Learn to Make Braid Cornrows on Your Own in Easy Steps

Cornrows are the traditional way of hair grooming by ancient African people. In this style, the hair is braided close to the scalp, sectioning it carefully and adequately braiding each section. Although a bit time consuming, still this hairstyle is now trending among fashionistas. Knowing the basics of braiding can help you braid cornrows more easily. Click To Read More

How to ace the Celtic Knot Braid?

Celtic knots are most elegant, beautiful and one of the most versatile as well as intricate hairstyle. It is one of the simples hairstyles which makes it highly popular amongst women. However, most women find it a little complex to do it, but with a little practice and patience you could also join in on this trend and wear the impressive Celtic knot braid hairstyle. Click To Read More