Hair Nourishment is a Must – Tips to Turn Dry Hair to Healthy Hair

With so much stress and workload, none of us can pamper either ourselves or our hair. A bad hair day is just as common as getting stuck in the traffic. Days are gone when people used to take care of their hair as well. Today, people are so busy that they do not have enough time to sit in the salons to get a hair treatment. And it is this pollution also that is killing us and our hair as well. Click To Read More

How to Make Fishtail Crown Braid?

Here is the next hairdo that will surely help you in getting an exotic look. The latest fishtail crown braid will make an impressionable you and a gorgeous you in your upcoming family wedding. If you have mastered the art of single or double braided bun or any hairstyle, then I’m pretty sure, this is going to be an easy task for you – though not too quite easy. You need to get your hands on these. Click To Read More

How To Make A Chain Braid Ponytail & Headband

If you are a proud owner of long tresses of hair, you would want to flaunt it in different ways. Today there are several trending buns, ponytails as well as open hair hairstyles to suit your personality, face cut, occasion, and outfit. Presenting your hair in a chic manner adds to your character and gives a pleasant, appealing look to people whom you meet. Best hairstyle goes with any outfit. Click To Read More

How to ace the Celtic Knot Braid?

Celtic knots are most elegant, beautiful and one of the most versatile as well as intricate hairstyle. It is one of the simples hairstyles which makes it highly popular amongst women. However, most women find it a little complex to do it, but with a little practice and patience you could also join in on this trend and wear the impressive Celtic knot braid hairstyle. Click To Read More