10 Best Barber Clippers To Change Your Look Easily

With the coming of a pandemic, a lot has changed in the world. While most of us could hold out fine for a few months, some of us really need a haircut but are too afraid to go out to a salon just yet.

If you are a man looking to chop your own hair because of any reason ranging from too much hair getting in your face to having a mid-life crisis, it’s best to be geared up with the best equipment out there, because who doesn’t want a professional haircut at home, and a grooming session for your facial hair that you can do by yourself?

Let’s not let the whole year become ‘No Shave November’ and groom all that facial hair for the numerous work from home video calls we all have to attend.

While barbers are slowly and steadily opening up for business, it’s always a good option to own a hair clipper for whenever an emergency arises.

With a good hair clipper that can make your hair look like it’s been cut by a professional, you can really experiment with your hair and change up your look for a lot less expense and saving on the time and hassle of moving out to go to a salon. It is also the best option for beards because changing the way your facial hair looks can really change your look.


What Is The Difference Between A Clipper And A Trimmer?

There is often a lot of confusion between a clipper and a trimmer and what exactly their functions are. While a clipper is a device that is used to cut hair in bulk and more at a time and does not focus a lot on the precision of the cut.

On the other hand, a trimmer focuses more on the precision of the cut and how to cut various close-to-skin styles. A trimmer is used to make finer lines and cuts on the hair.


Which Do I Use For Long Hair?

If you have long hair, you need to use both a clipper and a trimmer. To get rid of the bulk hair, use a clipper, and to style out the edges, use a trimmer. For shorter hair, one can simply use a trimmer to clean out the edges and nooks of the hair.

We have listed some of the best hair clippers and trimmers below, considering all their pros and cons hoping to help you find whatever suits your needs the best!

1. Wahl Model 79467 Clipper Self-Cut Personal Haircutting Kit

Best Barber Clippers


If you’re looking to chop off your own hair at home and love to experiment with different styles, this hair clipper kit by Wahl is a perfect mix of professional and easy-to-do cuts. A sharp blade, compact size, and 22 attachments make it one of the best hair styling kits out there in the market.

If you love to experiment, the multiple attachments that come along the kit help you go for details around the ear and neckline leaving a cleaner and more professional trail.

Quality cuts are ensured as professionals have used the product for over 100 years, and Wahl is one of the leading brands in the business, and the product is one of the most silent hair trimmers you’ll ever use. Cut like never before with its soft-grip high-quality clean cut that easily reaches the back of your head with blades that self-clean and sharp enough for dense areas equipped with a no-snag motor.

The 22 set kit includes 12 secure snap smooth cutting attachment guards, ear taper guards for both sides, blade oil and cleaning cloth for smooth functioning, a pair of scissors, a blade cover, and lastly, a 7″ storage box that keeps everything safe and in its place. With professional-looking equipment, this set offers an easy-to-do haircut.


  • The no-snag motor does not pull on the hair
  • Extremely quiet and powerful motor
  • Self-sharpening and sharp blades
  • Soft grip enables trimming at the back of the head
  • Very compact design
  • 22 set kit includes brushes, scissors, and protective equipment
  • Suitable for both at-home cuts and profession use purposes
  • Detailed, smooth, and shorter cuts
  • Hair length adjustment options included


  • Small size may take more time to cut a lot of hair


2. Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

Best Barber Clippers


Quirky with color-coded combs for every length of the cut, this hair clipper from Wahl is truly the color pro. Remembering which length you want becomes easier with the color codes while they are also very easy to attach to the comb area.

With 20 pieces of attachment, the kit includes 9 guide combs for different cutting lengths, ear tapers for both sides, eyebrow trim combs for a cleaner facial look, ear trimming combs for those nooks and corners, 2 hair clips, blade oil for smooth functionality, a cleaning brush, a flat top comb, a styling comb, a pocket comb, a blade guard and more attachments that include everything you’ll need for that perfect cut.

Self-sharpening blades and the color-coded key make it easier and smoother to get the perfect cut, and the soft touch grip lets you cover all areas on your head.


  • Color-coded key and blades help remember the right hair length
  • 20-piece set with all blade heights and other purposes to get the right and professional cut
  • Self-sharpening and smooth blades
  • Soft-touch grip
  • Adjustable taper lever
  • Easy-to-use on dense hair


  • Maybe a little noisy
  • Corded


3. JOMARTO Cordless Electric Hair Clipper Kit

Best Barber Clippers


Get going with a new and personalized look with this electric and cordless hair clipper by JOMARTO. Styling becomes easier with the 4 coded guide combs from 0.16 to 0.7″ make it easy to adjust the hair cutting length and come as a part of the complete kit, which includes the charging USB cable and the core tool along with cleaning and lubricating supplies.

With easy-to-fit combs, a powerful motor, and a 2-hour fast-charge, the product has an LCD that indicates battery level and notifies you on when to charge. This noiseless hair clipper is perfect for your kids’ hair or your own facial hair.

Easily detachable parts make it very easy to clean while the 1600mAh Lithium battery can support up to 100 minutes of continuous wireless use. The heavy-duty motor is capable of delivering no-snag smooth and clean cuts with its sharp metal blades, while its adjustable frequency feature helps set the pace to your liking.

The complete kit includes the hair cutting clipper, Coded Guide Combs, Blade oil, Cleaning brush, USB charging cable, and instruction manual and the tool quick starts with the click of a button. It’s advised to charge the battery as soon as it drops to 70% to avoid losing the battery mid-way through your cut.


  • Cordless and can be used anywhere
  • 1600 mAh Lithium battery lasts 100 minutes
  • Fast charging takes 2 hours to recharge fully
  • Sharp blades and powerful motor that prevents snagging
  • Up to 4 cutting height adjustment combs
  • Includes lubricant for the blade and cleaning brushes
  • LCD shows remaining battery level
  • Silent and child-friendly
  • Can be used on both facial and head hair
  • Adjustable motor frequency


  • Not very appropriate for dense hair


4. SUPRENT Professional Hair Cutting Kit

Best Barber Clippers


Grab the best of both worlds with the Serpent Professional Hair Cutting kit that has a core tool with both cordless and corded options. Removing all hassles of cords or battery charges, the wireless hair trimmer comes with a 2000mAh Lithium battery that has up to 120 minutes of runtime on a single charge.

Extremely fast cutting speed and the self-sharpening stainless steel blades make it one of the best options in the market while its powerful motor maneuvers through the dense hair volume to leave a cleaner cut.

More variety in hair length has never been offered as the product comes with 4 hair cutting length controls (0.8, 1.2, 1.6, 2.0mm) and 6 guide combs(1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 10, 13mm ) making it a total of 24 combinations of hair lengths that can be achieved with the tool.

Quiet as a whisper, the tool is perfectly suited for children and saves effort and time as the motor is long-lasting. Use an adapter on the cord and plug it in when feasible or simply charge the battery to use it electrically and get salon-style hair at home with battery alerts on its LCD.

An accurate motor provides a professional haircut at-home and saves a lot of cutting expenses with its long life. The extremely sharp stainless steel blades make it easy to cut through both dry and wet hair, making it easy to maneuver into both facial and head hair.


  • Comes in both corded and cordless options
  • 2000 mAh Lithium battery lasts 120 minutes on a single charge with a 3.5 hours charge time
  • Has an LCD
  • Comes with 4 length controls and 6 guide combs resulting in 24 different hair length modes
  • Fast cutting speed along with self-sharpening blades
  • Noiseless motor
  • Works on both dry and wet hair


  • Long charging time


5. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

Best Barber Clippers


This 23-in-1 hair grooming kit from Philips is all that your hair could ever ask for. Precision based dual-cut technology 2x more blades made of premium stainless steel self-sharpen and remain unchanged for almost three years.

Delivering 5 hours of runtime on a single charge, the trimmer also comes in corded options and can be used at your convenience. Known for its flexibility, these blades are tailored for the curve on your face, and their fast pace is unbeatable in the market.

Easy-to-clean, the trimmer is fully washable and can be rinsed easily under a faucet. An even and clean trim is assured with its 14 reinforced trimming guards that come in options of multiple lengths tailored to cover hair on the face and the head, make it the perfect option for an at-home salon haircut.

4-in-1 features of the trimmer include the foil shaver for clean lines around the hair, steel precision blade for your beard, a nose, and ear trimmer, and lastly, an extra-wide hair trimmer for bolder cuts on the head hair while none of the blades need lubrication and last long nonetheless.


  • Comes in both corded and cordless options
  • 5-hour continuous runtime on a single charge
  • Dual-cut technology with long-lasting blades that don’t need lubrication
  • Fully-washable technology with water
  • 14 reinforced trimming guards give multiple length options
  • Flexible blades
  • 4-in-1 features facilitate cutting in both the nose, around the ear, hair, and beard


  • Might be noisy
  • Long charging time


6. Andis 17150 Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver

Best Barber Clippers


Perfect for sensitive skin, the Andis Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver comes with hypoallergenic foil shavers made of Titanium that are accustomed to working on sensitive skin. It doesn’t cause irritation or bumps, and its octagonal foil shapes trim the hair better.

Featuring both corded and cordless options, the Lithium battery gives 80 minutes of runtime on a single charge making it about 2x more than other cordless shavers, and the blades won’t drag or stall while cutting.

Achieve the smallest hair length even for stylists with perfection and achieve that fade style haircut you always wanted. Weighing only 5 Oz. The product is very light and facilitates easy movement on the face and the head.

Equipped with gold titanium foils, the blades are hypoallergenic and sensitive on the skin. With its ultra-smooth and precise blades, the trimmer makes it easier to finish fades and get rid of stubbles.


  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic titanium blades that are good for sensitive skin
  • 80 minutes runtime on a single charge
  • Can achieve the shortest close-to-skin hair length


  • Does not come with additional parts
  • Corded option not included


7. Wahl Professional 5-Star Barber Combo

Best Barber Clippers


Tested by dermatologists, this product from Wahl is perfect for professionals. This 5-star combo kit includes every tool needed by a professional to deliver the best to its customers. Featuring the crunch blade technology, the clipper remains cool and has a quick motor and blades that cut with finesse.

The miniature T-blade clipper has all the technology and equipment to be the perfectly trimming blade for lining and artwork. The legend blade allows a longer blade range with an extended blade lever. Capable of cutting clean and crisp lines with close-to-skin cuts, and reaches tight spaces with ease due to its compact size.

The product includes 8 attachment combs for the clipper, 3 T-blade guides for the trimmer, oil, cleaning brush, red blade guards for both products, and an instruction manual.

The Legend Clipper measures 6.25″ long and weighs 1 lb only, making it one of the lightest clippers in the market. The 5-star combo comes in an exclusive black and gold color that makes it look as good as it works.


  • Crunch blade technology gives a clean cut and keeps the motor cool
  • T-blade clipper ensures good lining and artwork
  • Feasible for compact corners
  • Comes with all necessary attachments and hair length adjustment blades
  • Good for close-to-skin cuts
  • Tested by dermatologists


  • Corded
  • Noisy


8. BaByliss PRO Outlining Trimmer

Best Barber Clippers


Available in three premium colors of silver, gold, and rose gold, the BaByliss Pro Outlining Trimmer comes with an exposed titanium blade with a 360-degree view and comes with a zero-gap tool. All these equipment make it one of the best hair trimmers in the market for edges and nooks.

Its high-torque Ferrari-designed engine gives up to 7200 RPM, and the Lithium-ion battery gives up to 2 hours of runtime on a single charge while it also has a corded provision. With a cool and sleek look of an all-metal body, the trimmer is easy to hold and maneuver for any person out there. Get styling with this trimmer.

The sharp blade is ideal for tattooing, outlining, all-around detailing, and other fine work. Featuring an ultra-thin, adjustable T-blade for an ultra-precise, clean-cut, its adjustable zero-gap blade makes it the best for precision cuts.


  • Comes in both corded and cordless options
  • 2 hours of runtime on the Lithium-ion battery in a single charge
  • The Ferrari-designed engine provides up to 7200 RPM
  • The all-metal body provides a sleek design
  • Titanium blade with a 360-degree view technology
  • Useful to both professionals and non-stylists


  • Might be noisy


9. Andis 66325 Barber Combo-Powerful Clipper/Trimmer Combo Kit

Best Barber Clippers


By far, one of the best and most trusted brands for hair clipping by professionals, Andis trimmers, never disappoints. This powerful barber clipper combo includes 6 clipper attachments and 4 trimmer attachment combs. With a sleek design, the product fits in your hand like a glove.

Perfect for clipping, trimming, and all-round barbering, the corded trimmer works perfectly well in the hands of an ordinary man and even better in the hands of a professional.

Its high-speed motor and adjustable blade clipper provides a variety of styles on dense hair and fade out cuts with 24 different blade lengths. For the perfect haircut, this is the trimmer to go for.

The sharp blade and durable motor is a signature of the brand and is handy when you want to cut close-to-skin. The blades are sharp and made of stainless steel and provide a good grip to move around and create finer lines on the face. Ergonomic design and an efficient motor make it one of the best in the market.


  • Comes with 6 clipper blades and 4 trimmer options
  • The sleek design makes it easy to hold
  • High-speed long-lasting motor
  • Adjustable blade clipper
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good for both professionals and non-professionals


  • Corded
  • Very fragile


10. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

Best Barber Clippers


Powered by a strong motor and stainless steel blades, this corded barber clipper by Oster is the one if you are looking for heavy-duty use on dense hair areas. With an ultra-durable break-resistant body, the trimmer is soft and comfortable to hold while trimming and cuts easily through both wet and dry use.

Perfect for the hands of a professional, the clipper can work all day long without any damage to the product and is also easy-to-clean while being extremely durable. The kit includes clipper combs and lubricant for the blades that keep the device in shape while its two blades are detachable.

The efficient motor on this one is perfect for professional use as it can take a heavy load without getting heated, and it comes with all necessary length attachments and lubricating oil for the blades. With 4 trimmer attachments for cutting heights from ¼” to ½,” the durable blades cut smoothly in a single cut.


  • Universal motor for heavy-duty use
  • Comes with two detachable blades
  • 4 hair length attachment guide combs
  • Can cut through wet and dry hair
  • Easy-to-clean with provided brushes
  • Comes with lubricant for the blades
  • Ultra-durable break-resistant body
  • Ergonomic design


  • Corded


And now, to conclude and answer some of the most asked questions from people purchasing barber clippers:

What To Look For In A Good Barber Hair Clipper?

A perfect hair clipper or trimmer to own is one that matches the hair type that you have. A lot of people might dismiss this, but it is a major factor in cutting your hair. To choose the perfect clipper, consider the following:

1. Hair Type

With the difference in power, you need to look at the type, and most importantly, the density of your hair. With more volume arises the need for a stronger hair trimmer that can tackle all that hair and style it well.

For facial hair, that comes out thicker for most people, using a good trimmer suited to the size of the kind of style you like to keep, can really make maintaining your look better.

For people that work and are now stuck with zoom video calls, it’s a really good idea to trim your beard once in a while to get a more clean and professional look. You can also use the same clipper for your beard and head, depending on the speed and power that the clipper offers.


2. The Grip

A good trimmer or clipper will always have a good hold. Most clippers are designed to fit your hand and facilitate an easy hold perfectly and thus are good options.

A good hold lets you reach out to the edges and corners of your head with ease and especially makes it easier to reach the back of your hair.


3. Attachments

Most clippers come with plenty of attachments of sizes, lubricants, and designs. If you are not a professional and are new to the field, try a more basic clipper that you can understand. This will not only be in your budget but will also be easier to use.

For professionals, it is best to purchase a clipper with as many attachments as possible. Grab the best one out there and look out for hypoallergenic clippers that have a steel or ceramic blade and give a cleaner cut. A heavy-duty corded clipper is also advised for professionals as they need to use it for most of the day.


4. Corded / Cordless

Both types of trimmers have their own pros and cons. While corded trimmers provide extra power to the motor that is needed in a hair clipper, it also has the hassle of awkwardly having to maneuver and stumble on the head with a cord that is always in the way.

On the other hand, a cordless trimmer is more efficient in terms of easily going about on all nooks and corners of your head. Yet, most cordless trimmers don’t offer the best motor, and the hassle of charging the cordless trimmer also exists.

Thus we suggest, if you are a professional that has heavy use in a shop, it is best to get a corded trimmer for that efficiency, but for usage at home, one can easily go for a cordless electric mower that is needed once a while.


What If I Only Need To Use It At Home?

Hair clippers also come with plenty of attachments that might not be very useful to people that are not professionals, but the attachments can really change up your look. If you are a professional barber looking for a hair clipper, we have some great options for you.

Still, if you are a person sitting at home and purchasing a hair clipper for a quick change-up, the professional attachments might not be the best option but are easy to use if you learn to use them.

Some brands also make very simple user-friendly equipment that might be good to use at home and simple to understand. Just read all the details and know what floats your boat the best, before you choose a hair clipper.


How Do I Maintain My Hair Clipper?

While most branded clippers ask for very low maintenance, some simple and easy steps can really add to the life of your clipper or trimmer, if done periodically. Here’s what all you need to do to maintain a clipper:

  • Clean the Blades: If you purchase a good quality or professional hair clipper, they usually come with cleaning devices and brushes. Even so, for the sake of hygiene, your clippers must be free of hair and body oils.
    Thus, remove the blades and wash the equipment if it is washable or clean it with a brush. If the cleaning equipment does not come along with the product, it is always advisable to buy one and clean your clipper after every use.
  • Blade Alignment: The cause of major cuts and bruises during trimming or clipping is because the blades of the clipper are not in the right alignment. Thus, place the blade horizontally and see if it is in place.
    If you notice any other parts peeking out of the body of the trimmer, use a screwdriver and put them in place.
  • Oiling: Once you have cleaned your clipper, remember to oil the blades so that they are lubricated enough to last you longer.
    Almost all clippers in the market come with a blade lubricant that needs to be applied at the end of every blade for smooth functioning. If it does not come along with the product, make sure to purchase the oil as it is necessary for the functionality of the blades.
  • Cool it Down: Most barbers keep a spray handy that cools down the motor of the clipper. This removes undue stress from the motor while also preventing any burns on the face of the customers. Since barbers need it for heavy-duty use, they need to use the spray to lessen the load on the motor.
  • Change the Blades: The blades may be self-sharpening but still need to be changed periodically. You should always keep an extra set handy if you are a professional, and a blunt blade can cause injuries and require more pressure, putting a lot of stress on the motor.



With all that information, we hope to have eliminated any dilemmas that you might have while purchasing a clipper or trimmer. With strong competitors in the market, we hope you find the one most suited for you!