, with perfect distances from each other, makes it the best grooming tool.

Due to the appropriate arrangement of the tooth in the comb ensures that the balm or oil applied to the beard hair is pushed down to the root and evenly distributed throughout the beard hair.  This will not end the balm being struck up in the teeth comb.

They can be used on dry beards or after applying any beard oil/wax/hydrating solutions. The sandalwood handle is ergonomically designed to produce an entirely different grip than those cheap plastic combs.


  • Coated teeth evenly distribute balm/wax.
  • Handle ensures a firm grip.
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Keeps the beard well and smooth.
  • Preserves keratin proteins.
  • Carrying pouch is included for easy transport.


  • The smell of the horn is noticeable when wet.


5. Kent 9T Beard Comb

Best Beard Combs


Kent’s’ world’s oldest brush manufacturer’; it is obvious that they would come again with their years of experience in another best product of beard comb. All their products match the quality and consistency. The royal warranted Kent’s 9T Beard comb has an extremely glossy outer finish. This dresser comb is 7.5 inches (192 mm) large.

The teeth consist of both coarse and fine-tooth arranged together, forming groups in the comb. Both comb sides are equally functional. The coarse or wider tooth is suitable for removing the tangles of thick hair and straightens the hair, whereas the fine-tooth is suitable for thin hair and provides an extra smooth look to the hair after combing.

They are of excellent quality cut from the large sheets of cellulose acetate, a non-petroleum product derived from plants. They are handmade and are pliable, dense, but stiff.

The perfect craftsmanship of the comb had been successful in producing rounded ends of the teeth in the comb, which prevents damage to the hair. Durability, design, sturdiness provide an excellent deal for beards.  This would be one of your perfect staple in your grooming task.


  • Rounded teeth to glide over hair with ease.
  • 100% natural product.
  • Spacing of the bristles is excellent.
  • Combo of wide and fine tooth boosts the comb performance.
  • Perfect gift for special ones.
  • Hand sawn combs.


  • Big to carry in jeans.
  • Gold glitter lettering rubs off very quickly, and sometimes the glitters stick in hair while combing.


6. Kent R7T –The Apsley Beard Comb

Best Beard Combs


With a beard oil/wax and a high-quality comb in your hand, what’s more you want for your beard. The Kent R7T Beard comb surfaces are polished to perfection.

The hand-polished saw cut to ensure a smooth comb surface and buffed to create a rounded tooth helps in effortless glide over the hair as a hot knife does with the butter. They are not molded; hence they are a truly gentle comb.

The smooth tooth of the comb stimulates the natural production of the oil by the skin through its action. The tooth is placed after giving a slightly wider distance from its sides. This allows the thumbs to hold the comb easily and gives a perfect grip for easy combing.

Coarse-tooth is placed on one side and fine-tooth on the other side of the comb. They are dresser comb used for beard hair, mustache, and head hears. Everyone with different types of hair can use them. Odd snags and tugs are easily eliminated, easily combed in wet or dry hair.


  • Make styling more accurate.
  • Prevent getting static on a beard.
  • Tangle-less hair.
  • Improved thumb grip.
  • Suitable for rough to medium to soft beard types.
  • Perfect for everyday usage and carry.


  • Features are similar to 9T model, nothing new, except for size and thump grip.


7. XIKEZAN Beard Straightener

Best Beard Combs


The 3 in 1 XIKEZAN black colored Beard Straightener with its triple action acts as a hair straightener, brush, and comb.  The PTC heating technology offers three heating settings from 356oF up to 428oF within 2 minutes, which is suitable for most of the beards or hair types. 

The comb bristles are made of high-quality glass fiber, and extra-long make it durable and won’t break off easily. This safe straightener is introduced with automatic shut down technology to turn off the device when not in use for 30 minutes or any kind of malfunctioning occurs.

The junction between the wire cable and the straightener body is rotatable around 360o to help you straighten your beards and hair at any convenient angles without the cable getting entangled during use. The ridged checked design of the handle ensures a perfect grip for holding the straightener.

Slim and lightweight, making it ideal for suitcases and backpack during traveling. The heating elements are placed much closer, which helps the device to get more contact with the beard hair to make the hair tangle free and straight without causing any damage.

Free orange-scented beard oil and beard balm are included, which are 100% natural to support beard growth and prevent dryness, itchiness. A hanging hook is also featured for saving storage space.

Advanced upgraded ionic straightener releases negative ions on to atmosphere to help trap moisture and nutrients for the hair strands to absorb. Easy-glide through the hair is an added advantage of its anti-static coating.


  • Anti-scald protection to prevent burn injuries.
  • Universal voltage of 110 V-240 V allows you to use anywhere in the world.
  • CE FCC ROHS approved device for safe use.
  • Straightens the hair quickly.
  • Uniform heating.
  • Customize the temperature into 3 settings: 428oF, 392oF, and 356o
  • Mini and portable.
  • Lifetime guaranteed product.
  • Ideal for men and women.
  • Heats up fast within 30 minutes.


  • Not recommended for wet hair or beards.


8. Viking Revolution Beard Set

Best Beard Combs


The Viking Revolution Beard Set is there to cause a great revolution in the beard grooming. The set consists of a beard brush and a beard comb that comes in a velvet travel pouch. Beard brush made from bamboo, which makes it a sturdy and durable beard set that one must own.

Their bristles are made of boar hair that doesn’t tear your hair while you are using the brush and are successful in removing knots of hair. They help to achieve an extra smooth finish.

Beard combs are made again of pear woods, which are sustainable wooden materials. The teeth contain both coarse and fine tooth which have their own roles t make your hair and beard in the way you want it to be.

A large spaced tooth can run easily through your beard, and a small-spaced tooth really straightens out the tangled mess and provide a well-manicured look. Beard oil/balm soaks into the comb, which runs throughout the full length of the beard. Natural scents are curated to keep them fresh without being overwhelming.


  • Double-sided comb.
  • Brush and comb both included.
  • Organic product.
  • Pocket comb comes in a velvet pouch.
  • Wild beards can be tamed.


  • Bristles are not durable.


9. Viking Revolution Beard Comb and Case

Best Beard Combs


This Viking Revolution Beard Comb can achieve quick solutions to your beard problems. Dual-action comb is provided with tooth on both the side, finer on one side, and wider tooth on the other side. Perfect for use in beards and mustache, and they glide smoothly over the hair when balms or oils are applied.

Great for taking out tangles with no static or pull of the hair. It can be used with any kind of beard- long, short, thin, or thick to give the desired results.

It comes with a leather-made black case that is made to carry the combs without any risk of getting damaged. When you carry in a back pocket and sit somewhere, these leather cases would give protection to the teeth of the comb, especially fine ones.

The comb made from premium material, i.e., pearwood, is the best gift that you can offer on occasions. Wood combs are generally non-static, these combs do. It can comb it out even in the messiest post-sleep condition without pulling the hair out. They help to get the wild whiskers lay down.


  • Can be used for both beards and mustaches.
  • Dual-sided with two different kinds of tooth comb.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Carry case included.


  • In the dry condition of hair, the friction can get a little annoying.


10. Grow Alpha Beard – Beard Brush, Oil, balm, Comb Kit

Best Beard Combs


Give a confidence look to your beard with this all in one kit of Grow Alpha Beard Store, which comes in a box set.  Bamboo wood made beard comb has two sides to give the best grooming experience with its fine and coarse tooth. Smooth wood finished tips wouldn’t hurt your skin when you rub along the beard.

A lot of stray hair can be combed with just a single stroke. They are a little bigger than a credit card; hence it is the best piece for travel.

100% boar hair bristles of brush is highly natural-based helps to massage your skin along with detangling of hair. Plus, they help the skin to release the moisturizer by its massaging activity, which helps in preventing itches, patchy beards, and beardruff.

With each stroke, the brush removes dirt, leaving a cleaner look to the beard. The brush is stiff enough to style the hair; on the other hand, it is soft enough to cause no hurt to the skin or hair.

The beard balm helps to give a natural look to your beard by styling. Beard oils are made of natural ingredients with no known DHT inhibiting ingredients. When applied, they last longer and are less greasy with high absorbing by the hair. They give a shiny appearance to your beard. They help in the proper growth of the beard.


  • All in one beard care kit for healthy beard and moustache.
  • Glossy woodwork.
  • Extra smooth boar bristles of a brush.
  • Natural based beard oil and balm.
  • Comb for all kinds of beards and hair.


  • You need to make sure that the splinter of the comb doesn’t come off with regular hard use.


Difference Between Beard Brush And Beard Comb

Although the beard brush and beard comb are made to maintain and groom your hair, it still has some differences that make it distinct from each other.

1. Body

The body and handle (if present) of the beard brush are made from materials like wood, plastic, or ox horn and have a wider body. Whereas combs have a wide variety of materials choice, including wood, cellulose acetate, metal, horn, etc. Their body is narrower.


2. Grooming Part

The actual grooming parts of the beard brush are the bristles, which are made up of soft materials such as the natural hair of animals (boar or horse). In the case of a comb, the grooming parts are teeth and are made of hard material such as wood (bamboo, sandalwood), horn, etc.


3. Travel friendly

Combs being smaller and thinner in size are portable, whereas the beard brush can’t be put up in a pocket.


Which One To Choose -Beard Brush Or Beard Comb?

Each beard comb/brush has its own specialty to offer for beard care. Hence recommending to keep anyone out of both is not a good suggestion at all. Keeping both can maintain your beard as per their usage.

The bristles made of animal hair in case of beard brush can stimulate the natural production of oils in your skin, massages, and improves blood circulation. They play a vital role in preventing frizz—ideal for short beards.

Combs can prevent the tangles and redistribute beard oils and balm to your hair. They can also be used to remove stray hair with the help of scissors. The combs have longer teeth, unlike the bristles of beard brush, and can reach out into deeper hair to separate the tangles. Perfect for long beards.


How To Comb Your Hair Using Beard Comb?

  1. Select the best beard comb to comb your hair. You can also apply beard oil/balm before combing.
  2. Start from the neck and move the comb towards the upper direction. This helps to detangle the hair more easily.
  3. Slowly try to pass through the knots of the hair. Don’t be harsh in a hurry, as this can damage your beard by weakening its hair by the roots.
  4. Now start to comb the beard from upward and move the comb towards the bottom of the beard.
  5. Once all the tangles are removed, style the hair using the comb as per your wish.


Simultaneous Usage of Beard Brush And Beard Comb

Using both a beard brush and beard comb can groom your beard well to give a glossy look. The following steps can guide you to use both to get effective results.

  1. Apply the beard balm/oil onto dry hair. If the beard is wet, allow it for a few minutes to get dry or use a towel to drain of water.
  2. Use a beard brush to remove the frizz. Allow the brush bristles to get into your hair follicles. These will soothe your skin.
  3. Use the comb to detangle, remove knots, distribute oil/balm, and style your beard hair in the direction you want.


Cleaning of Beard Comb

Cleaning of beard comb is equally important as using it perfectly. An uncleaned comb instead of removing dirt would add up depositing more dirt on to your beard. Moreover, cleaning of beard comb is not a grueling task at all; all you need is soap and a toothbrush.

  1. Allow running water from the tap to flow through the comb.
  2. Then add the soap lather of foam to the comb.
  3. Using a toothbrush, clean the comb, more on the area between two teeth as they are the places where most dirt stuck in.
  4. Add more soap lather and clean the finer tooth (if present). Dirt from coarse teeth can be easily removed since the width is larger, whereas the finer teeth require more attention to clean.
  5. Once cleaning with a toothbrush is over, again allow water to run through the comb and clean the brush thoroughly.
  6. Allow it to dry, and store it in a safe place.

Note: wooden combs are not highly waterproof. Hence don’t keep it in the presence of water for a longer time.


Cleaning of Beard Brush

  1. Make a soap solution either by taking out the lather of the soap or by adding soap powder to a small amount of water taken in a bowl.
  2. Dip the bristles in the bowl and allow it for 5-10 minutes, so that the soap solution would drain out all the dirt from the brush.
  3. Clean it under running water
  4. Dry it and store it safely.